An earnest address to the archbishops and bishops of the Church of England: from the author of "Considerations upon the universality and uniformity of the theocracy"
Knox, William
London. [s.n.]. 1798. 16p.

An earnest address to the people of Great-Britain and Ireland: occasioned by the dismission of William Pitt, esq. from the office of Secretary of State
Dublin. printed for S.Watson. 1761. 40p.

An earnest address to the people of Ireland: against the drinking of spirituous liquors
Henry, William
Dublin. printed for Peter Wilson. 1753. [4],44p.

An earnest address to the people of Ireland, against the drinking of spirituous liquors
Henry, William
Dublin. printed for Peter Wilson. 1753. [4],44p.

An earnest address to the working classes of old England on the aims and objects of the religious and political parties of the day
London. Sherwood, Gilbert, & Piper. 1836. 285p.

An earnest address to the worthy independent freeholders of York, and to the the respectable citizens of the ancient and loyal city of York: containing some scrictures on a late celebrated speech, delivered at the Assembly Rooms in York, on the 27th of September, 1769. Together with serious reflections on the tendency of that speech, and the measured pursued in consequence thereof
York. printed for, and sold, by T.Wilson. 1769. 29p.

An earnest and affectionate address to the common people of England, concerning their usual recreations on Shrove Tuesday
Tucker, Josiah
London. printed for F. and C. Rivington, booksellers to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 1795.

An earnest and affectionate address to the people called Methodists
Stebbing, Henry ; Rivington, John
London. printed for John Rivington, bookseller to the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, at the Bible and Crown (No. 62) in St Paul's Church-Yard. M DCC LXXIV. [1774]. 48p.

An earnest and compassionate suit for forbearance: to the learned writers of some controversies at present
Wettenhall, Edward ; Ranew, Nathaniel
London. Printed for Nath. Ranew at the Kiug's[sic] Arms in St. Paul's Church-yard. MDCXCI. [1691]. [2],17,[1]p.

An earnest appeal of the Protestant Churches of Hungary to their brethren in other lands
The Hague. [Delegation of the Hungarian Protestant Churches for Great Britain and for the United States of America]. 1919. 28p.

An earnest appeal to men of reason and religion
Wesley, John ; Whitfield, George
London. printed for G. Whitfield, New Chapel, City-Road; and sold at the Methodist preaching-houses in town and country. 1796. 285, [2]p.

An earnest appeal to Unitarian Christians on the duty of supporting their own religious institutions: being the conclusion of a discourse preached August 20th, 1848, in aid of the Southern Unitarian Fund Society, at Newport, Isle of Wight, and now with a few alterations, respectfully and affectionately addressed and dedicated to Unitarians in the South ofEngland
Kell, Edmund
London. John Mardon. 1848. 7p.

An earnest dissuasive from intemperance in meats and drinks: with a more particular view to the point of spirituous liquors
Gibson, Edmund
London. Printed for J.F. and C. Rivington. 1788.

An earnest life: memorials of George Wilkins of Derby, printer, preacher & painter
Wilkins, Mary
London. Hamilton, Adams. 1887.

An earnestly respectful letter to the Lord Bishop of St. Davids on the difficulty of bringing theological questions to an issue: with special reference to His Lordship's charge of 1857 and his forthcoming charge of 1860
Williams, Rowland
Cambridge. Deighton, Bell and Co. 1860. vii, 60p.

An earnest ministry: the want of the times
James, John Angell
Edinburgh. Banner of Truth Trust. 1993. 295p.

An earnest remonstrance to the author of the "Pope's pastoral letter to certain members of the University of Oxford", with a postscript, noticing the Edinburgh Review, and other pamphlets, and an appendix on apostolical succession
Pusey, E. B
London. Printed for J.G. and F. Rivington. 1836.

An earnest request to Mr. John Standish, &c: upon occasion of a sermon of his preached at White-Hall, before His Majesty. September26. 1675
From Patropolis, directly over against Irenopolis (London?). 1676. 23 p.

An earnest warning against the proselytizing efforts of Plymouthists & other sectaries: together with a vindication of the episcopal form of church government in a letter to his parishioners
Hanlon, A. P
Dublin (117, Grafton-Street). William Ridings. 1877. 31,[1]p.

