Address of the Society for Diffusing Information on the Subject of Capital Punishment and Prison Discipline. With an account of a visit to Warwick Gaol
London. Printed by Bensley and Son. 1817.

Address of the society of Diffusing Information on the subject of capital punishment and prison discipline: with an account of a visit to Warwick goal
London. Society for Diffusing Information. 1817.

Address of the Society of the Friends of Italy
London. Published at the Offices of the Society. 1851. 16p.

Address of the students at the New College, Hackney, to Dr. Priestley, in consequence of the Birmingham riots
Priestley, Joseph
[London?. s.l. 1791?]. 8 p.

Address of the Ulster Temperance Society
Belfast (1, High Street and Cornmarket). Published by W.M. M'Comb). 1829. 12p.

Address of the very Rev the Dean of Carlisle, delivered at the request of the Glasgow Abstainers Union in the City Hall, Glasgow on Monday evening, March 25 1861
Glasgow. Scottish Temperance League. 1861. 32p.

Address of Thomas S. Grimke
Grimke, Thomas Smith
Philadelphia. American Sunday School Union. 1831. 15 p.

Address of Thos. Moonlight, in behalf of the Burns Monument and Memorial Association of Illinois. together with Appeal of the Executive Committee
Moonlight, Thomas
[Chicago]. [The Federation]. [1889]. 8p.

Address of Timothy Holmes, F.R.C.S., President of the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London, at the Annual Meeting, March 2nd, 1891
Holmes, Timothy
London. Adlard & son. 1891. 37p.

Address of Walter Ulbricht: chairman of the Council of State of the GDR on 18 August 1961
Ulbricht, Walter
[S.l]. [s.n]. [1961?]. 29p.

Address of Welcome
Farren, Sean
Belfast. SDLP. 1982. 3p.

Address of welcome presented to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales by the unofficial members of the legislative council and the reply thereto of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales
Stewart, W ; Windsor, Edward
[S.l. s.n. 1928?]. [3]p.

Address of welcome to H.I.H. Prince Fushimi of Japan: report to the Court of Common Council
(London. The Corporation). 1907. 29 p.

Address of William Cargill, Esq. to the South Shields Chamber of Commerce, May 4, 1840, on the foreign policy of England
Cargill, William
London. Re-printed by T. Brettell. 1840.

The address of William Walker: delivered on the 30th of September last, upon introducing the LordMayor elect to his excellency the Lord Lieutenant, to be sworn into office. As also Mr. Baron Georg's charge to the Lord Mayor, after he had been sworn into office
Walker, William
Dublin. printed by John Exshaw. 1803. 16 p.

The Addressograph: illustrated price list of machines and accessories
London. [ca. 1909].

The Addressograph: its uses and advantages
London. [1904].

Address on behalf of the National Executive: to the 83rd Ard-Fheis of Sinn Fein in the Spa Hotel, Lucan, Co. Dublin, October 24 and 25, 1987
O Bradaigh, Ruairi
Dublin. Republican Sinn Fein. 1987. 11p.

Address on bimetallism: delivered before The London Institution, 8th May, 1895
Gibbs, Herbert C
London. Effingham Wilson. 1895. 47p.

Address on bimetallism: delivered before the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, 9th April 1895
Gibbs, Herbert C
London. Effingham Wilson. 1895. 32p.

Address on early printing in America
Houghton, Henry Oscar
Montpellier. 1894.

The address on education read before the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, at Bristol, on the 1st October, 1869
Kingsley, Charles
London. [National Education League]. 1869.

Address on free inquiry
Owen, Robert
London. J. Watson. [ca. 1840].

Address on German industrial methods: given at the third annual meeting [of the Employers' Parliamentary Association], heldat the Midland Hotel, Manchester, January 22nd, 1915
Ramsay, William
[s.l.]. [s.n.]. [1915].

Address on his installation as chancellorof the University of Glasgow on 4 March 1930
MacAlister, Donald
Glasgow. Jackson, Wylie & co. 1930. 24 p.

