An address on the proposed bill for the abolition of the slave trade
Ramsay, James
London. by James Phillips. 1788.

An address on the proposed bill for the abolition of the slave trade,humbly submitted to the consideration of the legislature
Ramsay, James
London. printed and sold by James Phillips. 1788. [2],41,[1]p.

An address on the revolutionary flag, Washington's flag
Cummings, T. Harrison
[Cambridge, Mass.]. [s.n.]. 1923.

An address on the right formation of character, delivered to the Cannon Street mental improvement society
Swan, Thomas
Birmingham. printed and published by John W. Showell. 1847.

An address on the role of starvation in treatment: Delivered before the Medical Society of London on Jan. 28th, 1929
Spriggs, Edmund
[London]. Lancet. [1929]. 24p.

An address on the treatment of chronic degenerative lesions of the heart and Aorta: delivered at a meeting of the Shropshire nad Mid-Wales Branch of the British Medical Association
Barr, James
[United Kingdom?. s.n. 1909]. 12 p.

An address on the treatment of deafness in persons who hear best in a noise (paracusis willisii): the mechanism of aural accommodation, the regulation of labyrinthine fluid tension, the tightening of relaxed drums and joints
Heath, Charles Joseph
[London]. Printed by Good. 1911. 78p.

An address on the treatment of patients with inoperable cancer
Wild, Robert B
[London]. Lancet Office. [1928?]. 8p.

An address on the value of chromocystoscopy in the diagnosis of renal disease: delivered at the annual meeting of the South Wales and Monmouthshire Branch of the British Medical Association
Brook, W. F
[S.l. s.n. 1908?]. 9p.

An address on the Washington Conference and the League of Nations
Rattray, R. F
[S.l. s.n. 1922?]. 7p.

An address on twenty-five years' progress in abdominal surgery at the Manchester Royal Infirmary: delivered before the Manchester Medical Society on February 3rd, 1926
Burgess, Arthur H
London. Printed at the office of the British Medical Association. 1926. 16p.

An address presented to Andrew George Little: with a bibliography of his writings
Oxford. Priv. print. at the University press. 1938. 36 p.

An address presented to his excellency Sir Edward Marsh Merewether, K.C.V.O., K.C.M.O., governor and commander in chief of Sierra Leone, on the occasion of the opening of the law courts
Purcell, Gilbert ; Merewether, Edward Marsh
[S.l. s.n. 19--]. [6] leaves.

An address presented to the Rev. Doctor Drummond, P. P. on the occasion of his promotion to the parish of Killybegs, together with the Rev. gentleman's answer: also, the names of the subscribers to the fund for the purchase of the gift given him at same time
Strabane. Printed by Cowper Walker. 1833. 12p.

An address presented to William Rees by the Brecknock Society,12 October1968: with a bibliography of his writings and a reprint of'The medieval lordship of Brecon'!
Brecknock Museum. 1968. 61p.,ill.,23cm.

An address read by the clerk at a Court of assistants, of the Worshipful company of Haberdashers, London, January 27th, 1795
Holmes, Jeffery
(London. The Author?. 1795). 55 p.

An address, recently delivered in Liverpool, on the respective missions of St. Patrick and Father Mathew, and in honour of Ireland's National Anniversary: Published at the request of a meeting, consisting of more than one thousand persons
Fitzgerald, John Charles ; Ewart, Lavens Mathewson
Belfast (Vindicator Office, 10, Ann Street). Printed by James M'Convery. 1843. 16p.

An address sign'd by the greatest part of the Members of the Parliament of Scotland, and deliver'd to His Majesty at Hampton-Court, the 15th day of October, 1689 [for the redress of grievances]
[London]. [s.n.]. [1689]. 7p.

An address, spoken at a dinner, given by the men employed at the Atlas Works, to Henry Sharp, Esq., (on the occasion of his completing his majority) in the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, on Friday, September 10th, 1847
Morrison, S ; Cheetham, James
Manchester. Jas. Cheetham, printer. [1847]. 1 sheet ([1] p.).

