Abuja yellow pages
Abuja. E©eb♯ł Creations.

Abu kaliya
Calcutta. Gramophone Company of India. 1990. 1 cassette.

The Abu Klea medal rolls: to which are added the rolls of the remaining Camel Corps Detachments, and many of the 'Odd Men' who served in the Nile Expedition 1884-5 and at Suakin in1885
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Abulafia song
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A Bulb
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A bulb for all seasons: how to grow a bulb-a-month indoors for a year of flowering houseplants
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Abulense para organo
Pildain, Joaquin
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Abul hole
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Verne, Jules
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Abu lives in Kenya
Sinclair, Daniel
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A bull by the back door
Loader, Anne
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A bullet for Betty
Joyce, Cyril
London. Hale. 1981. 159p.

A bullet for Brody
Chisholm, Matt
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A bullet for Sandoval
Buchs, Julio ; Fulci, Lucio
VCI Entertainment. 2002. 1 videodisc (DVD).

A bullet for the bard
Evans, Brian
Caernarvon. Gwasg Gwynedd. 1976.

A bullet for the general
Damiani, Damiano
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A bulletin of public transport statistics: Great Britain 2002 edition
London. Department for Transport. 2003. ii,82p.

A bulletin of public transport statistics: Great Britain 2003 edition
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A bullet in the ballet
Brahms, Caryl ; Simon, S. J ; Davis, Gretel
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A bullet in the ballet
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A bullet in the ballet
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A bulwark of democracy
Poliakoff, Vladimir
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Abu Ma'shar and Latin Aristotelianism in the twelfth century: the recovery of Aristotle's natural philosophy through Arabic astrology
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Abu monkeys around: a story from Disney's Aladdin
Schreiber, Anne ; Hont, Darren ; Tilley, Scott ; Shimabukoro, Denise
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Abu monkeys around: a story from Disney's Aladdin
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A bumper box of allsorts
PolyGram Video. 1993. 1 videocassette (120 min.).

A bumper collection of cartoon capers
Braveworld. 1992. 1 videocassette (240 mins.).

A bumper collection of Enid Blyton's favourites
Blyton, Enid
London. Dean. 1986. 5 v.

A bumper crop
Williams, Anne
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A bumper to the fair!: a glee, for alto, tenor and bass
Parry, John
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A bumper year for tourism: tourism performance in 1986: how tourism is developing and prospering in the UK
London. H.M.S.O. 1987.

Abu Muslim el Kherasani
Zedan, Gergy
Beirut. Darul Geel. 1997.

Abunai honey moon
Akagawa, Jiro
Tokyo. Tokuma Shoten. 1999.

Abunai prince
Yuikawa, Kei
Tokyo. Syueisya. 1989.

A bunch of angry shareholders
Smith, Geri

A bunch of blossoms: little verses for little children
Browne, E. G
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Johnson, Maud Marian
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A bunch of blue ribbons
Morley, George
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A bunch of Cotswold grasses
Dobell, E
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A Bunch of Errors
Madariaga, Salvador de
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A bunch of fives: stories
Burns, James Roderick
Middlesbrough. Mudfog. 2002. 32p.

A bunch of fives
Rogers, Colin
London. Independent Television Books Ltd. 1978. 125p.

A bunch of fives
TOPIC. 1 disc.

A bunch of forget-me-nots from Helen
Kilbride, Helen Stuart Stevenson
Glasgow. The author. 1970.

A bunch of girls' stories
London. Blackie. [s.d.].

A bunch of keys: twelve easy pieces in easy keys for piano
Carse, Adam
London. Augener. 1930.

A bunch of keys: selected poems
Takahashi, Mutsuo ; Sato, Hiroaki
Trumansburg, N.Y. Crossing Press. c1984. 106 p.

A Bunch of new roses
Campbell, Patrick
London. Anthony Blond. 1967. 205p.

A bunch of old letters: written mostly to Jawaharlal Nehru and some written by him
Nehru, Jawaharlal
Bombay. Asia Publishing House. 1958.

A bunch of old letters: written mostly to Jawaharlal Nehru and some written by him
Nehru, Jawaharlal
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A bunch of primroses
Sims, George R
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A bunch of ratbags
Dick, William
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A bunch of shamrocks
Houston, Maggie J
Belfast. Printed by Marcus Ward & Co., Limited. 1888 . 205p., [1] leaf of plates.

A Bunch of sweet peas
Donald, Henry ; Dench, Judi
Canongate Audio. 1995. 1 cassette.

A bunch of thoughts
Krishan Lal ; Joginder Singh ; Ahuja, Des Raj
Delhi. Sant Nirankari Mandal. 1989.

A Bunch of thyme
Ritz. 1 disc.

A bunch of violets: a play in four acts
Grundy, Sydney
New York . Samuel French. 1901.