Address on immunity to disease
Ransom, W. B
London. John Bale & Sons. [1896]. 36p.

Address on "imperialism" delivered at the Imperial Colonial Club, Piccadilly, W., February 3rd, 1909
Ormsby, Lambert H
Dublin. Brindley and Son, printers. 1911. 24p.

Address on medical biography: delivered before the International Medical Congress, at Philadelphia, September 5, 1876
Toner, Joseph Meredith
Philadelphia. Collins. 1876. 49p.

Address on opening the institution for the formation of character, at New Lanark, deliveredon the 1st of January, 1816: being the first public announcement of the discovery of the infant school system
Owen, Robert
London. Home Colenization Society. 1841.

Address on "Platos Republic as the earliest educational treatise"
Caird, Edward
Bangor. Jarvis and Foster, printers and stationers. [1894]. 22 p.

Address on Post-War reconstruction: given at the Conservative Club, Workington, on 14th April, 1944
Sarsfield-Hall, E.G
Whitehaven. W.H. Moss. 1944. 16p.

Address on practical medicine
Shoemaker, John Vietch
Philadelphia. [s.n.]. 1884. 16 p.

Address on Sabbath schools to the presbyteries and sessions of the United Secession Church
(S.l.). (s.n.). (18-). 8p.

Address on secondary education: delivered at the Social Science Congress, Birmingham, 1884
Browning, Oscar
[s.l]. [s.n.]. 1884.

Address on slavery in Cuba: presented to the general anti-slavery convention
Madden, Richard Robert
[s.l.]. [s.n.]. 1895.

Address on some points concerning human intestinal parasites: based upon the researches of the author
Perroncito, Edoardo
[Manchester]. [University of Manchester, Public Health Laboratory]. [1906]. p. [357]-370.

Address on spiritual manifestations: at the Literary Institution, John Street, Fitzroy Square, on Friday, July 27th, 1855
Owen, Robert
London. J. Clayton [... et al.]. 1855.

Address on the administration of the Transkeian Territories
Muller, E. H. W
Umtata, South Africa. [s.n.]. 1924. 22p.

Address on the Apostle Eliot
De Normandie, James
[S.l. s.n. 1907?]. 20p.,[1]leaf of plates.

Address on the close of the 19th century: deliverd in one of the churches, 30th December, 1900
Copinger, Walter Arthur
Glasgow. D. Hobbs & Co. 1901. 16 p.

Address on the collection of paintings of the English Pre-Raphaelite school
Morris, William
Birmingham. E.C. Osborne and Son. 1891. 16 p.

Address on the early history of the parish of Manchester (1816-1838)
Grant, J. T. G
[S.l. s.n. 1946?]. 17p.

Address on the expansion of trade with China
Whitehead, Thomas Henderson
London. Spottiswoode & Co. 1901. 60p.

Address on the expediency and duty of adopting the Bible: as a class book
Grimke, Thomas Smith
Charleston (S.C.). Observer office press. (1830). (5),6-96p.

Address on the hopes and destinies of the human species
Owen, Robert Dale
London. J. Watson. 1836. 18p.

Address on the interest of the United States in the silver question
Horton, S. Dana
London. Printed by Taylor and Francis. 1881.

Address on the inter-oceanic canal scheme
Lesseps, Ferdinand de
[s.l. s.n. 1880]. 38p.

Address on the land question: 1882
Collings, Jesse
Birmingham. Journal Printing Offices. 1882.

Address on the Liverpool School of Medicine: Delivered on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of thefoundation
Hay, John
Liverpool. The University. 1934. 19 p.

Address on the native and alien plants of St. Anne's-on-the-Sea
Bailey, Charles
Manchester. Hinchcliffe. p. [415]-426, [3] leaves of plates.

Address on the obligation of Christians to become ministers of Christ
Tuckerman, Joseph
Newcastle (upon Tyne). Printed by J. Blackwell & Co. 1834. 16 p.

