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A love forbidden
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A love forbidden
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A love I can feel
Holt, John
Trojan. 1 disc.

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New York. Hearst Books. 1993. 143p.

'A Love less ordinary' Exploring the barriers and experiences of physically disabled people when trying to form and sustain intimate relationships in Co.Kerry,Ireland
McCarthy, D

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Bolton-by-Bowland. Magna Print Books. 1978. 364p.

A love like ours
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A love like that
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A love like this
Bartholomew, Barbara
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A love like this
Nicholas, Phil ; Nicholas, Brenda
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A love like yours
Hooper, Mary
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London. Connoisseur Collections. 2000. 1 compact disc.

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A lovely bunch of coconuts
Reader, Dennis
London. Walker. 1989. (32)p.

A lovely bunch of coconuts
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A lovely illusion
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A lovely way to spend an evening
Christy, June
Jasmine. 1 compact disc.

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Price, Ronnie
East Molesey. Maestro. 1994. 1 cassette.

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Sinatra, Frank
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A lovely way to spend an evening
Smith, Jimmy
Sounds Ultimate. 1 disc.

A lovely way to spend an evening with June Christy
Christy, June
England. Jasmine. 1986. 1 disc.

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Wright, Timothy ; Douglas, Isaac
Air. 1 cassette.

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Tynan, Katharine
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Shakespeare, William ; Jansohn, Christa ; Mehl, Dieter
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Hinton, Arthur

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Dobell, Bertram
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Bush, Geoffrey
London. Novello. 1965.

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Quennell, Nancy
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Hatton, John L ; Pindar, Peter
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Courtney, Caroline
Boston, Mass. G.K. Hall. 1982.

A lover's victory
Courtney, Caroline
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A lover too many
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A love so bold
Kamada, Annelise
London. Hale. 1981. 352p.

A lovesome thing
Leith, Prudence
London. BCA. 2003. 397p.

A lovesome thing
Leith, Prue ; Freeman, Penelope
Isis audio books. 2004. 9 cassettes (10hrs 45mins).

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McConnell, Jean
London. Samuel French. c1994. 27p.

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Bantock, Granville
London. Novello. 1909.

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Liszt, Franz ; Hoffmann von Fallersleben, August Heinrich
London. Stanley Lucas, Weber. [between 1873 and 1881]. 1 score (5p.).

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Stevens, Edward ; Coxwell, Fillingham
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Morrison, Bill ; Morrison, Bill ; Morrison, Bill ; Morrison, Bill
London. Nick Hern. 1994. xv,176p.

A love so splendid
Ladd, Linda
New York. Topaz. 1997. 383p.

A love so tender
Sinclair, Tracy
London. Silhouette Books. 1985.

A love so wild
Chester, Deborah
Leicester. Ulverscroft. 1982. 474p.

A love so wild
Chester, Deborah
London. Joseph. 1980. 270p.

A love so wild
Chester, Deborah
London. Sphere. 1981, c1980. 312p.

A love so wild
Rogers, Evelyn
New York. Zebra Books. 1991.

A love story
Ball, Michael
EMI Liberty. 2003. 1 compact disc.

A love story
Green, Vivian
Columbia. 2003. 1 Compact disc.

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Southey, Robert ; Warter, John Wood
London. Longman [etc.]. 1863.

A lovest un cavalier
Mirande, Jacqueline
France. Casterman. 1973.

A love suit: duologue
Smythies, William Gordon
London. Samuel French. [1890?].

A love supreme
Coltrane, John ; Coltrane, John
Anchor. 1 disc.

A love supreme
Hopkins, Pauline E
London. X Press. 1995. 175p.

A love supreme: the creation of John Coltrane's classic album
Kahn, Ashley
London. Granta. 2002. xxiii, 260 p.

A love supreme: the story of John Coltrane's signature album
Kahn, Ashley
New York. Viking. 2002. xxiii, 260 p.

A love supreme
Moore, Chante
Universal City. MCA Records. 1994. 1 cassette.

A love supreme: real-life stories of Black love
Stovall, TaRessa ; Stovall, Calvin
New York. Warner Books. c2000. xv, 220p.

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Holbrooke, Joseph ; O'Shaughnessy, Arthur William Edgar
London. Leonard. c1903. 1 score (7p.).

A love symphony op.7, no.3: song
Holbrooke, Joseph ; O'Shaughnessy, Arthur
London. Leonard. 1903.

A love that dares to question: a bishop challenges his church
Heaps, John
Norwich. Canterbury Press. c2001. 119p.

A love that endures
Jameson, Claudia
London. Mills & Boon. 1991.

A love token for children
Sedgwick, Catharine Maria
London. T.Tegg. 1838. 226p.

A love to last?
Coffin, Julie
Waterville, Me. Thorndike Press. 2003. 117 p. (large print).

A love to last
Day, Samantha
Richmond. Mills & Boon. 1992. (192)p.

A love too beautiful: the story of Joanna of Castile : (Juana del amor hermoso)
Martinez Mediero, Manuel
University Park, PA. Estreno. 1995.

A love to remember
Hills, Ida
Thorndike, Me. Thorndike Press. (1982), c1980. 222 p.

A love trilogy
Summer, Donna
Casablanca. 1 cassette.

A love untamed
Van der Zee, Karen
Richmond. Mills & Boon. 1994. (192)p.