A bunch of yarns and rare bits of humor: an original collection of after-dinner stories, humorous anecotes and sidesplitting jokes : contributed by the leading humorists of the vaudeville stage; to which is added a selection of convivial toasts
Cahill, Francis J
New York. Carey-Stafford. c1906. 156 p.

Abundance: you can have it all
Wilde, Stuart
Mystic Moments. 1 cassette.

Abundance and anxiety: America, 1945-1960
Donaldson, Gary
Westport, Conn. Praeger. 1997. p. cm.

Abundance and distribution of Microtermes (Isoptera; Termitidae; Macrotermitinae) in cultivated and uncultivated areas at Mokwa in the southern Guinea savanna vegetation zone of Nigeria
Black, Helaina I. J
Queen Mary and Westfield College. 1994.

Abundance and hard times
Smith, James Carmichael
London. K. Paul, Trench, Tru˜bner & Co., Ltd. 1908. 30 p.

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Eeles, Robert Martin George
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Abundance for what?: And other essays
Riesman, David
London. Chatto. 1964. 597 p.

Abundance for what?
Riesman, David
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Abundance of chemical elements
Cherdynlev, Viktor Viktorovich
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Abundance of creation
Tippett, Michael
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Abundance of grace: the story of Margaret Livingstone
Stewart, I.R. Govan
[Belfast]. [Faith Mission Book Rooms]. [19--?]. 39p.

The abundance of grace and the power of divine truthexemplified in generations of Presbyterian Christians in Letterkenny and vicinity: A sermon
Kinnear, John
Londonderry. Printed at the "Standard" Office. 1901. 15p.

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Moody, Harry R
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Hickin, Ronald
Canberra, etc. British and Foreign Bible Society. 1968.

The abundance of the elements
Aller, Lawrence H
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Abundance through Reiki: universal life force energy as expression of the truth that you are : The 42-day program to absolute fulfillment
Horan, Paula
Twin Lakes(WI). Lotus Light Publications. 1996. 154p.

Abundant and abounding
Buick, Jackson C
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The abundant dreamer
Brodkey, Harold
London. Cape. 1989. 297p.

Abundant grace: a missionary's testimony
Bouwman, Hans
Glasgow. Gospel Tract Publications. 1995. 135p.

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Mackay, William Paton
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Jones, E. Stanley
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Stevens, John
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A bundle for the Toff
Creasey, John
Bath. Chivers. 1989, c1967. 227p.(large print).

A bundle for the Toff
Creasey, John
Hodder & Stoughton. 1967. 190p.,20cm.

A bundle from Britain
Horne, Alistair
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A bundle of ballads
Manning-Sanders, Ruth
[s.l.]. OUP. 1959.

A bundle of ballads
Neilson, George
(s.l.). (s.n.). 1921.

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Manning-Sanders, Ruth ; Stobbs, William
London. Oxford University Press. 1969. ix,245p.

A bundle of birds
Butler, Dorothy ; Kriegler, Lyn
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Newton, Harry L
Chicago. T.S. Denison & Co. 1905.

A bundle o' fents: from a Lancashire loom : comprising pieces, humorous andpathetic
Brierley, Benjamin
Manchester. John Heywood. [1910?]. 128p.

A Bundle of feathers: proffered to Salim Ali : for his 75th birthday in 1971
Ali, Salim ; Ripley, Sidney Dillon
Delhi . Oxford University Press. c1978. x,241p.,(9)p.ofplates.

A bundle of flowers from the garden of traditions of the Prophet & Ahlul-Bayt
Faghih Imani, Kamal ; Sadr-`ameli, Abbas ; Smith, Celeste
Isfahan. Amir-ul-Mumineen Ali Library. 2000. 264p., [13]p. of plates.

A bundle of memories
Holland, Henry Scott
London. Wells Gardner, Darton. [1915].

A bundle of nerves: stories of horror, suspense and fantasy
Aiken, Joan
Harmondsworth. Penguin. 1986. 233p.

A bundle of nerves: stories of horror, suspense and fantasy
Aiken, Joan
London. Gollancz. 1976. 220p.

A bundle of papyrus
Merchant, W. Moelwyn
Llandysul. Gomer Press. c1989. 124p.

A bundle of sensations: sketches in autobiography
Rees, Goronwy
London. Chatto and Windus. 1960.

A bundle of sticks
Evans, Katherine
Leicester. Brockhampton Press. [1970].

A bundle of yarns: tales and memories
Williams, A. M
London. Gowans & Gray. 1931. 88p.

A bun for Barney
Dunbar, Joyce ; Boon, Emilie
Picture Corgi. 1989. (32)p.

Abu Nidal: a gun for hire
Seale, Patrick
London. Arrow Books. 1993. 340p.

Abu Nidal: a gun for hire
Seale, Patrick
London. Hutchinson. 1992. 339p.

A bunny in trouble
Pilgrim, Jane ; May, F. Stocks
London. Hodder &Stoughton. 1993. (32)p.

A Bunyan Guide
Tibbutt, H. G
Bedford. Bedfordshire County Council. 1952. 11p.