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A choice penny-worth of wit; or, A clear distinction between a virtuous wife and a wanton harlot. In three parts. Part 1. How a merchant wasdeluded from his lady, by a harlot... Part 2. How he sail'd to a fair country... Part 3. How he returned richly laden to the British Shoar... with other things worthy of observation
Birmingham. printed by H. Butler. [1720?].

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A choir manual in three parts, containing, Part I.- A grammar of Gregorian and modern music; Part II.- Psalms, hymns, and antiphons, for vespers of all the holydays, festivals, common of saints, and the Sundays through the year; Part III.- Masses, lamentations, Te Deum, litany, &c., in Gregorian music
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ACHPER national journal
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The ACHPER national journal
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