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Penington, Edward
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A modest enquiry concerning the election of the sheriffs of London and the right of chusing demonstrated to belong unto: and to have been always adjudged to reside in the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen, and the common-hall
London. Printed for H. Mead. 1682. 46 p.

A modest enquiry how far Catholicks are guilty of the horrid tenets laid to their charge: how far their principles are misrepresented, or misunderstood : and what may be alledged in defence of those they really profess
Berington, Simon
London. [s.n.]. 1749. x, [2], 163, [1] p.

A modest enquiry, how far the thirty-nine articles of the Church of England and the creed ascribed to St. Athanasius, are consistent with, and supported by each other: and how far they are also consistent with the declaration of Jesus Christ, and the doctrine of his apostles
Fothergill, Anthony
London. printed by J. Payne. 1755.

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London. Printed for Richard Baldwin in the Old-Baily. 1690. [i], 38 p.

A modest enquiry into the conduct of the Court of aldermen. In which the true reasons that induced them to put a stop to the building of the Mansion-house ... are respectfully sought for, but not found
London. Brett. 1738. 34 p.

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Divine of the Church of England ; Taylor, Randal
London. printed for Randal Taylor near Stationers Hall. in the year. MDCLXXXIX. [1689]. 8p. : 4to.

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Hall, Joseph
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Davies, Terence
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A modest plea both for The caveat, and the author of it: with some notes upon Mr. James Howell, andhis sober inspections
L'Estrange, Roger ; Brome, Henry
London. for Henry Brome. 1662.

A modest plea, for an equal common-wealth, against monarchy: Also, an apology for younger brothers, the restitution of gavil-kinde, and relief of the poor. With a lift at tythes, and reformation of the laws and universities
Sprigg, William
London. printed for Giles Calvert. 1959. (xv), 136 p.

A modest plea for an equal common-wealth against monarchy. In which the genuine nature and true interest of a free-state is briefly stated: its consistency with a national clergy, mercenary, lawyers... Also, an apology for younger brothers, the restitution of gavil-kind, and relief of the poor. With a lift at tythes, and reformation of the lawes and Universities. All accommodated to publick honour and justice, without injury to any mans propriety, and humbly tendered to the Parliament
Sprigg, William
London. Printed for Giles Calvert. 1659.

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Swift, Jonathan
Dublin printed . Re-printed for Weaver Bickerton. 1730. 23, (1) p. (last p.age blank).

A modest remonstrance to the public: Occasioned by the number of papers and pamphlets published about Admiral Byng. : Together with Admiral Byng's letter to General Blakeney, and an extract from a pamphlet, entituled, Further particulars in relation to the case of Admiral Byng, with animadversions thereon
Cooper, Mary ; Byng, John
London. printed for M. Cooper. 1756. 10 p. : 8vo.

A modest remonstrance to the publick occasioned by the numbers of papers and pamphlets published about Admiral Byng
London. Printed for M. Cooper. 1756. 11p.

A modest reply to a pamphlet, intituled; A letter from a friend to Mr. John M'millan: showing that his principles and practise, are consonant to the word of God, ... : with a vindication of the ... covenanted presbyterians of the Church of Scotland
Clark, Hugh
[Edinburgh?. s.n. 1709?]. [2],45,[5]p.

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Cromwell, Oliver ; Ludlow, Edmund
London. 1698. 76 p.

A modest vindication of Oliver Cromwell from the unjust accusations of Lieutenant-General Ludlow in his memoirs. Together with some observations on the memoirs in general
London. [s.n.]. 1698.

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Lane, Bartholomew
London. printed by T. Snowden for the author. 1683.

A modest vindication of the Right honourable Sir Gilbert Heathcote, knight, late Lord-mayor of the city of London ... proving thatthe act past for regulating the election of aldermen was ... forc'd on him
Heathcote, Gilbert
London. Baker. 1711. 23 p.

A modest vindication of Titus Oates the Salamanca-doctor from perjury: or, An essay to demonstrate him only forsworn inseveral instances
Elliot, Adam
London. for the author and Joseph Hindmarsh. 1682.

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Amo dunque sono
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