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A lamp ordained for God's annointed. Being the substance of two sermons. The first preached at the admission of the Reverend Mr. James Fisher, late Minister of the Gospel at Kinclaven, to be Minister of the Dissenting Associate Congregation, in and aboutGlasgow, October 8th, 1741. The other, preached upon the same text, in Stirling, the third Sabbath of October, 1741: Published by the desire of the hearers
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Hobart, Alan ; Hobart, Mary
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Alan and Mary Hobart present Live eels and juicy fruits - city scenes and interiors by Hector McDonnell: Thursday 4th November to Friday 26th November 1999
McDonnell, Hector ; Hobart, Alan ; Hobart, Mary
London. Pyms Gallery. 1999.

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Topic. 1 disc.

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Earwaker, J. P
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A Lancashire pedigree case, or, a history of the various trials for the recovery of the Harrison Estates, from 1873 to 1886: together with a full account of the many forgeries and fraudulent entries in parish registers, marriage licence bonds, etc., publicly exposed at the trial at Liverpool, May 25th to 28th, 1886 : with a pedigree of the Harrison family
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Alan Chan
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Civil, Alan ; Klemperer, Otto ; Moore, Gerald
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London. Film Four. 2000. 1 videocassette (25min.).