An address to all classes and conditions of Englishmen
Newcastle, Henry Pelham Fiennes Pelham Clinton
London. T. and W. Boone. 1832.

An address to all earnest Christians
Strange, Thomas Lumisden
London. Thomas Scott. [1873].

An address to all gentlemen educated upon, or connected with, the ... school of Christ's Hospital: upon the subject of the "Benevolent Society of Blues," instituted 1824
Kentish, Nathaniel Lipscomb
London. printed by Stokes. 1828. 15 p.

An address to a meeting holden at the Town-Hall, in the City of Bath, under the presidency of the Hon. and Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, on Monday, the 1st day of December, 1817; for the purpose of forming a Church Missionary Society in that City; word for word as delivered from writing; with a protest against the establishment of such a Societyin Bath
Thomas, Josiah
London. [s.n.]. 1817.

An address to apprentices of the Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors
Hills, Osborn Cluse
(London. Printed by Hazell. 1926). 35 p.

An address to a wealthy libertine, or, The melancholy effects of seduction, with a letter from an unfortunate farmer'sdaughter to her parents in Norfolk
Parkerson, J
Norwich. R. Walker. [1820?].

An address to bachelors
Crane, John
Bromsgrove. printed for Crane & Sons. [ca. 1820].

An address to bankers, merchants, tradesmen etc: intended as an introduction to a new system of book-keeping
Jones, Edward
Bristol. Printed by R. Edwards. 1795. 31p.

An address to both Houses of Parliament, in which some parts of the present system of revenue law are considered; and some observations, and strictures, are submitted to their consideration, on the powers vested in, and exercised by, the Courts of Commissioners, Sub-commissioners, and Commissioners of Appeals
Stokes, J... W
Dublin. printed by P. Brady. 1787. [2],[v]-vi,81p.

An address to both Houses of Parliament, on the Catholic question: with some remarks on Mr. O'Gorman's statement, called An appeal of the Catholics of Ireland to the people of England
Pupil of Vicesimus Knox
London. J. Hatchard and Son. 1825. 24p.

An address to Britons, upon the triumph of the Queen's innocence: dedicated to Her Majesty by Her most gracious permission
Author of the South-American Address
London. J. Turner. [1821].

An address to children
London. W. Tweedie. 1854.

An address to churchmen on the present crisis
[London. Printed for the Church Institution. 1868]. 4 p.

An address to Dr. Priestley, upon his Doctrine of philosophical necessity illustrated
Bryant, Jacob ; Priestley, Joseph
London. printed for T. Cadell. 1780.

An address to Dr. Priestly upon his Doctrine of philosophical necessity illustrated
Bryant, Jacob
London. Printed for T. Cadell. 1780. 136 p.

An address to electors on the advantages which may be derived from the reformed Parliament
Shoobridge, George
(London). 1832. 1 sheet.

An address to every Briton on the slave trade: being an effectual plan to abolish this disgrace to our country
London. printed for G.G.J. and J.Robinson. 1791.

An address to farmers on the way in which their families are to be provided for
Manchester. National Anti-Corn Law League. 1840.

An address to friends in Great Britain and Ireland
Shillitoe, Thomas
London. printed for Harvey and Darton. 1821. 24 p.

An address to heads of families
Bourne, Samuel
Birmingham. printed by J. Belcher. 1809. 24p.

An address to His Excellency Earl Grey, Governor-General of Canada: with His Excellency's reply, and other documents bearing on the proposed imperial cable service to girdle the globe
Grey, Albert Henry George Grey
Ottawa. [s.n.]. [1907?]. ix, p. 5-26.

An address to His Excellency William Earl of Harrington, Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland: As it was presented to him, on Tuesday the third instant; with a preface to the free and independant citizens of Dublin, and to the free and loyal subjects of Ireland, in general
Lucas, Charles ; Harrington, William Stanhope
Dublin. Printed byJames Esdall. 1749. 15,viii p.

