An epistle to all that profess the light of Jesus Christ within to be their Guide
Crook, John
[Manchester. printed by John Harrison for the Manchester and Stockport Tract Depository. 1837]. 12p.

An Epistle to C. Churchill, author of the Rosciad
Lloyd, Robert
London. for William Flexney. 1761.

An epistle to Curio
Akenside, Mark
London. for R. Dodsley. 1744.

An epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot
Pope, Alexander ; Butt, J
Methuen. 1954.

An epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot, 1734
Pope, Alexander
Oxford. Printed by John Johnson at the Clarendon Press. 1926. viii, 30 [i.e. 20] p.

An epistle to friends
Ellwood, Thomas
Manchester. Printed by John Harrison, for the Manchester and Stockport Tract Depository and Association. [18--?]. 16p.

An epistle to Friends coming forth in the beginning of a testimony: and of the snares of the enemy therein
Marshall, Charles
[London. s.n. 1775?]. 8p.

An epistle to friends concerning the present and succeeding times: being a faithful exhortation and warning to all friends ... ,also, something signified of the misery of the succeeding times
Crisp, Stephen
London. printed andsold by James Phillips. 1780.

An epistle to friends concerning the present and succeeding times ..., An epistle of tender love and brotherly advice to all thechurches of Christ throughout the world: from a friend and brother in the same fellowship ... whose outward name is Stephen Crisp
Crisp, Stephen
London. printed and sold by Luke Hinde. 1757.

An epistle to friends in Great Britain, to whom is the salutation of my love, in the unchangeable truth
Nicholson, Thomas
[Newbern, N.C.]. [printed by James Davis?]. [1762].

An epistle to Friends in Ireland
Phillips, Catharine ; Jackson, Robert
Dublin. Printed for Robert Jackson, bookseller, Meath-street. 1776. 16p. : 8vo.

An epistle to Friends of Great Britain and Ireland
Jesup, Mary ; Graves, Samuel
London. Printed by William and Samuel Graves. 1820. 11p.

An epistle to friends of the yearly, quarterly and monthly meetings: concerning the prisoners, andsick, in the prisons, and hospitals of Great-Britain
Bellers, John
London?. 1724. 4 p.

An epistle to G.E. Howard ... by George Faulkner
Jephson, Robert ; Howard, Gorges Edmond ; Faulkner, George
Dublin. 1772.

An epistle to Gorges Edmond Howard: with notes
Jephson, Robert ; Howard, Gorges Edmond ; Faulkner, George

An epistle to Gorges Edmond Howard, Esq. with notes explanatory, critical, and historical, by George Faulkner
Jephson, Robert ; Faulkner, George
Dublin. printed for Pat. Wogan. 1771. 39,[1]p.

An epistle to Gorges Edmund Howard, esq: with notes explanatory critical and historical by George Faulner, esq. and alderman
Jephson, Robert
Dublin. (s.n.). 17??. 32 p. ; 19 cm. (8vo).

An epistle to Henry Mossop, Esq: on the institution and end of the drama, And the present state of the Irish stage : With some observations onMr. Sheridan's plan of education for the young nobility and gentry, so far as it relates to the depravity of modern taste
Dublin. printed for J. Milliken. [1762]. 42p.

An epistle to Mr. Welsted; and a satyre on the English translations of Homer: to which is added, an essay towards an encomium on the true merit of Homer
Morrice, Bezaleel
London. printed, and sold by Tho. Bickerton. 1721. 30p.

An epistle to Roderick Watson Kerr
Thomson, George ; Kerr, R. Watson
Edinburgh. Porpoise Press. 1926. 8p.

An epistle to the admirers of the Lord Bishop of London's Letter: shewing the harmony of his doctrines concerning deity and his providential laws, the honour he has done the king and kingdom, and the purity of his religious principles
Little philosopher
London. Printed for Robert Connor. 1750. 72 p.

An epistle to the Bishop of London (Thomas Sherlock): occasion'd by his Lordship's letter to the clergy and inhabitants of London ... on ... the two late earthquakes
Sherlock, Thomas
London. Newbery. (c1750). 33 p.

An epistle to the learned nobility of England touchingtranslating the Bible
Broughton, Hugh
Amsterdam . Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. 1977. 60 p.

An epistle to the quarterly and monthly meetings of Friends
Woolman, John
[Manchester. Printed by John Harrison for the Manchester and Stockport Tract Depository. 1837]. 16p.

An epistle to the Reverend Mr John Wesley
Wesley, Charles ; Wesley, John
London. [s.n.]. 1785.

