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R, I
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A Manuduction: or, Introduction unto Divinitie : Containing a Confutation of Papists by Papists, throughout the important Articles of our Religion; their testimonies taken either out of the Indices Expurgatorii, or out of the Fathers, and ancient Records; But especially the Manuscripts
James, Thomas
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A manufacturing model to capture injection moulding process capabilities to support design for manufacture
Al-Ashaab, Ahmed Habbas Sabri

A manufacturing model to support data-driven applications for design and manufacture
Molina Gutierrez, Arturo

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A man untamed
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A manuscript containing Lancashire church notes and trickings of arms, made in the years 1564 to 1598: rendered in blazon
Rylands, J. Paul
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A manuscript copy of the first part of the greatest work by John AmosComenius in the British Museum
Capkova, Dagmar
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A man will be kidnapped tomorrow
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A man with a camera
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A man with nowhere to go
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A man without a wife
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A man without equal
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A man without friends
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A man without guilt
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A man without love
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A man without love
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A man without love
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A man without mercy
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Schaller, Susan
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A man with your advantages
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A man worth knowing
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A man worth loving
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A man worth remembering
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A man worth waiting for
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