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Philip, John Baptista
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(London. 181-). 3 p.

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Wakefield, Gilbert
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Hartley, David ; Cartwright, John
London. Printed for John Stockdale. 1784. 26p.

An address to the Roman Catholic nobility and gentry of Ireland, on the tendency and effects of their particular doctrinesand practices: with a dialogue between a popish priest and an acute Roman Catholic gentleman, on the subject of the address
Edinburgh. printed by and for Mundell and Son. 1805.

An address to the Roman Catholics of the United States of America: occasioned by a letter addressed to the Catholics of Worcester, by Mr. Wharton, their late chaplain
Carroll, John
Annapolis . re-printed for P. Keating. 1785.

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Kirwan, Richard ; Perceval, Robert ; Dickson, Stephen ; Deane, William
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An address to the rulers of this nation, and all those in power
Shillitoe, Thomas
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Browne, Philip
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An address to the serious and candid professors of Christianity on the following subjects: viz., I. The use of reason in matters of religion, II. The power of man to do the will of God, III. Original sin, IV. Election and reprobation, V. The divinity of Christ, and VI. Atonement for sin by the death of Christ : occasiones by an appeal, lately published, on the same subjects
Serle, Ambrose ; Priestley, Joseph
London. printed for J. Buckland. [1773]. 72 p.

An address to the serious and candid professors of Christianity on the following subjects: viz. I. The use of reason ... VI. Atonement ... : occasioned by an Appeal, lately published, on the same subjects
Serle, Ambrose
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An address to the serious and candid Professors of Christianity, on the following subjects: viz. I.-The use of reason in matters of religion; II.-The power of man to do the will of God; III.-Original Sin; IV.-Election and Reprobation; V.-The Divinity of Christ; and VI.-Atonement for sin by the death of Christ. Occasioned by an appeal, lately published, on the same subjects
London Printed . Re-printed by Francis D. Finlay (1, Corn-Market. 1819. 59p.

An address to the serious reader: pointing out some reasons why Divine Providence continues and increases the national troubles
Member of the Church
Leeds. [s.n.]. 1779. 16p.

An address to the shareholders of the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company, on the present crisis in their affairs: with a view to demonstrate the irreparable injury their property will sustain by any further expenditure on the useless lines already begun or to be hereafter executed. With a map of the objectionable lines
Rawson, William ; Chapman, John ; Paulton, A. W
London. John Chapman, 142, Strand. 1848. 34p.

An address to the Socialists on the present position of the rational system of society: being the substance of two lectures, delivered in London, previous to the meeting of Congress, in May 1841
Owen, Robert
London. Home Colonization Society. 1841.

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London. Harvey and Darton... [et al.]. 1828. 15p.

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Leeds. 1778. nv.

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Dawson, Joseph ; Turner, William ; Morgan, Thomas
Leeds. Printed by James Bowling. 1778. 59p.

An address to the Sovereign on the Minister's conduct in rejecting the petitions of the lieutenants of the Royal Navy: to which is added strictures on the late promotion of flag officers
Half-pay officer
London. for J. Bew. 1788.

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Foster, M
Birmingham. The "Journal" Printing Office. 1898. 29 p.

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Lindsey, Theophilus
London. printed for J. Johnson. 1788.

An address to the students of physic relative to the present state of the School of Physic in this Kingdom
Hill, Edward
Dublin. 1803. 115 p.

An address to the subscribers to the Birmingham Library on the subject of Mr. Cooke's motion, to restrict the committee in the choice of books, with a view to exclude controversial divinity
Priestley, Joseph
Birmingham. Printed by Pearson and Rollason. 1787.

An address to the subscribers to The privileges of the University of Cambridge
Dyer, George
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Herschel, John
London. Smith, Elder and Company. 1833.

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London. Roake and Varty. 1831.

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Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1916. 38 p.

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Winter, John Pratt
Dublin. Printed by J. Chambers. 1797. 35 p.

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Aberdeen. Douglass & Murray. 1755. 20 p.

An address to the trustees of the Kidderminster turnpike roads: in consequence of a pamphlet entitled, "Observationson a resolution passed at a meeting of the trustees of the Kidderminster turnpike roads, on the 6th of January, 1830, on the motion of Mr. Watson, seconded by Mr. Jefferys."
Watson, Richard ; Jefferys, John
Kidderminster (Church Street). Thomas Deighton. 1830. 41p.

An address to the Unitarian congregation at Philadelphia: delivered on Sunday, March 5, 1797
Priestley, Joseph
Philadelphia. by Joseph Cales. 1797.

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Deane, Silas
London. printed for J. Debrett. 1784. [4],95,[1]p.

An address to the Volunteers of Ireland
Drennan, William
Dublin. Hallhead. 1781. 40 p.

An address to the workingmen of New England, on the state of education, and on the condition of the producing classes inEurope and America: With particular reference to the effect of manufacturing (as now conducted) on the health and happiness of the poor, and on the safety of our republic
Luther, Seth
Boston, Mass. [s.n.]. 1832.

An address to the Yeomanry of Great Britain, upon the present situation of their country
Edinburgh. Printed for Campbell and Wallace. 1792. 30p.

An address to the younger part of the Christian Society, assembling at the New Chapel in Mosley-Street, Manchester: in connexion with two other addresses which were made in his name
Hawkes, William ; Higginson, Edward ; Grundy, John
Manchester. Printed by J. Aston. 1811. 24p.

An address to the young inhabitants of the pottery
Wedgwood, Josiah
Newcastle. printed by J. Smith. [1783].

An address to the young inhabitants of the pottery, by Josiah Wedgwood
Wedgwood, Josiah ; Smith, J
Newcastle. printed at Newcastle, by J. Smith. [1783]. 24p. : 12mo.