An epistle to the Right Honourable Philip Earl of Chesterfield: To which are added, Lawson's obsequies : An eclogue
Dunkin, William ; Dunkin, William
Dublin . 1759. 57p.

An epistle to the Right Honourable Philip Earl of Chesterfield: To which is added, An eclogue
Dunkin, William ; Dunkin, William
Dublin . by R. Griffiths. 1760. 57p.

An epistle to the Right Honourable Richard Lord Visct. Cobham
Pope, Alexander ; Cobham, Richard Temple
London. Printed for Lawton Gilliver, at Homer's Head against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet. 1733. 13 p.

An epistle to the right honourable the Earl of Orrery occasion'd by reading his Lordship's translation of Pliny's epistles
Jones, Henry
London. Printed for William Owen. 1751. 15p.

An epistle to the Right Honourable the Lord-Mayor: aldermen and common-council, of the city of London, and governors of the several hospitals : with an appendix, containing the most material extracts from the sermon, &c. concerning the pernicious and excessive use of spirituous liquors
Maddox, Isaac
London. Printed by H. Woodfall and sold by H. Whitridge and G. Woodfall. 1751. 49 p.

An epistle to the right honourable the Lord-Mayor, Aldermen and Common-Council of the City of London, and Governors of the several hospitals with an appendix containing the most material extracts from the sermon, &c. concerning the pernicious and excessive use of spirituous liquors
London. Woodfall. 1751. 8p.

An epistle to the terrible priests of the convocation house
Marprelate, Martin ; Penry, John ; Petheram, John
London. John Petheram. 1843. 76 p.

An epistle to William Hogarth
Churchill, Charles
Dublin. printed for J. Potts and D. Chamberlaine. 1763. 35p.

An epistle to W.S. Esq; containing some political remarks on his speech in the House of Commons, against Sir R.W.'s proposal for increasing the civil list revenue. And proving it to be, (1) A gross and insolent misrepresentation of the late King's government. (2) A virulent invective against the late ministry and the late parliament. (3) An audacious reflection on his present Majesty's speeches, counsels and conduct: With a word of advice to himself
S, W
London. printed for J. Peele. 1728. 28p.

An epistle to young people professing the truth
Crook, John
Luton. [s.n.]. 1686.

An Epistle (With a Petition in it) to Sir John Blunt, Bart. One of the Directors of the South-Sea Company
Amhurst, Nicholas
London. Printed for R. Francklin, at the Sun in Fleetstreet. 1720. 18, [5] p.

An Epistolary Conference with the Reverend Dr. Waterland: consisting of Eight Letters written to Him: Being a Proposal of a Fourth Scheme, supported by Scripture and Demonstration : Also a Modest Enquiry touching the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity, and the Manner of our Blessed Saviour's Divinity, as they are held in the Catholick Church, and in the Church of England
Staunton, William
London. Printed for E. Curll, over-against Catherine-Street, in the Strand. 1724. 138 p.

An epistolary correspondence between Samuel Pike and Robert Sandeman: To which is now annexed, Mr. Pike's address to the church, then assembling in St. Martin's le Grand, now in Paul's Alley, London; intended as a conclusion to the correspondence. : Together with Mr. Sandeman's thoughts on Christianity
Pike, Samuel ; Sandeman, Robert ; Sandeman, Robert ; Dunn, B. N ; Boosey, T ; Coke, William ; Jones, W ; Dunn, Ann
Whitehaven. Printed by B. N. Dunn, for T. Boosey, Bookseller, London; W. Coke, Leith; W. Jones, Liverpool; and A. Dunn, Whitehaven. 1798. [3],4-146p.

An epistolary discourse, proving, from the Scriptures and the first fathers, that the soul is a principle naturally mortal: but immortalized actually: by the pleasure of God to punishment
Dodwell, Henry
London. Printed for R. Smith, at the Angel and Bible, without Temple-Bar. M DCC VI. (1706). lxxx, 313 p.

An epitaph
Besly, Maurice ; De la Mare, Walter
London. J. Curwen. 1922.

An epitaph
Mullinar, Michael ; De la Mare, Walter
London. Oxford University Press. 1956.

An epitaph for a byegone Manchester
Knibb, Kathleen
Stockport. Kathleen Knibb. 1993.

An epitaph for Merlin and perhaps for medicine: somenecessary observations about life and the healing art
Weinberg, Sylvan Lee
Philadelphia, PA. Charles. Press. c1984. 94 p.

An epithalamium: wedding-song
Purcell, Henry
London. Schott. 1950.

