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A Co-operation Pipe: a framework for inter-organisational system development
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Rodgers, A. M
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A Cop for the killing
Lowry, Dick
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A copie of certaine letters which manifest the designe of the late discovered plot. First, His Majestiesletter to the City of London. Secondly, The Lord Digbies letter to Sir Bazill Brooke. Lastly, other intercepted letters touching the same businesse
Charles ; Digby, George ; Brook, Basil
[London]. [s.n.]. 1643.

A copie of the articles agreed upon at the surrender of the city of Bristol betweene Colonell Nathaniel Fiennes...and Colonell Charles Gerrard...the 26. of July, 1643
[s.l.]. [Toucan Press]. [1981].

A copie of the commission sent from His Majestie to the conspirators ofthe citie of London, for the raysing an army of horse and foot, and levying of money, plate, ammunition, &c: thereby also power is given to these commissioners, or any foure of them to execute martiall law, to kill and slay all those that shall oppose them or all such as are under the command of His Excellencie the Earle of Essex
London. Printed for Richard Best. 1643. 6p.

A copie of the first arrest or decree of the Parlament of Paris against thebooke of Santarellus the Jesuite: with the Parlaments demands, the Jesuites answeres
london. by R. Badger. 1634.

A copie of the petition of both houses of Parliament, concerning the militia, &c. presented to His Majestie at Theobalds, 10 Marii, 1641: With His Majesties Answer thereunto
London. Printed by R. Barker, and by the assignes of J. Bill. 1641. 6 p.

A copie of the proceedings of some worthy and learned Divines, appointed by the Lords to meet at the Bishop of Lincolnes in Westminster: touching innovations in the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England, together with considerations upon the Common Prayer Book
London. [s.n.]. 1641.

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Hood, Thomas
Amsterdam . Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. 1974. (18) p.

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Dolby, Thomas
London. W. Molineux. 1819. 674p.

A copious and impartial report of the debates and proceedings in the second session of the sixth parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Dolby, Thomas
London. W. Molineux. 1820. iv, 600p.

A copious dictionary in three parts: I. the English before the Latin ... : II. the Latin before the English ... : III. the proper names of persons, places ... : to which are adjoined, a table of authors names at large
Gouldman, Francis ; Robertson, William ; Field, John
[1 l]p.

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Matthiae, August Heinrich ; Blomfield, Edward Valentine
London. John Murray. 1829. 2 v.

A copious index to Pennant's Account of London: arranged in strict alphabetical order
Downes, Thomas ; Pennant, Thomas
London. Taylor. 1814. 62p.

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Fra˜dersdorff, J. W ; Arnold, Thomas Kerchever ; Browne, Henry
London. Rivington. 1856.

A copius and critical Latin-English lexicon: Founded on the larger Latin-German lexicon of W. Freund
Andrews, Ethan Allen
London. Sampson Law. 1861.

A Copland celebration
Copland, Aaron
Sony. 2000. 2 compact discs.

A Copland profile
Copland, Aaron ; Copland, Aaron ; Copland, Aaron ; Litton, Andrew
Delos. 1998. 1 compact disc.

A Cop on rule 43
Turner, Swasie
Oxton,Wirral. Classfern. 2001.

A copperplate script: Marina script from Stephenson, Blake ltd, Sheffield
p. 35.

A copper snare
Williams, Lawrence
London. Hale. 1980. 190p.

A coppie of a letter sent from one of the agitators in the army to an agitator in the citie
London. 1647. 6 p.

A coppie of a letter sent to Lieutenant Generall Crumwel from the well-affected partie in the city
(London). 1647. 8p.

A coppie of the bill against the xiii bishops presented to (!) the Lords, by the Commons, Octob. 25. 1641. entituled An act for dissolving all persons in holy order to exercise temporall jurisdiction and authority: With the names of the XIII. bishops lately impeached. Whereunto is added the substance of a letter presented to Mr. Pym
London. J. Thomas. 1641. 4 p.