Address on the opening of the fifth annual conference of the Association for theReform and Codification of the Law of Nations at Antwerp ... 1877
O'Hagan, Thomas O'Hagan
London. Clowes, for the Association. 1877. 15 p.

Address on the opening of the First Session of the Shorthand Society of London, 1st November, 1881
Walford, Cornelius
London. [Printed for the Society by Jas. Wade]. 1881.

Address on the opening of the School of Mines, at Ballarat, Victoria
Barry, Redmond
Melbourne. Mason, Firth, & M'Cutcheon. 1870. 23 p.

Address on the relation of food to work, and its bearing on medical practice: delivered before the British Medical Association, in the Divinity School at Oxford, on the fifth of August, 1868
Haughton, Samuel
Dublin. Printed at the University Press, by M.H. Gill. 1868. 45 p.

Address on the revival of religion
(S.l.). (s.n.). 1839. 16p.

Address on the streets & traffic of London
Barry, John Wolfe Wolfe-
London. Barry. 1899. 2 p.t.

Address on the subject of personal rights: given by Arnold Lupton at the annual meeting of the Personal Rights Association, 11th May, 1916
Lupton, Arnold
London. Personal Rights Association. [1916]. 23p.

Address on the treatment and prevention of tuberculosis as advised by the British Congress on Tuberculosis
Booth, Frederick
St. Annes-On-The-Sea. W. H. and F. Spring, printers. 1901. 11p.

Address on the treatment of pulmonary consumption: delivered at the Glasgow Pathological and Clinical Society, 14th November, 1882 : with a note of a visit to Davos-Platz
Anderson, McCall
Glasgow. James Maclehouse. 1883. 38 p., [2] leaves of plates (some fold.).

Address on West Africa
Blyden, Edward Wilmot
London. John Scott & Co. [1901]. 15p.

Address on West African railways
Shelford, Frederick
Liverpool. C. Tinling and Co. 1900. 23p.

Address on workhouse visiting
Kennedy, Evory
[Dublin. Proteous and Gibbs. ca. 1870]. 8 p.

[Address panel of letter to Miss C.M. Holmes
Holmes, C. M

[Address panel of letter, to Miss H.M. Holmes]
O'Brien, Edward ; Holmes, H. M

[Address panel of letter, to Miss H.M. Holmes]
O'Brien, Lucius ; Holmes, H. M

[Address panel of letter to Sir Henry Ellis]
Mandelsloh ; Ellis, Henry

Address, prayers, lesson, &c. on occasion of laying the foundation stone of the cemetary church at the St. Pancras Parochial Cemetery, (East) Finchley, 24th November, 1853
Dale, Thomas
London. Rivingtons. 1853. 18 p.

The Address presented by the Corporation of the City of london to his imperial majesty Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, at the Guildhall,April 19th, 1855: with his majesty's reply thereto
[London]. [Corporation of London]. [1855?]. (10)p.

The address presented to His Imperial Majesty Napoleon III, emperor of the French, at the Guildhall: April 19th, 1855: with His Majesty's reply
(London. 1855). 4 p.

Address presented to James Martineau, D.D., LL.D., on his eighty-third birthday, April 21, 1888, and Dr. Martineau's reply: with a list of signatures
Martineau, James
[London]. C. Green & Son, printers. [1888?]. 24p.

Address presented to the Annual General Meeting of Colleges for Further and Higher Education [held Thursday and Friday,21st and 22nd February 1974 at the Institution of Electrical Engineers]
London. ACFHE. [1974].

The address presented to the Right Reverend William Bernard, O.S.B., Bishop of Birmingham, at St. Mary's College, Oscott, on Thursday, July 18th, 1867, and His Lordship's reply
Ullathorne, William Bernard
Birmingham. M. Maher & Son. [1867].

Address read at the close of the first session of the Dublin Historical Society, June 29, 1835
Armstrong, John
Dublin. printed at the request of the Society. 1835. 40p.