An address to the young men non-householders of England, on their duties, in the present important & momentouscrisis
Langford, John Alfred
Birmingham. J. Tonks. [1848].

An address to the youth of Norwich
Phipps, Joseph
London. printed by James Phillips. 1776.

An address to the youth of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland
Hull, Henry
Belfast (1, Cornmarket). Printedby D. Lyons. 1813. iv, 22p.

An address to those brave, gallant, and loyal hearts, the commanders, officers, seamen, and marines, of the British navy. (Taken from no. 56 of the "Naval chronicle" ...)
An Englishman
(London. 1803). 1 sheet.

An address to those citizens in their public and private capacity, resisted the claim of the late House of Commons to nominate the ministers of the Crown
London. Printed for J. Debrett. 1788. 14, [1] p.

An address to those who have either retired, or intend to leave the town, under the imaginary apprehensionof the approaching shock of another earthquake: being the substance of a sermon
Pickering Roger
London. Jonhston (sic.). 1750. 30 p.

An address to Unitarians, and in particular to Doctor Priestley: with observations, chemical and theological, proving the Word-Incarnate to be Very-God : being a restitution for the loss sustained by the riot
Hancock, Thomas Gregory ; Priestley, Joseph
[Birmingham]. Printed for the author. 1791.

An address to volunteer corps going on permanent duty: being a short and compendious direction to the several ranks of officers, non-commissioned officers and privates of volunteer corps, preparatory to marching, and whilst remaining on permanent duty : with copies of rosters, guard and parade reports, &c.&c., to which are prefixed copies of the several orders and letters from the Secretary of State, and other official letters respecting that duty
Gordon, John
Birmingham. printed by Swinney & ferrall. 1805. 71p.

An address to volunteers: delivered at the opening of the new drill hall, Bonar Bridge, in April 1880
Kennedy, John
Edinburgh. Charles Gibson. 1886. 15p.

An address to ... William Pitt ... on some parts of his administration occasioned by hisproposal of the triple assessment
Mathias, Thomas James ; Pitt, William
London. Becket. (1797). viii, 21 p.

An address to working men: delivered at the Church congress, Nottingham, 1897
Temple, Frederick
London. Society for PromotingChristian Knowledge. 1898.

An address to young people
Laken, Thomas
London. Printed for and published by Keating and Co. [1815]. 30 p.

An address to young persons on confirmation: shewing the antiquity of the rite, the serious preparation requisite, and the benefit resulting from the solemn act of dedication to God : designed also as a general illustration of the order of confirmation
Woodd, Basil
London. Printed and sold by Edward Bridgewater. [18--]. 35 p.

An Address to Young Persons on the Nature and Benefit of Confirmation
Woodd, Basil
London. (printed by) C. Watts. 1795. 24p.

An address upon laying the foundation-stone of the Queen's Hospital, Birmingham, June 18, 1840: to which is prefixed an account of the ceremony and the list of subscriptions to June 20
Thomas, Vaughan
Oxford. by W. Baxter. 1840.

An address upon the claims of the drama: delivered before ... the American Dramatic Fund Society, 1857
Bellows, Henry Whitney
London. published by J.W. Anson. [185-?]. 29p.

An address upon the wool industry of the United States, delivered at the exhibition of the American Institute in the city of New York, October 5, 1869
Bigelow, Erastus Brigham
New York. S.W. Green. 1869.

An address with a statement of accounts to the congregation of the church school,and inhabitants generally of Far Cotton
King, R. Collins
Northampton. R.Collins King. 1867. 12p.

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Ana de la nuit
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An adequate income guarantee for all: desirability, viability, impact
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An ad for murder
Penn, John
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New York. UNICEF Information Division. [198-]. 30 slides.


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Tokyo. Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

An administrative perspective of Tokyo, 1972
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An administrative perspective of Tokyo, 1978
Tokyo. Tokyo Metropolitan Government. 1978.

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An admonition against swearing [speedy]
Gibson, Edmund
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An admonition to my Lord Protector and his Co(u)ncil of their present danger. (Etc.)
Heath, James
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An admonition to my Lord Protector and his council, of their present danger, with the means to secure him and his posterity in the present greatnesse: with the generall aplause and lasting tranquility of the Nation
Heath, James ; Howell, James
London. [s.n.]. 1654.

An admonition to the dissenting inhabitants of the diocess of Derry: concerning a book lately published by Mr. J. Boyse: entituled, Remarks on a late discourse of William Lord Bishop of Derry concerning the inventions of men in the worship of God (etc.)
King, William ; Boyse, Joseph
Dublin. printed by Andrew Crook. MDCXCIV (1694). 79 (1) p.

An admonition to the dissenting inhabitants of the diocess of Derry: concerning a book lately published by Mr. J. Boyse, entituled, Remarks on a late discourse of William Lord Bishop of Derry: concerning the inventions of men in the worship of God
King, William
London. printed for W. Keblewhite. 1694. [iv],58p.

An admonition to the dissenting inhabitants of the diocess of Derry: concerning a book lately published by Mr. J. Boyse, entituled, Remarks on a late discourse of William lord bishop of Derry: concerning the inventions of men and the worship of God
King, William
London. W. Keblewhite. 1694. 58 p.

An admonition to the magistrates of England upon our new settlement
Stephens, Edward
(London. s.n. 1689). 8 p.

An admonition to the people of all countries, that not only our Saviour's second coming is near, and the restoration of the Hebrews to their own land, before the expiration of 1798, under their prince and prophet, Richard Brothers, but also the abolitionof Papacy and all antichrist religions before the conclusion of 1798
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