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Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax
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A full narrative , or, A discovery of the priests and Jesuits: together with their intrigues how to subvert Protestant princes, and to ruine the Protestant religion as it is now established : in which is plainly demonstrated the effects of their political operations upon us at this day, in respect of religion and matters of state : together with the necessity of their banishment
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A full relation of the passages concerning the late treaty for peace, begun at Vxbridge, January 30. 1644
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A full relation of two journeys: the one into the main-land of France: The other into some of the adjacent ilands
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A full reply to Certaine briefe observations and anti-queries on Master Prynnes twelve questionsabout church-government: wherein the frivolousnesse, falsenesse, and grosse mistakes of this anonymous answerer (ashamed of his name) and his weak grounds for independency, and separation, are modestly discovered, refelled
Prynne, William
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Scratchum, Scribo
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Iconoclast ; Bradlaugh, Charles
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Iconoclast ; Grant, Brewin
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M'Ghee, Robert ; O'Sullivan, Mortimer
Birmingham. printed and sold by W. Hodgetts. [1835].

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Rowan, Archibald Hamilton ; Wolfe, Arthur
Dublin. printed by W. M'Kenzie. [1794]. 116p.

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Dublin. J. Rea. 1794. 92 p.

A full report of the trial at bar in the Court of the King's Bench: in which the Right Hon. Arthur Wolfe, His Majesty's Attorney General prosecuted, and A. H. Rowan was defendant on an information filed ex-officio against the defendant, for having published a seditious libel, January 29, 1794
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Gillespie, William
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Hetherington, Henry
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Rush, James Blomfield ; Jermy, Isaac ; Jermy, Issac Jermy
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A full report of the trial of the Dublin Argus, before Mr. Justice Crampton and Mr. Justice Perrin, at the Commission Court, Green-Street, on Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 11th and 12th 1846: For an alleged libel on Thomas Arkins, city Sword Bearer
Levy, John
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Kidderminster. Thomas Deighton. 1829. 45p.

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London. printed and published by W.E. Andrews. [1827?].

A full report of the trial of William Mead & Robert Belt, charged by the Coroner's inquest with the wilful murder of Mr James Law of Stainton-dale which was heard before Sir George Sowley Holroyd at the Yorkshire Summer Assizes on ... July 21st and 22nd,1823 with the antecedent proceedings
Mead, Wiliam ; Belt, Robert ; North Yorkshire
Malton. Printed by G. Barnby. 1823. 31p.

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Erskine, T
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A full, true, and particular account, and all for one shilling, of the trial of the great boundary question, between Waistcoat and Piston, lately tried at the Waistcoat assizes, before Father Mathew
Water Pump
Prescot. T. Traverse. 1844.

A full, true and particular account of an alfresco fete given by Harry Oxygen in ... 1877 at his residence, No. 1, John Bull Terrace, Checkham road, county of Scurry
Gastineau, Edward J
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A full view of popery, in a satyrical account of the lives of the popes, &c. from the pretended succession of St. Peter, to the present Pope Clement XI: Wherein all the impostures and innovations of the Church of Rome appear in their true colours, and all their objections, cavils &c. are fully answer'd and confuted. The whole being interspersed with several pasquils. To this is added, A confutation of theMass, and a vindication of reform'd devotion. In two parts
Valera, Cipriano de ; Savage, John ; Lintot, Bernard
London. Printed for Bernard Lintott, at the Middle-Temple-Gate in Fleetstreet. 1704. [8],488p.

A full view of the public transactions in the reign of Q. Elizabeth: or, A particular account of all the memorable affairs of that Queen, transmitted down to us in a series of letters and other papers of state ... Published from original and authentic manuscripts in the Paper Office, Cottonian Library, and other public and private repositories
Forbes, P
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A full vindication and answer of the 11 accused members, Holles, Stapleton, etc., to a late printed pamphlet intituled, A particular charge or impeachment, in the name of Sir Thomas Fairfax, and the army under his command, against the said members
Holles, Denzil
London. [1647].

A full vindication and answer of the XI accused members: viz. Denzill Holles, Esq.; Sir Philip Stapleton ... (etc.) to a late printed pamphlet intituled, A particular charge or impeachment, in the name of Sir Thomas Fairfax and the army under his command; against the said members, by his appointment and the councel of war
Prynne, William ; Fairfax, Thomas
London. (s.n.). Printed in the year 1647. 42 p.

A full vindication and answer of the XI. accused members, viz. Denzill Holles ... Sir Philip Stapleton, Sir William Lewis, Sir John Clotworthy, Sir William Waller, Sir Iohn Maynard ... Major Gen. Massey, Iohn Glynne ... Walter Long ... Col. Edward Harley,Anthony Nichols ... to a late printed pamphlet intituled: A particular charge or impeachment, in the name of Sir Thomas Fairfax and the army under his command; against the said members
Prynne, William
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A full vindication of the Dutchess Dowager of Marlborough: both with regard to the Account lately published by Her Grace, and to her character in general : against the ... invectives contained in a ... pamphlet, entitled Remarks on the account, &c
Fielding, Henry
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1980. 79P.

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