Address read at the opening of the second session of the Athenaeum, November 3, 1834: Published at the request of the Society
Armstrong, John
(Dublin. 1834?). 27 p.

Address spoken by William Butterworth, aged 13 years, before the ... trustees of the Clerkenwell charity schools, on their return from the anniversary at St. Paul's cathedral ... July 7, 1810
Butterworth, William
London. (1810). 1 sheet.

Address to all classes, sects and parties: containing anofficial decloration of principles
London. Effingham Wilson. 1840.

Address to all liberal and just Englishmen: ought England to emancipate the Irish Catholics?
Z. Z
Newark. Printed by Hage and Son. [1825].

Address to all nations
[Assa?]. The Voice Publishing. [1901]. 11p.

Address to, and expostulation with, the public
Stair, John Dalrymple
London. printed for John Stockdale. 1784. [4],48p.

Address to Annual General Meeting
Hamilton, James
[Sheffield]. Association of Colleges for Further and Higher Education. [1978].

Address to Association of superintendents of education and welfare attendance departments
Clegg, A.B

Address to Belfast City Council, Monday, 6 October 1980
Burke, Richard ; European Commission Office in Northern Ireland
Belfast. the author. 1980. 13p.

Address to Castleford teachers
Clegg, A.B

Address to Friends, on a proposal made by a member of our Society to instruct some African Negroes, with a view tofuture translation and dispersion of the Scriptures
London, Eng. Printed W. Phillips. 1820. 3 p.

Address to graduands at the winter graduation ceremony, December 16, 1954, the Queen's University of Belfast
Ashby of Brandon, Eric Ashby
Belfast. Marjory Boyd. 1954. 8p.

Address to headmasters of Division XIII, IHAM in Leeds
Clegg, A.B

Address to Her Majesty's ministers
London. Imperial Federation (Defence) Committee. [1895].

Address to his excellency Sir Claud Hollis
Hollis, Alfred Claud
[S.l. s.n. 1929?]. 1 sheet ([1]p.).

Address to his fellow townsmen
Old Plater
[Birmingham. Thomas Knott, jun., Printer. 1819].

Address to his staff of the Treasury, Customs, Inland Revenue and other departments ... December, 1947, 1948
Cripps, Richard Stafford
(London. 1947-1948). 2 p.ts.

[Address to James Valentine Jelley on his retirement
Treglown, Ernest G
[Birmingham]. [s.n.]. 1917.

Address to legislative council of Dominica
Eliot, Edward Carylon
[S.l.]. [s.n.]. [1928]. 4p.

Address to Mill-Workers on the prevelence of consumption among them, and on certain causes of it which are preventible
Newett, Robert H ; Newett, Robert H ; Ewart, Lavens Mathewson
Belfast). Printed by W. & G. Baird (Arthur Street. 1875. 11p.

Address to Musulmans
(Bombay. 18? ). 50 p.

Address to National Committee on American Foriegn Policy
Adams, Gerry
Belfast. Sinn Fein. 1994. 9p.

Address to Origen
Gregory ; Metcalfe, William Charles
London. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 1920. 96 p.

Address to parents: on the education of their children
London . Houlston and Son. 1832.

Address to parents from persons who support Sunday-schools
London. Religious Tract Society. [18--?]. 4p.

Address to Pope Pius IX on his encyclical letter
Mazzini, Giuseppe ; Pius
London. Tru˜bner & Co. 1865.

Address to public meeting in the Mansion House, Dublin: 27th October 1994
Adams, Gerry
Dublin. Sinn Fein. 1994. 4p.

Address to religious inquirers on the subject of silent worship: or waiting upon God
Sands, David
[Manchester. printed by John Harrison... for the Manchester and Stockport Tract Depository and Association. 1848]. 4p.

Address to Robert Burns, commemorative of the centenary of his advent into spirit life
Crosthwaite, Joseph
Glasgow. [s.n.]. [1896?]. 8p.