An earnings function approach to the job satisfaction of married women
Cameron, Samuel
Stoke-on-Trent. North Staffordshire Polytechnic. 1983.

An ear of the dragon
Shadbolt, Maurice
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A near run thing: the day of Waterloo
Howarth, D
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An earth cell experiment
Bacon, George
[UK?]. Electrical Horology Group, Antiquarian Horological Society. 1993. 1 sheet.

An earthen enclosure at Monknewtown, Slane, Co. Meath
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Anear thing!
Johnson, Barrie ; Mutimer, Ray
Huddersfield. Schofield & Sims. 1981. 16p.

A near thing for Captain Najork
Hoban, Russell ; Blake, Quentin
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London. Labour Party. [1990]. 37 p.

An earthly crown
Elliott, Kate
New York, NY. DAW Books. c1993. 500 p.

An earthly paradise
Wallace, Doreen
London. Collins. 1971. 192p.

An Earthly Tree a Heavenly Fruit: A Carowle for Christmas day
Byrd, William ; Fellowes, Edmund H
London. Stainer and Bell. 1923.

An earthquake somewhere else
Mays, John Barron
Liverpool. Rondo Publications. 1973. 21p.

An earth station design for rural telecommunications
Tustison, G. F ; Nickelson, R. L
ITU. 1981.

An ear to the chest: an illustrated history of the evolution of the stethoscope
Blaufox, M. Donald
Boca Raton . Parthenon Pub. Group. c2001. xiv, 149p.

An ear to the ground
Chase, James Hadley
(London). Corgi. 1981, c1968. 189p.

An ear to the ground
Chase, James Hadley
London. Panther. 1970. 159p.

An earwig in the ear
Gray, Nigel
S.Thornes. 1990. 21cm.32. 3ill. n.e.

An easier childbirth: a mother's workbook for healthand emotional well-being during pregnancy and delivery
Peterson, Gayle H
Los Angeles, CA. J. Tarcher. 1991. p. cm.

An easier way with waistbands
British Clothing Manufacturer. Feb.1980. p.p.18-19.

Aneas O'Haugan, or, the Outlaw of Squire's Hill
Bigger, Francis Joseph
Belfast (Royal Avenue). Printed by W. & G. Baird. 1895. 8p.

An East Anglian journey: landscape with figures
Watkins, Michael
Ipswich. East Anglian Magazine Ltd. c1983. 164p.

An East Clare landscape adventure: deep seas, deserts, tropical seas and Arctic ice
Dublin. Geological Survey of Ireland. 1998. 5 leaflets (in plastic envelope).

An East Devon farm and its village
Retter, Frank
Exeter. Obelisk. 1985. 64p.

An East End anthology: 1988
Kelman, James
Glasgow. Clydeside Press. 1988. 86p.

An East End childhood
Endersby, E. I ; Marson, G. L

An East End Childhood in the 1890s
Endersby, E. I ; Marson, G. L

An East-end chronicle: St. George's-in-the-east parish and parish church
Hadden, R. H
London. Hatchards. 1880. viii, 114 p.

An East End directory: a guide to the East End of London
High Wycombe. Peter Marcan. 1979.

An East end directory: a guide to the East end of London with special reference to the published literature of the last two decades
Marcan, Peter
(High Wycombe, Bucks.). The editor. 1982-(85). 2 v.

An Eastender
Harley, Ed
Braunton. Merlin. 1989. 118p.

An East End picture book: a collection of photographs from East Ham and West Ham between 1864 and 1920
London. Newham Parents' Centre. 1979.

An East End story
London. Albany Video. 1986. 1 videocassette.

A neaste of waspes latelie fovnd out and discouered in the Law-countreys: yealding as sweete hony as some of our English bees
Goddard, William ; Wilkinson, Cyril Hackett
[Oxford]. reprinted at the Oxford University press. [1921]. [55] p.

An Easter alleluya: choral prelude founded on 'Lasst uns erfreuen' : for organ
Slater, Gordon ; Macnutt, Frederick B
London. Oxford University Press. c1928. 1 score (4p.).