An epitome, historical and statistical, descriptive of the Royal Naval Service of England
Miles, E ; Miles Lawford
London. M. A. Natali. 1844. xii, 184p., plates.

An epitome of a course of lectures on natural and experimental philosophy: as they are delivered by John Banks
Banks, John ; Pennington, W
Kendal. printed by W. Pennington. 1789. 118p. : 12mo.

An epitome of agricultural law
Davies, Clement E ; Evans, Ernest
London. Estates Gazette. 1911.

An epitome of all the lives of the Kings of France: From Pharamond theFirst, to ... Lewis the Thirteenth
Commynes, Philippe de ; Brathwait, Richard
London. Printed by Okes. 1639. (10), 344 p.

An epitome of aspersions cast at civilians
Clerk, William
Amsterdam . Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. 1979. 44 p.

An epitome of Braithwaite's Retrospect of practical medicine and surgery
Wells, Walter S
New York. Dick & Fitzgerald. 1860. 919 p.

An epitome of chemistry: in three parts
Henry, William
London. Printed for J. Johnson. 1803. xliii, 284p.

An epitome of chemistry
Henry, William
Edinburgh. J. Johnson. 1806. 511p.

An epitome of chemistry
Henry, William
London. Johnson. 1801. xv, 221p.

An epitome of Christian doctrines: with a dissertation on their unpopularity ... (and) a review of Academiae speculum
Palmer, William
London. E. Palmer. 1831. 72 p.

An epitome of chronicles
Lanquet, T ; Cooper, Thomas
London. in aedibus Thomae Marshe. 1559.

An epitome of chymical philosophy
Dana, J. F
I. Hill. 1825.

An epitome of constitutional law and cases
Kelke, William Henry Hastings
London. Sweet and Maxwell, limited. 1907. xiii p., 1l., 191 p.

An epitome of county history
Greenwood, C
London. Published for the proprietor, at the office of the author. 1838. xx, 470, (8) p.

An epitome of English grammar: with a variety of exercises for the use of schools
Mylne, A
Edinburgh. William Blackwood. 1824.

An epitome of history, ancient mediaeval, and modern for higher schools, colleges, and private study
Ploetz, Karl ; Tillinghast, William H
London. Blackie & Son. [1884].

An epitome of Hoyle, with Beaufort and Jones's Hoyle improved; or, practical treatises on the following games. Hazard, backgammon, tennis, billiards, cricket, chess, draughts, whist, quadrille, piquet, lansquenet, and quinze. With an account of the present fashionable game called E-O, played at most of the polite chocolate houses, never before attempted in print. Comprising the laws and rules of several games, as settled at White's, Stapleton's, &c. &c. Also the most advantageous method of betting at those games, and the erroneous odds introduced in former productions of a similar kind, rectified
Butler, Richard Martin ; Beaufort, James ; Jones, Charles ; Hoyle, Edmond
Dublin. Printed by R.M. Butler, bookseller, No. 31, Grafton-street. M.DCC.XCI. [1791]. [4], iv, 87, [1] p.

An epitome of infantile diseases, with their causes, symptoms, and method of cure
Heberden, William ; Smyth, J
Uttoxeter. R. Richards for Lackington, Allen, London. 1805. xv, 79 p.

An epitome of Lamarck's arrangement of Testacea: being a free translation of that part of his works, "De l'histoire des animaux sans vertebres"
Lamarck, J. B ; Dubois, Charles
London. printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Browne, and Green... [et al]. 1828. 1 p. l., [v]-xxx p., 1 l., 317, [1] p.

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Kelke, William Henry ; White, Frederick Thomas ; Tudor, Owen Davies
London. Sweet and Maxwell, ltd. 1901. xx, 240 p.

An epitome of leading common law cases: with some short notes thereon : chiefly intended asa guide to Smith's Leading cases
Indermaur, John
London. Stevens and Haynes. 1903. xvi, 144 p.

An epitome of leading conveyancing and equity cases: with some short notes thereon : chiefly intended as aguide to Tudor's Leading cases on conveyancing, and White and Tudor's Leading cases in equity
Indermaur, John ; Thwaites, Charles
London. Stevens and Haynes. 1903. xvi, 190 p.

An epitome of military events, or, Historical essay upon the present war
Dumas, Mathieu
London. T. Egerton. 1800.

An epitome of Mr. Gunton's history of Peterborough Cathedral: containing a fuller and more precise account than has hitherto been given, of the centuries in which the several parts of this edifice were begun and completed
Gunton, Symon
Peterborough. printed and sold by C. Jacob. 1825. 48p.