Address to SDLP 23rd annual conference, Glenavon House Hotel, Cookstown 26 November 1993
Hume, John
Belfast. SDLP. 1993. 13p.

Address to Sir William Whitla, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica, Queen's College, Belfast, Senior Visiting Physician, Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast: from his colleagues on the visiting staff, June, 1902
Whitla, William
(s.l. s.n.). 1902. 1 p. and 16 p.hotograp.hs.

Address to students during the first university session
Lodge, Oliver
Birmingham. Cornish Brothers. 1900. 24 p.

Address to the annual conference of the United Kingdom Unionists Party
O'Brien, Conor Cruise
[Bangor]. UK Unionists. 1997. 5p.

Address to the Annual General Meeting
Carlisle, Mark
[Sheffield]. Association of Colleges for Further and HigherEducation. [1980].

Address to the Annual General Meeting
Dawe, Roger
[Doncaster]. ACFHE. 1988.

Address to the Annual General Meeting
Holland, Geoffrey
[Doncaster]. ACFHE. 1989.

Address to the Annual General Meeting
MacFarlane, Neil
[Sheffield]. Association of Colleges for Further and Higher Education. 1981.

Address to the Annual General Meeting
Patten, Chris
[Doncaster]. Association of Colleges for Further and Higher Education. [1986?].

Address to the Annual General Meeting (of the Association of Colleges for Further and Higher Education)
Carlisle, Mark
Sheffield. Association of Colleges for Further and Higher Education. (1980). 7,(2)p.

Address to the Annual General Meeting (of) the Association of Colleges for Further and Higher Education
King, John
Doncaster. the Association. 1984.

Address to the Anthropological section
Balfour, Henry
London. Spottiswoode and Co. 1904. 12p.

Address to the Anthropological section
Smith, Grafton Elliot
London. Printed by Spottiswoode and Co. [1912?]. 24p.

Address to the Antiquarian Section of the meeting of the (Royal Archaeological) Institute at Northampton, 1878
Evans, John
(s.l.). (s.n.). (1878).

Address to the Assembly of Western European Union in Paris on 15 November 1965
Rey, Jean
Luxembourg. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. 1965.

Address to the Associate Congregation of Haddington: shewing the departure from the reformation-principles of the Church of Scotland, and of the secession, by the present General Associate Synod, in their narrative and testimony, with other late deeds, including an account of the steps taken by the writer in his dealings with the Synod and the Session ofHaddington, with reference to the matters of difference : as also, some remarks upon a pamphlet, by the Rev. Mr. Cuthbertson, entitled, "Consolation to the Church"
Chalmers, Robert
Edinburgh. R. Chalmers. 1807. 140p.

Address to the Associate Congregation of Kelso: in which the difference between the former and present testimony of the Associate Synod is briefly stated
Hog, James
Edinburgh. G. Caw. 1807. 36p.

Address to the Belfast Historic Society
Hirst, James
Belfast (Joy's Court). Printed by Thomas Mairs. 1831. 39p.

Address to the Biological Section of the British Association
Burdon-Sanderson, John Scott
London. Spottiswoode and Co. [1889]. 11p.

Address to the Biological Section of the British Association
Marshall, Arthur Milnes
London. Spottiswoode. 1890. 27p.

Address to the Board of Governers [of the] World Bank
Conable, Barber B
Washington, D.C. World Bank. 1990.

Address to the Board of Governors
Clausen, A. W
Washington, D. C. World Bank. 1983. 26p.

Address to the Board of Governors [World Bank Group]
McNamara, R. S
International Bank for Reconstructionand Development. 1969.

Address to the Board of Governors by A. W. Clausen, President, World Bank, Washington, D.C., September 29, 1981
Clausen, A. W
Washington. World Bank. 1981. 18p.

Address to the Board of Governors [of the] World Bank, September 24, 1984
Clausen, A. W
Washington, D.C. World Bank. 1984.