An address to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, as a visitor of colleges in the University of Oxford, and as Primate of all England
Country Clergyman
London. printed for G. G. and J. Robinson, and S. Hazard, Bath. 1791. [4], 89, [1] p.

An Address to his Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Right Reverend the Bishops, upon account of their late Petition: With Allowance
London. Printed, and are to be sold by Randall Taylor. 1688. 11 p.

An Address to housekeepers
London. J. Wilkins. [1823?]. 4p.

An address to John Sawbridge, Richard Oliver, Frederick Bull, and George Hayley ... representatives inparliament for the city ... with proposals, for the better regulation of bankers and brokers ... also, a scheme for establishing a loan book (sic for bank)
Collins, Walsingham
London. Kearsly. 1778. 54 p.

An address to members of the Adult Schools from the Peace Committee of the Society of Friends
Newman, T.P ; Newman, J.E
[London]. [Friends' Peace Committee]. [1897]. 8p.

An address to members of the Presbyterian Synod of Ireland, in refutation of charges preferred against them by the Rev. Robt. Stewart and another, under the pretended sanction of "A Committee of the Synod of Ulster, for watching over the general interests of the Church"
Stewart, Robert
Belfast (Pottinger's Entry). Printed by Hugh Clark. 1832. 12p.

An address to men of science: calling upon them to stand forward and vindicate the truth from the foul grasp and persecution of superstition... : in which a sketch of a proper system for the education of youth, is submitted to their judgment
Carlile, Richard
London. R. Carlile. 1822. 48p.

An address to our landed, trading and funded interests on the present state of public affairs
Rokeby, Matthew Robinson-Morris
London. printed for John Stockdale. 1786. [4],151p.

An address to parents and guardians of children, and others on variolous and vaccine inoculations
Lettsom, John Coakley
London. Printed by J. Nichols and son. 1803.

An address to parents on the subject of inoculation for the small-pox
Turner, William
Newcastle. Hall and Short. 1792.

An address to persons of quality and estate
Nelson, Robert ; James, G
London. Printed by G. James, for R. S. and sold by Charles Rivington, at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard. MDCCXV (i. e. 1715). xxxi, 267, 55 p.

An address to persons of quality and estate: To which is added, a representation of the several ways and means of doing good, with some reflections upon the necessity and excellency of christian beneficence
Nelson, Robert
Dublin. printed for Peter Wilson. 1752. vi,[2],141,[3]p.

An address to persons of quality and estateto which is added an appendix of some original and valuable papers
Nelson, Robert
London. Smith. 1715. xxxi,267,55p.

An address to Protestant dissenters: on the subject of giving the Lord's supper to children
Priestley, Joseph
London. Printed for J. Johnson. 1773. 42 p.

An address to Protestant Dissenters, on the subject of giving the Lord's Supper to children
Priestley, Joseph
London. Printedfor J. Johnson. 1773.

An Address to reformers
[Birmingham]. Published by the Birmingham Association for the Refutation and Suppression of Blasphemy and Sedition, [by Ferrall, printer. 1819?]. 8 p.

An address to Richard Brinsley Sheriden, Esq: on the public and private proceedings during the late election for Westminster; including the state of domestic politics at the commencement of the new Parliament; with a view of the "Letter to the Earl of Moria," on certain accusations against His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales; and occasional remarks on the Marquis Wellesley, Sir Francis Burdett, Messrs. Whitbread, Eliott, Sheridan, T. Sheridan, Paull, Moore, Britten, Cobbett, &c
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley
London. Printed for John Joseph Stockdale. 1807. 63 p.

An address to ... Samuel Horsley ... on the subject of ... An apology for the liturgy and clergy of thechurch of England
Wakefield, Gilbert ; Horsley, Samuel
Birmingham. printed by Thompson. 1790. 41 p.

An address to students: delivered in Manchester College, Oxford, on 28th June, 1901
Steinthal, S. Alfred
Manchester. H. Rawson & Co. [1901?]. 14p.