An epitome of Mr. John Speed's Theatre of the empire of Great Britain, and of his Prospect of the most famous parts of the world
Speed, John ; Speed, John ; Speed, John
London. Printed for Tho. Basset ... and Ric. Chiswell. 1676. [380], 276 [i.e. 278], [2] folded leaves of plates.

An epitome of natural and experimental philosophy: including geography and use of the globes
Donne, B
Bristol. Sold by B. Law. [1769]. 184p.

An epitome of newspaper and magazine founts
Edinburgh. [ca. 1886].

An epitome of Niebuhr's History of Rome: with chronological tables and an appendix
Niebuhr, Barthold Georg ; Twiss, Travers
Oxford. D. A. Talboys. 1836-1837. 2 v.

An Epitome of part of Caesar's commentaries: with an etymological vocabulary; a geographical outline, and a map of Caesar's Gaul
Woodford, Edward
Edinburgh. Maclachlan & Stewart. 1859. 219p.

An epitome of railway law
Williams, Ernest Edwin George
London. Street & Maxwell. 1921. xxxiv, 271p.

An epitome of real property law: for the use of students
Kelke, W. H. Hastings
London. Sweet and Maxwell. 1903. x, 190 p.

An Epitome of recent knowledge concerning fibrolysin: a thiosinamine preparation possessing specific properties for dissolving lesions caused by scar tissue and for removing fibrous tissue
London. E. Merck. 1908. 22p.

An epitome of Roman law
Kelke, William Henry Hastings
London. Sweet and Maxwell. 1901. vi, 268 p.

An epitome of Sir William Petty's large survey of Ireland
Lea, Phillip ; Petty, William
London. Phillip Lea. [1699?]. 1 map.

An epitome of the civil and literary chronology of Greece from the earliest accounts to the death of Augustus
Clinton, Henry Fynes
Oxford. University Press. 1851. viii,468p.

An Epitome of the civil and literary chronology of Rome and Constantinople from the death of Augustus to the death of Heraclius
Clinton, Henry Fynes ; Clinton, C. J. Fynes
Oxford. O.U.P. 1853.

An epitome of the County of Warwick: containing a brief historical and descriptive account of the towns, villages and parishes, with their hamlets
Sharp, Thomas
London. W. Pickering. 1835.

An epitome of the elementary principles of mechanical philosophy divested of mathematical demonstrations: comprehending the general properties of matter, mechanics, pneumatics, meteorology, acoustics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, and a copious account of the invention, progress, and present state of thesteam engine ... with many practical remarks on the construction of machinery
Millington, John
London. Printed for W. Simpkin & R. Marshall. 1830. xiv, 542 p.

An epitome of the elementary principles of natural and experimental philosophy
Millington, John
London. Printed for and sold by the author. 1823. vii, 358p.

An epitome of the elementary principles of natural and experimental philosophy
Millington, John
New York. Readex Microprint. 1971. 5 microop.aques.

An epitome of the evidence given before the Select Committee of the House of Commons, on church-rates, in the sessionof 1851
Trelawny, J. S
London. Robert Theobald. 1852.

An epitome of the first book of Dr. John Bridges' Defence of the government of the Church of England in ecclesiastical matters
Marprelate, Martin ; Penry, John
London. John Petheram. 1843. vi, 64 p.

An epitome of the history of medicine: based upon a course of lectures delivered in the University of Buffalo
Park, Roswell
Philadelphia. F. A. Davis Co. 1899. xiv, 370 p.

An epitome of the history of Poland: in three parts, with illustrations
Szadurski, G. M. B. Leon
Glasgow. printed for the author by S. & T. Dunn & Co. 1842. 3 v.

An epitome of the laboratory diagnosis and treatment of tropical diseases
Shelley, Horace M
London. Staples Press. 1949.

An epitome of the law relating to easements
Blyth, Thomas Tolme
London. Sweet & Maxwell. 1905. x, 171 p.

An epitome of the laws of pianoforte technique: being a summary abstracted from 'The visible and invisible' a digest of the author's technical teachings
Matthay, Tobias
London. Oxford University Press. 1931.

An epitome of the present constitution of the Corporation of Cutlers, in Hallamshire: with abstracts of two general Acts of Parliament affecting the cutlery trade
Wilson, James
Sheffield. published [by order of the Corporation of Cutlers] and printed by A. Whitaker and Co. 1843. 16p.

An epitome of the privileges of London, including Southwark, as granted by royal charters, confirmed by acts of Parliament and established by ancient custom
Hughson, David
London. Printed for Sherwood, Neely and Jones. 1816.

An epitome of the progress of the trade in coal to London since 1755
London. J.R. Scott. (1869). 73 p.

