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An Agreement made at _ on the _ day of the _ month of the year_ of His Imperial Majesty Hsiian Tung being the 8th day of Sept., 1911 ... between the Directorate General of Chinese Imperial Railways of the Board of Posts and Communications ... of the one part and his Excellency Sir Frederick John Dealtry Lugard ... for and on behalf of the Governemtn of the said colony of the other part
1911. 19 leaves.

An Agreement made the 5th day of July 1920 between the British Cotton and Wool Dyers' Association Ltd (Slubbing Section), the Leeds Dyers and Finishers' Federation, the Yorkshire Indigo, Scarlet and Colour Dyers Ltd., the Leeds and District Worsted Dyersand Finishers' Association Ltd. and the Huddersfield and District Master Dyers'Association, the Yorkshire Dyers' Foundation, The West Riding of Yorkshire Master Slubbing Dyers' Association and Lister and Company Limited (Dyeing and Finishing Departments)(hereinafter called "the employers") of the one part, and the Amalgamated Society of Dyers, Bleachers, Finishers and Kindred Trades, the National Society of Dyers, Finishers and Textile Workers and the National Union of General Workers (Trade Unions registered under the Trade Union Acts, 1871 to 1906, and hereinafter called "the Unions") of the other part
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[London]. [s.n.]. 1647.

An Agreement prepared for the People of England, and the places therewith incorporated, for a secure and present peace, upon grounds of common right, freedom and safety. Also, a declaration of the General Councel of Officers, concerning the same. With a petition of his Excellency and the said General Councel, presented therewith, Saturday, January 20. 1648. To the honorable theCommons of England in Prliament [sic] assembled. Here tendred to the peoples considerations, and in due time for their subscriptions
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