An address to students delivered in Manchester College, Oxford, on 30th June, 1900
Brooke, Stopford Augustus
Manchester. H. Rawson and Co., printers. [1900?]. 12p.

An address to the All-Africa Christian Crusade Congress in Salisbury on 17th January, 1969
Smith, I. D
Salisbury. Ministry of Information, Immigration and Tourism. 1969.

An address to the apprentices of Messrs. Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., on the first occasion of the presentationof ℗Đ20 to an apprentice on the completion of his term, Dec. 1877
Wilson, John Forbes

An address to the Arian, Unitarian, or New-light congregation of Newtownards
Cassidy, Mark ; Bruce, William
Belfast (108, High Street). Printed by Stuart and Gregg. 1828. vi, 48p.

An address to the Association for the protection of liberty & property against republicans & levellers. Held at The Hotel, Birmingham
Friend to Liberty and Property
Birmingham. printed by J. Thompson. 1792.

An address to the bachelors
Crane, John
Birmingham. Printed by Swinney and Walker. 1793.

An address to the benevolent public in behalf of the London Female Penitentiary
Shacklewell. Printed by Rutt. 1807. 24 p.

An address to the bishops and clergy of all denominations and to all professors and teachers of the Christian World: on Robert Owen's proclamation of the millennial state to commence this year (1855)
Pemberton, Robert
London. Saunders & Otley. 1855.

An address to the bishops and parochial clergy of the established Church of Ireland: including some hints to school-masters
Dublin. Printed by William Porter. 1801. 108 p.

An address to the Bishops upon the subject of a late letter from one of their Lordships, to certain clergy in his diocese. With theletter prefixed
Disney, John
London. printed for G. Kearsley. 1790.

An address to the British independent electors shewing that the reform measure is more calculated to insure tranquility than excite disturbance
Ensell, J. H
Stourbridge. J.Rollason. 11p.

An address to the British nation on the establishment of a fire-police, and to ... the Royal humane society and the Society for the encouragement of the arts, on the conduct of their committees towards George William Manby
Manby, George William
London. printed by W. Clowes. 1834. 22 p.

An Address to the British public and all sympathizers in Europe, from the London Confederate States Aid Association
London. R. Phillips. 1862. 16p.

An address to the British public by the Saint-Simonian missionaries
Paris. Hachette. 1977. 1 microfiche (98 fr.).

An Address to the British public on the moral and religious state of Ireland
Rutt, Thomas
Shacklewell. T. Rutt. 1805. 25p.

An address to the British volunteers: To which is added, The fallacy of invasion, a poem; (etc)
Sharpe, C
Birmingham. Willis, Grafton & Reddell. 1803. (v), 13 p.

An address to the candidates for orders in both universities, on the subject of Dr. Priestley's letters to them
Philalethes ; Priestley, Joseph
London. printed for G.G.J. and J. Robinson. 1787.

An address to the candidates for orders in both universities on the subject of Dr. Priestley's letters to them both
Priestley, Joseph
London. Printed for G.G.J. and J. Robinson. 1787.

An address to the Catholic clergy
Flynn, Thomas ; Berington, Joseph
London. Swinney & Walker. 1792. [5], 24 p.

An address to the Catholic clergy of England, by their brethren of the County of Stafford
London. Printed by Swinney & Walker, for Thomas Booker, and J.P. Coghlan. 1792.

An address to the Chartists of the United Kingdom
London. J. Cleave. 1845.

An address to the citizens of London, on the pending corporation bill
Norton, George
London. Court of Aldermen. 1856. 17 p.

An address to the citizens, on occasion of the present melancholy state of Bristol: with a mode to put an immediate stop to the present troubles
Friend to the Public
Bristol. Printed and sold by John Rose. 1793. 7p.

An address to the city of London
Newcastle, Thomas Pelham-Holles
London. Davis. 1762. 34 p.

An address to the clergy of every denomination relative to the genealogy of Jesus
Gorton, John
[S.l. s.n. 1819?]. [3]p.

An address to the clergy of New England, on their opposition to the rulers of the United States
Plumer, William
Concord, N.H. I. & W.R. Hill. 1814.