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Gipps, Ruth
London. Joseph Williams. 1959.

An Easter Carol
Thiman, Eric H
London. Novello. 1945.

An Easter celebration: Passiontide music from Georgian England for SATB with keyboard and optional instruments
London. Faber. 2000. 1 score (31p.).

An Easter egg hunt: a novel
Freeman, Gillian
London. Hamilton. 1981. 143p.

An Easter egg hunt
Freeman, Gillian
Bath. Chivers. 1982, c1981. 192p.

An Easter frieze
Grey, Donald
Redhill. National Christian Education Council. 1980. 12p.

An easter frieze
Grey, Donald
[London]. National Christian Education Council. [1973]. [14] p.

An Easter legend
Littlechild, Frank
London. Hale. 1974. (30) leaves.

An Easter Matin
Decca [ECS 680. 1 sound disc.

An Eastern chequerboard
Luke, Harry
London. L. Dickson, limited. [1934]. xii, 13-290, [1] p.

An Eastern enlargement of EFTA: why the East Europeans should join and the EFTAns should want them
Baldwin, Richard E
London. Centre for Economic Policy Research. 1992. viii,39,(9)p.

An Eastern Entrepo^t: a collection of documents illustrating the history of Hong Kong
Endacott, George Beer
London. H.M.S.O. 1964. 294p.,ill.,25cm.

An eastern European liberation theology
Pungur, Joseph
Calgary. Angelus. [1992?]. viii, 328p.

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Bantock, Granville ; Bantock, Helen F
London. Boosey. 1908.

An eastern lullaby: violoncello and piano
Alcock, Gilbert ; Sharpe, Cedric
London. Joseph Williams. c1933. 1 score (4p.) + 1 part.

An Eastern maid: and other poems
Arthur H. Stockwell. 1926. 16p.

An Eastern miscellany
Zetland, Lawrence John Lumley Dundas
Edinburgh. Blackwood. 1911.

An eastern palimpsest: a brief survey of the religious situation in Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Transjordania, Egypt
Wyon, Olive
London. World Dominion Press. [1927]. 115 p.

An Easter offering for the Whigs ... being a supplement to the memoirs of the late Bishop of Norwich
Bathurst, Henry ; Bathurst, Henry
London. Longman, Orme. 1842.

An Easter offering to a Sunday-school: or, A few plain words upon the manner of behaving when in the House of God, with an attempt at an easy explanation of the Church services
Kingston. James Attfield. 1827.

An Easter play
Ko˜nig, Karl
Botton Village. Camphill Press. 1981. 2 v.

An Easter sequence: for boys' or female voices and organ with optional trumpet op. 55
Leighton, Kenneth
London. Oxford University Press. 1970. 1 score.

An Easter tale
Abbey Home Media Group. 2004. 1 videocassette (43mins).

An East European party census
Fu˜lo˜p, Mihaly ; Poti, Laszlo
Budapest. Hungarian Institute of International Affairs. 1990.

An East-India colation
Farewell, Christopher
Amsterdam. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. 1971. 69, 24 p.

An East India tradition in the Kilburn family, with
Kilburn, Charles Conning
London. Westminster Press. 1930.

An East Kent family
Twyman, F
Glasgow. Robert MacLehose. 1956.

An East London album: a collection of nineteenth and twentieth (century) picture material from diversesources relating to the London Boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Newham
Marcan, Peter
High Wycombe. P. Marcan. 1992. 97p.

An East London business
Erith, E. J
p. 28-34.

An East Midland revision of the South English Legendary: a selection from MS C.U.L.Add. 3039
Go˜rlach, Manfred
Heidelberg. Winter. 1976. 123p.

An East Midlands master tree-ring chronology and its use for dating vernacular buildings
Laxton, R. R ; Litton, Clifford D
Nottingham. University of Nottingham Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies. 1988. vii,82p.

An East Riding songster: a selection of folk-song from the East Riding
Gardham, Steve
Lincoln. Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts. 1982.

An East Yorkshire anthology: dialect verses from York and the Wolds, the Vale of Pickering and the sea
Cowley, B
Yorkshire Dialect Society. [1981?].

