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Blish, James
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A case of conscience resolved, wherein it is cleared, that the king may without impeachment to his oath, touching the clergy at coronation, consent to the abrogation of episcopacy and the objections against it in two learned treatises, printed at Oxford [i.e. A review of the Covenant ... By G. Langbaine, and another treatise], fully answered ... Published according to order
Geree, John ; Langbaine, G
London. 1646. p.p. 10 : 4to.

A case of conscience, whether a Nonconformist, who hath not taken the Oxford Oath, may come to live at London, or at any corporate-town, or within five miles of it, and yet be a good Christian? Stated briefly, and published, in reference to what is offered to the contrary, in a book intituled, 'A friendly debate betwixt a Conformist and a Nonconformist. Together with animadversions on a new book entituled, 'Ecclesiastical Polity'...As also a peaceable dissertation. By way of composition with some late papers, entituled, 'Liberty of Conscience'
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Power, D'Arcy
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A case of give a dog
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Dunn, Robert
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A case of hemiplegic epilepsy, probably diabetic, simulating cerebral abscess
Abbe, Robert
[New York]. [s.n.]. 1890.

A case of hepatomegaly
Goudie, R. B
Glasgow. Glasgow Royal Infirmary. 1986. Videorecording.

A case of hereditary syphilitic osteitis
James, Alexander
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A case of hives: a book for those itching to start beekeeping
Heath, Len
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Nichols, Beverley
London. Secker & Warburg. 1966. 153p.

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Ashby, Henry
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Brain, Leonard
London. Hale. 1971. 224p.

A case of identity
Doyle, Arthur Conan
New Rochelle. Great American Audio Corporation [1986. 1 cassette.

A case of ignorance
Doncaster. Highfield Publications. [2002?]. 1 videocassette (20 min).

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Duhring, Louis A
Philadelphia. J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1879. 28 p.

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De Meillon, Botha ; Osburn, H. S
Cape Town. 1935. 4 p.

A case of knives
McWilliam, Candia
London. Abacus. 1989. 266p.

A case of knives
McWilliam, Candia
New York. Beech Tree Books. c1988. 266 p.

A case of knives
McWilliam, Candia
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Sutherland, Herbert
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A case of laceration of the perinaeum, urinary bladder, and rectum: with observations on the use and abuse of the vectis
Gaitskell, William
[S.l.]. [s.n.]. [1823?]. p. 376-381.

A case of Landry's paralysis
Stopford, John Sebastian Bach
London. Printed at the Lancet Office. [1915]. 8p.

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Hutton, Edward ; Welsh, Finlay
[U.K]. United Kingdom Independent Broadcasting. 1993. 65p.,65p.

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A case of libel
Bingham, John
London. Gollancz. 1963. 220p.,19cm.

A case of limited lesion of certain spinal nerves
Johnson, Raymond ; Murray, George Redmayne
London. Printed by Aldlard. 1892. 61p.

A case of lithotrity at a single sitting in a boy of ten years old
Walsham, William Johnson
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Bruce, Alexander ; M'Donald, Stuart ; Pirie, J. H. Harvey
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A case of locomotor ataxy, without disease of the posterior columns of the spinal cord
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A case of Lone Star
Friedman, Kinky
New York. Beech Tree Books. c1987. 189 p.

A case of make-believe
MacDonald, Laura
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Sawyer, James
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Bryant, William Sohier
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White, W. Hale ; Golding-Bird, C. H
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A case of microcephalic imbecility: with remarks
Shuttleworth, G. E
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