An address to the committee of the merchants society
Dublin. [s.n.]. 1761. 16p.

An address to the congregation of Protestant Dissenters, who meet at Castle-Gate, in Nottingham: in vindication of a pamphlet, call'd, A calm and fair examination of the sixth answer in the assemblies shorter catechism
London. printed for R. Ford. 1738.

An address to the corporation of the city of London on the projected abolition of their militia, and substitution of the ancient system of the trained bands
London. E. Wilson. 1812. 42 p.

An address to the deil
Burns, Robert ; Kidd, William ; Landells, Ebenezer ; Gorway, Charles Milton ; Whittingham, Charles ; Landseer, Thomas ; Williams, Thomas ; Slader, Samuel M
London. William Kidd. MDCCCXXX [1830]. [2], 23, [1]p., [7] leaves of plates.

An address to the deil
Burns, Robert ; Landseer, Thomas
London. James Gilbert. 1832. [1],23p.

An address to the Diocesan Synod of Wellington, New Zealand, July 1867
Abraham, Charles James
Wellington. J. and E. Bull. 1867. 25p.

An address to the electors and non-electors of the United Kingdom on the defective state of the representative system, and theconsequent unequal and oppressive taxation and prodigal expenditure of the public money
Williams, William
London. Effingham Wilson. 1849.

An address to the electors, and other free subjects of Great Britain: occasion'd by the late secession. In which is contain'd a particular account of all our negociations with Spain, and their treatment of us, for above ten years past
Robins, Benjamin ; Goreham, H
London. Printed for H. Goreham, next the Leg-Tavern in Fleet-Street. 1739. iv, 63, [1]p. : 8vo.

An address to the electors of ... Chippenham: in consequence of a verdict having been given in favour of Henry Guy
Brooke, Charles ; Guy, Henry
London. printed by Hamilton. 1802. 56 p.

An address to the electors of Norwich: being a vindication of the ... conduct of Mr. Windham's opponents, at the late election, 12th July, 1794
Windham, William ; Mingay, James
Norwich. Printed by March. (1794). 28 p.

An address to the electors of Southampton
Chadwick, Edwin
London. M.S. Rickerby. 1857.

An address to the electors of the borough of Stamford, and collaterally, to every borough and place sending members to the Imperial Parliament of Great Britain: containing interesting information and observations relative to Parliamentary Reform
Oddy, John Jephson
London. printed for J.M. Richardson. 1809. 69,[1]p.

An address to the fellows of the Royal college of surgeons of England
Quain, Richard
S.l. Printed by Bradbury, Agnew, and Co. 1878. 14p.

An address to the freeholders of Ireland
Dublin. Printed in the year MDCCLXVII [1767]. 19,[1]p. : 8vo.

An address to the freeholders of Middlesex, assembled at Free Masons Tavern, in Great Queen Street, upon Monday the 20th of December 1779, being the day appointed for a meeting of the freeholders, for the purpose of establishing meetings to maintain and support the freedom of election
London. printed for J. Dixwell; T. Cadell; J. Almon; J. Johnson; and J. Bew. [1779].

An address to the freemen and freeholders of the city of Dublin: Wherein, the insinuations, false representations, and unjust aspersions, contained in Mr. Lucas's eighteenth address, and reflecting upon Alderman Kane's character, in the purchase of the Mills at Island-Bridge
Kane, Nathaniel
Dublin. printed by Richard James. 1749. 26p.

An address to the free-men and free holders of the Nation
Bohun, Edmund ; L'Estrange, Roger
London. printed for GeorgeWells. 1683.

An address to the friends and promoters, lay and clerical, of scriptural education in the county of Cavan: in reply to the Rev. Doctor Martin's pamphlet on the subject of national education in Ireland
Maxwell, Somerset Richard
Dublin. William Curry. 1844. 32p.

An address to the friends of free inquiry and free expression
Scott, Thomas
Ramsgate. Thomas Scott. 1869. 6p.