An easy album for organ
London. Oxford University Press. c.1956.

An easy and compendious inrtoduction [sic] for reading all sorts of histories: contrived in a more facile way than heretofore hath been published
Prideaux, Mathias ; Prideaux, John
Oxford. Printed by Leon. Lichfield, Printer to the University, and are to be sold by Richard Davis. 1682. [7],392,375-382,[32]p.

An easy and compendious inrtoduction (sic) for reading all sorts of histories: contrived in amore facile way then (sic) heretofore hath been published
Prideaux, Mathias ; Prideaux, John
Oxford. Leo N. Lichfield, printer to the university. 1682. 381, (32), 57 p.

An easy and compendious introduction for reading all sorts of histories: contrived in a more facile way than heretofore hath been published
Prideaux, Mathias ; Lichfield, A ; Lichfield, L
Oxford. Printed for A. & L. Lichfield, Printers to the University, and are to be sold by Joh. Crosley, & Joh. Wilmot. 1664. [2] leaves, [4]p., 351p., [34]p., [1] leaf, 58p., [4]p., [1] leaf (some leaves missing).

An easy and economical book of Jewish cookery: upon strictly orthodox principles
Atrutel, Estella
London. P. Vallentine. 1880. xi, 209 p.

An easy and entertaining selection of German prose and poetry, with a small dictionary, and other aids for translating
Crabb, George
London. printed for the author, by C. Whittingham and sold by J. Johnson; T. Boosey; C. Geisweiler; De Boffe, and Esher; and Wilson and Spence, York. 1800. iv,150p.

An easy and pleasant introduction to Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy: containing the first principles of mechanics, trigonometry, optics, and astronomy
Ferguson, James ; Ryland, John ; Newton, Isaac
London. Printed for Edward and Charles Dilly. 1772. lii, 161, 20 p., plates.

An easy collection for manuals
Kevin Mayhew Limited. 2001.

An easy collection for organ
Kevin Mayhew Limited. 2001. 1 score.

An easy course in using Lotus 1-2-3: versions 2.01 and 2.2 for IBM-compatible computers
Hall, George M
Corvallis, OR. Grapevine Publications. 1992.

An easy course in using WordPerfect: versions 5.0 and 5.1, for IBM-compatible computers
Dykes, David L
Corvallis, OR. Grapevine Publications. 1991.

An easy decision
Bedford, David ; Patchen, Kenneth
London. Universal. 1978.

An easy guide to everyday Chinese
WOLFF, Diane
New York. Harper Colophon. 1974. 231p.

An easy guide to factor analysis
Kline, Paul
London. Routledge. 1994. viii,194p.

An easy guide to meditation
Davis, Roy Eugene
Cork. Mercier. 1991. (128)p.

An easy guide to meditation
Davis, Roy Eugene
Lakemont. CSA Press. 1988.

An easy guide to the Casio scientific calculator
Payne, D. M
DP Publications. 1991. x,53p.

An easy guide to the new Unemployment Act
Connolly, James
London. National Unemployed Workers' Movement. [1934]. 19p.

An easy introduction of grammar in English for the understanding of the Latin tongue ... to which is added a compendious method of variation, and elegant disposition of Latin. The prosody is in English verse
Sheridan, Thomas
Dublin. printed by D. Tompson, for the author. 1714. [8],viii,336p.

An easy introduction to astronomy for young gentlemen and ladies: describing the figure motions,and dimensions of the earth, the different seasons, gravity and light, the solar system, the transit of Venus and its use in astronomy, the moon's motion and phases, the eclipses of the sun and moon, the cause of the ebbing and flowing ofthe sea, & c
Ferguson, James
Glascow. Printed for Gray, Maver & Co., and Vernor & Hood, Lackington, Allan & Co., and T. Ostell, London, by W. Lang. 1804. 182 p., 7 plates.

An easy introduction to astronomy for young gentlemen and ladies
Ferguson, James
London. printed for T. Cadell. 1790. [8],247,[1]p.,VII plates.

An easy introduction to chemistry
Hooker, Worthington ; Rigg, Arthur
London. Rivingtons. 1873. xvi, 204 p., [1] leaf of plates (front.).