A Coppy of 1. The letter sent by the Queenes Majestie concerning the collection of the Recusants Mony for the Scottish Warre, Apr. 17. 1639: 2. The Letter sent by Sir Kenelme Digby and Mr. Mountague concerning the Contribution : 3. The letter sent by those assembled in London, to every shire : 4. The names of the Collectors in each County in England and Wales : And 5. The Message sent from the Queenes Majestie to the house of Commons by Master Comptroller the 5. of Febr. 1639
Montagu, Walter ; Henrietta Maria ; Digby, Kenelm
London. Printed ... in the yeare of the discovery of Plots. 1641. [i], 12 p.

A Coppy of a Letter found in the Privy Lodgeings at Whitehall
Suckling, John
[London ?]. [s.n.]. Printed in the yeare, 1641. [i], 11 p.

A coppy of a letter found in the Privy lodgings at Whitehall
Suckling, John
[London]. [s.n.]. 1641.

A coppy of a letter fovnd in the privy lodgeings at White-Hall
Suckling, John
(London?). 1641. 11 p.

A coppy of a letter writ from Serjeant Major Kirle, to a friend in Windsor
Kirle, Robert
(London. s.n. 1643). 7 p.

A coppy of Generall Lesley's letter to Sir Iohn Svckling: with Sir Iohn Sucklings answer to his letter
Newark, David Leslie
(London?). 1641. 7 p.

ACOPS year book
Oxford. Pergaman. 1990. 180p.

ACOPS yearbook
Advisory Committee on Pollution of the Sea. 1985.

ACOPS yearbook 1986-87
Oxford. Pergaman. 1987. (130)p.

A Coptic dictionary
Crum, W. E
Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1939.

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Baynes, Charlotte ; Schmidt, Carl
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A Coptic grammar: with chrestomathy and glossary : Sahidic dialect
Layton, Bentley
Wiesbaden. Harrassowitz Verlag. 2000. xix, 520 p.

A copybook for Japanese ink-painting
Ota, Shutei ; Chiba, Reiko
Rutland. Tuttle. 1964. 71p.,ill.,19cm.

A copy, from the original poll book for a member of Parliament for the city of Norwich...taken at Norwich on the 15th and 16th days of Sept.1786
Norwich. J. Crouse. 1786.

A copy (in abstract) of the accounts of ... John Rose: with the hospital of the Holy Trinity, in Croydon ... 1801 to ... 1810 ... (and) ... 1810 to ... 1812
Rose, John
(Croydon). printed by Harding. (1813?). 16 p.

A copy of a brief treatise of the proper subject and administration of baptism; some years since sent by the author to Thomas late Lord Bishop of Lincoln: with a prefatory epistle thereunto, and the Scriptures cited at large
Deane, Richard ; Fabian, Thomas
London. Printed for the author; and are to be sold by Thomas Fabian, at the Bible in Cheapside near Breadstreet. 1693. [2],iii-xxiv,64,[2]p.

A copy of a letter
Marshall, Stephen
London. Printed for John Rothwell. 1643. 30p.

A copy of a letter from an officer of the army in Ireland
Exeter. The Rota. 1974.

A copy of a letter from an officer of the Army in Ireland, to his Highness, the Lord Protector, concerning his changing of the Government
[London?]. [s.n.]. 1656. 21p.

A copy of a letter from the agents of the aforesaid five regiments of horse unto ... Sir Thomas Fairfax
Wildman, John ; Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax
(London. 1647). (4) p.

A copy of a letter from the members of both Houses assembled at Oxford, to the Earle of Essex, dated the 27. of January, 1643. With the names of those who signed it, desiring a treaty of peace
Essex, Robert Devereux
Oxford. printed by Leonard Lichfield. 1643.