An address to the friends of John Arthur Roebuck on Mr. Roebuck's present political position: with a copy of a letter to the editor of the "Daily news" in answer to one which appeared in its columns from Mr H.J. Wilson
Newbery, Francis
Sheffield. s.n. 1878.

An address to the Friends of Lancing Chapel (delivered on October 10th, 1970)
H., B. W. T
(U.K.). (s.n.). (1970).

An address to the gentlemen constituting the Coleman Street Ward Military Association
(London). 1803. 1 sheet.

An address to the gentlement, clergy, freeholders, and freemen, of the city of Dublin
Poekrich, Richard
Dublin. Printed by Oli. Nelson. [17--]. 8p.

An address to the gentry of Durham
Newcastle. 1779.

An address to the governors and directors of the public charity schools pointing outsome defects and suggesting remedies
Burgoyne, Montagu
London. Rivington. 1829. 42 p.

An address to the governors, &c. of charitable institutions, on the subject of funding the money, contributed for their support
Birmingham. Printed by J. Thompson. 1792.

An address to the Grand Jury of the County of Middlesex, at the General Session of the Peace holden at the County Session-House, on Monday the 12th of September, 1785
London. printed by H. Reyell. 1785.

An address to the Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden Agricultural Society, Northampton, Mass.October 23, 1823
Bates, Isaac Chapman
Northampton. Printed by Thomas W. Shepard. 1823. 35 p.

An address to the honorable the members of the House of Commons, on the Landlord and tenant question
Jackson, Warren H. R
Cork. Purcell. 1848. 37 p.

An address to the hopeful young gentry of England: In some strictures on the most dangerous vices incident to their age and quality
London. Printed by E. C. for G. Walbancke. 1669.

An address to the House of Commons of Ireland
Caldwell, James
[s.l.]. [s.n.]. 1771. 43p.

An address to the independent electors of the Borough of Stockport
Cobden, Richard
Stockport. King and Hardman. 1836. 23p.

An address to the independent members of both Houses of Parliament
Leeds, Francis Godolphin Osborne
London. printed for R. Faulder. 1782. [4],26p.

An address to the independent members of the House of Commons of Ireland, on the question of establishing a regency in this kingdom
Dublin. printed by W. Porter. 1789. 27p.

An address to the independent parishioners of Saint Saviour, Southwark
(London. 1832). 1 sheet.

An address to the inhabitants of Birmingham: upon the necessity of attending to the philosophy of the mind : previous to their forming a just or complete theory of education : upon the influence of education, and its relative value
Priestley, Joseph
Birmingham. M. Swinney. [ca. 1790].

An address to the inhabitants of Birmingham, upon the necessity of attending to the philosophy of the mind, previous totheir forming a just or complete theory of education; upon the influence of education, and its relative value; with a particular address to tutors and parents
Hobson, John
Birmingham. printed for E. Piercy. [1790].

An address to the inhabitants of Bolton, and places adjacent; entitled Observations on the state of the cotton manufactory
Weaver ; Holcroft, James ; Draper, James
[Bolton?]. printed for the author. 1799. 12 p. : 12mo.

An address to the inhabitants of Bristol, on the subject of the poor rates: with a view to their reduction, and the ameliorating the present condition of our poor
Johnson, James
Bristol. Printed by Browne & Manchee. 1820. 74p.

An address to the inhabitants of Chowbent: containing an account of some events relative to the White Horse, Public House, being deprived of its license, and some subsequent transactions
Leyland, Henry
Chowbent. sold by the author at his house in Chowbent. [n.d.]. 16p.

An address to the inhabitants of Europe on the iniquity of the slave trade
London. Printed by W. Phillips. 1822.

An address to the inhabitants of Lancashire, and of the adjoining counties, on the present state of the medical profession, with remarks on the elementary education of the student, and the best means of its acquirement: intended to shew the practicability and importance of establishing a school (on a more extended scale) in Manchester, for the cultivation of medical and surgical knowledge
Turner, Thomas
London. printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. 1825. vi,26p.