An easy introduction to railway mensuration: illustrated by drawings from original works that have been carried out upon various English railway lines, showing a plain and easy method of taking out quantities of every description of railway work and estimating them, and setting out work for the making of railways generally
Gardner, E. V
London. J. Weale. 1847. xi, 63 p., (1), 14 folded leaves of plates.

An easy introduction, to short hand: being an abridgment of Byrom's ... system
Byrom, John ; Walker, C
London. Washbourne. 1835. 28 p., plates.

An easy introduction to the arts and sciences: being a short, but comprehensive system of useful and polite learning. Divided into lessons. Illustrated with cuts, and adapted to the use of schools and academies
Turner, R ; Dilly, Charles ; Johnson, Joseph ; Wilkie, George ; Scatcherd, James ; Longman, Thomas Norton ; Law, Charles
London. printed for C. Dilly, J. Johnson, G. G. and J. Robinson, F. and C. Rivington, G. Wilkie, J. Scatcherd, T. N. Longman and C. Law. 1797. x,[2],251,[1]p.,[8] leaves of plates.

An easy introduction to the arts and sciences: being a short but comprehensive system of useful and politelearning : divided into lessons : Illustrated with cuts, and adapted to the use of schools and academies
Turner, Richard ; O'Kelley, Francis J ; King, Alicia ; Tims, Richard Moore ; Tims, Richard Moore
Dublin (Grafton Street). printed by William Porter. [1809?]. xi,[1],251,[1]p., [7] plates.

An easy introduction to the English language: with various rules and examples for correct speaking, upon a new plan
G., J
Bristol. Printed for the author. 1796. 120p.

An easy introduction to the game of chess: containing one hundred examples of games, and a great variety of critical situations and conclusions, including the whole of Philidor's analysis, with selections from Stamma, the Calabrois ... : to which are added, Caissa, a poem, by Sir William Jones, The morals of chess, by Dr. Franklin
Pratt, P ; Philidor, F. D ; Jones, William ; Franklin, Benjamin
London. Printed for Baldwin, Cradock and Joy [and 5 more firms]. 1820. viii, 254p.

An easy introduction to the knowledge and practice of book-keeping: necessary for th perusal of persons of all ranks and denominations
Sewell, William
Bristol. Printed by Bulgin and Rosser. 1790. 22p.

An easy introduction to the knowledge of nature and reading the holy scriptures: adapted to the capacities of children
London. printed for T. Longman, and G. G. J. and J. Robinson; and J. Johnson. 1793. 174,[6]p.

An easy introduction to the knowledge of nature and reading the holy scriptures: adapted to the capacities of children
Trimmer, Sarah
London. Printed for J.G. & F. Rivington and Baldwin & Cradock. 1833.

An easy introduction to the slide rule
Asimov, Isaac
London. Whiting & Wheaton. 1966.

An easy introduction to the theory and practice of mechanics
Clark, Samuel
New York. Readex Microprint. 1968. 2 Microop.aques.

An easy introduction to the theory and practice of mechanics
Clarke, S
J. Nourse. 1764.

An easy job
Carter, Alan ; Holmes, Simon
London. Rosa. (1985).

An easy life
Mayerson, Charlotte
London. Arlington. 1981. 208p.

An easy man to love
Stafford, Lee
Richmond. Mills & Boon. 1994. (192)p.

An easy method of assaying and classing mineral substances ... (with) a series of experiments on the flour spatosus: Abstracted from the memoirs of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for ... 1771 (and Appendix to Cronstedt's mineralogy
Forster, Johann Reinhold ; Cronstedt, Axel Fredrik ; Bru˜nnich, M. Thr
London. Dilly. 1772. 44, 24 p.

An easy method of mental prayer
Wilberforce, Bertrand
London. C.T.S. 1971.

An easy method of performing tracheotomy
Digby, Kenelm H
London. Lancet. [1926]. 4p.

An easy method to learn the history of the Bible: with a short account of the general councils : chiefly translated from the French
York. printed by W. Hargrove and Co. 1814.

An easy mind on meat again
Boone, Rita
Zellik [Belgium]. Roularta. 1993.