A copy of a letter sent from the Lord fairfax to the major of Hull, and by him sent tothe Committee of both Kingdoms concerning the great victory obtained against Prince Rupert about the raising of the siege at York: also a true relation of a defeat given to Colonell Hastings by the Lord Grayes forces, July the first, 1644at Bosworth Field
Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax
London. printed for Edward Husbands. 1644.

A copy of a letter written by our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ... King Agbarus's letter to our Saviour, and our Saviour's answer ... Likewise, Lentulus's epistle to the senate of Rome
(London. c1810). 1 sheet.

A copy of a letter written by our blessed Lord and saviour Jesus Christ: And found eighteen miles from Iconiam
Jesus Christ
Exeter. printed by J. M'Kenzie and Son. [1790?]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

A copy of a letter written to an officer of the Army by a true Commonwealths-man, and no courtier, concerning the right and settlement ofour present Government and governors
London. printed by Tho. Newcomb. 1656.

A copy of a paper delivered by Capt. John Jayne: late commander of the ship Burnet of Bristol, to a friend, thenight before his execution in the press-yard of Newgate
Jayne, John
London. (1726). 1 sheet.

A copy of a poll taken for the county of Stafford, the 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th, and 14th days of July, in the Year of Our Lord, 1747, before George Hunt, Esq. ; High-Sheriff for the said county
[s.l.]. [s.n.]. [1747].

A copy of Col. Wosely's [sic] letter to His Grace Duke Schonberg [sic]
Wolseley, William ; Brown, E ; Schomberg, Friedrich Hermann Schomberg
London. Printed for E. Brown. 1690. Single sheet : 1/2mo.

A copy of His Majesty's royal charter, for erecting English Protestant schools in the Kingdom of Ireland: With the contents of each clause in the margin
Dublin. Printed by George Grierson, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty. 1735. 16p.

A copy of letters, wherein the most redouted and mighty price: Kyng Henry the eight... made answere unto a certayne letter of Martyn Luther
Amsterdam . Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. 1971. (98) p.

A copy of Mercator's Scotia Regnum with manuscript annotation
Stone, Jeffrey C
Amsterdam. N. Israel. 1972. p.43-46.

A copy of my lord Bolingbroke's letter to my Lord
John (Henry)
London. 1715. v.

A copy of papers relating to musters, beacons, subsidies, etc. in the county of Northampton, 1586-1623
Wake, Joan ; Morris, John E ; Longden, Henry Isham
Northampton. Northamptonshire Record Society. 1926. 261p.

A copy of papers relating to musters, beacons, subsidies, etc., in the county of Northampton, A. D. 1586-1623
Wake, Joan ; Morris, John Edward
Kettering (Eng.). Printed for the Northamptonshire record society by T. B. Hart, limited. 1926. cxxxiii, 261 p.

A copy of pleasant verses addressed to Sir Joshua Reynolds & co
Hillis, Frederick Whiley ; Barnard, Thomas
[U.S.]. Printed by the Stinehour Press. c1970. 8p.

A copy of some papers past at Oxford, betwixt the author of the Practicall catechisme and Mr. Ch
Hammond, Henry
London. 1650.

A copy of the articles for the surrender of the City of Worcester... to Major Gen. Rainsborow: with a copy of the letter sent from the Governour... and how Sir William Russell is to be delivered to the mercy of the Parliament... : these are perused by the originall papers and published according to Order of Parliament
London. F. Coles. 1646. 6p.

A copy of the articles of faith ... acknowledged ... by the ... Philadelphian church ... followers ... of Joanna Southcott
Sibley, Samuel ; Southcott, Joanna
London. The Author. 1819. 16 p.

A copy of the articles, of the Daventry Original Union Society, instituted May the 1st. 1804
Daventry. printed by M. Tomalin. 1824.

A copy of the baptismal and marriage register of the non-subscribing presbyterian congregation of Clough, County Down: 1791-1934
Blackwood, Reginald W. H
1935. 121,38p.