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Wroe, John
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An abridgement of the life & journal of John Wroe, with devine communications revealed to him, being the visitation of the spirit of God to warn mankind that the day of the Lord is at hand, when the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of God,and of His Christ
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An abridgement of the life & journal of John Wroe, with divine communications revealed to him, being the visitation of the spirit of God to warn mankind that the day of the Lord is at hand when the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of God, and of His Christ
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Jennings, David
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Salmon, Joseph Whittingham
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An abridgeme(n)t of the notable worke of Polidore Virgile conteygnyng the deuisers and first finders out aswell of artes, ministeries, feactes & ciuil ordinaunces, as of rites, & ceremonies, commonly used in the churche: and the originall beginnyng of the same
Vergil, Polydore ; Langley, Thomas
London. vvithin theprecincte of the late disolued house of the grey Friers, by Richarde Grafton printer to the Princis grace. the .XXV. daie of Ianuarie, the yere of Ovr Lorde, M.D.XLVI. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. (346) p.

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Bullingbrooke, Edward
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Blavatsky, H. P ; Hillard, Katharine
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An abridgment of all the publick printed Irish statutes now in force, from the third year of the reign of King Edward the Second, to the end of the last session of Parliament, in the tenth year of his present Majesty's reign King William the Third: Methodized and digested alphabetically, under apt and proper heads and titles : Together with an abridgment of such English statutes now in force to this present time, as have been enacted and made since Sir Edward Poyning's Law, relating to the Kingdom of Ireland : Whereto several compleat tables are added, of great use, ease and service, to the reader : As also book cases and resolutions in law, &c. upon many of the said statutes inserted in the margents
Meriton, George
Dublin. Printed by and for Andrew Crook. 1700. [60], 702, [192]p.

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Hunt, Edward
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Huie, James
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Lenglet du Fresnoy, Nicolas
London. J. Harris. 1816.