An epitome of the "science of emotions": a summary of the work of Pandit Bhagavan Das published under that title
Browning, K
London. Theosophical Publishing House. 1925. 104p.

An epitome of the second edition of Hortus Kewensis: for the use of practical gardeners : to which is added, a selection of esculent vegetables and fruits cultivated in the Royal Gardens at Kew
Aiton, William Townsend ; Aiton, William
London. Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown. 1814. 330, [46]p.

An epitome of the stocks and publick funds: containing every thing necessary tobe known for perfectly understanding the nature of those securities, and the mode of doing business therein : to which is annexed a copious equation table, exhibiting at one view not only the exact value the different stocks and funds bear, or ought to bear, with respect to each other, but also with the value of land ... : together with an appendix containing the only account ever yet published of the bank stock and funds of the United States of America
Fortune, T
London. Printed for T. Boosey ..., J. Debrett. 1797. 82 p.

An epitome of the superstitions of the Highlanders of Scotland: together with a selection ofbooks relating to the subject
MacLean, J. P
Franklin, Ohion. s.n. 1917. 43p.

An epitome of the synthetic philosophy
Collins, F. Howard ; Spencer, Herbert
London. Williams and Norgate. 1889.

An Epitome of tyranny in the island of Guernsey
Guernsey. Stevens-Cox. 1994. [12]p.

An epitome, or outlines of true Christian religion, and for the elucidation of the Sacred Scriptures
Nadab, pseud ; Clowes, John ; Wilkinson, Thomas
Manchester. Printed by T. Wilkinson, 19, Ridgefield, Back King-Street and sold by all the booksellers in town. 1822. [3],iv,[1],6-24p.

An Epitomie of Tyranny in the Island of Guernsey sent in a letter to a person of Quality in London printed inthe year 1659
Guernsey. Toucan Press. 1994. 6p.

An epitomized history of the militia (the "Constitutional Force"): together with the origin, periods of embodied service, and special services (including South Africa, 1899-1902) of militia units existing October 31, 1905
Hay, George Jackson
London. United Service Gazette Offices. (1906?). 444 p.

An epoch and a man: Martin Van Buren and his times
Lynch, Denis Tilden
New York. Horace Liveright. 1929. ix,566p.

An epoch in Irish history: Trinity College Dublin, its foundation and early fortunes 1591-1660
Mahaffy, John Pentland
Port Washington, N.Y. . Kennikat Press. 1970. xv, 389p.

An epoch in Irish history: Trinity College, Dublin, its foundation and early fortunes, 1591-1660
Mahaffy, John Pentland
London. T. Fisher Unwin. 1906. viii, 389 p.

An epoch-making document: in commemoration of the second anniversary of the publication of the Circular
Peking. Foreign Languages Press. 1968. 15p.

An epoch-making event in the history of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary: an address delivered to the Old Glasgow Club on 27th October 1921
Beatson, George Thomas
Glasgow. [s.n.]. 1921. 16p.

An epoch making school
Gardiner, Rosemary
Cambridge. Parkside Community College. 1988.

An epoch of miracles: oral literature of the Yucatec Maya
Burns, Allan F
Austin. University of Texas Press. 1982. p. cm.

An epoch of the political history of South-Africa in the life ofFrederic Hugh Page Creswell
Creswell, Margaret
Cape Town. A. A. Balkema. [19--]. 174p.

An epomoni Kardia
Zweig, Stefan
Athens. Ekdoseis. (nd). 311p.

A Neptunium dosimeter and spark-counting system for routine personnel monitoring
Harrison, K G ; Hancock, IB
Harwell. Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Environmental & Medical Sciences Division. 1978. 15p., (13)p. of plates.

An equal among equals: devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Uzbek SSR and the Communist Party of Uzbekistan
Tashkent. Uzbek Society for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. 1974. 19p.

An equal chance
Clarke, Brenda
Bantam. 1989. 366p.

An equal chance
Clarke, Brenda
Corgi. 1990. 509p.

An equal chance for disabled people?: a study of discrimination in employment
Fry, Eileen
London. The Spastics Society. 1986. (1), 19 leaves.

An equal chance or no chance?: a study of discrimination against disabled people in the labour market
Graham, Pauline ; Jordan, Antoinette ; Lamb, Brian
Spastics Society. 1990. 18p.

An equal future: a guide to anti-sexist practice in the early years
Hyder, Tina ; Kenway, Penny
London. National Early Years Network. 1995. 31p.

An equality ethos - not for negotiation
Adams, Gerry ; McAuley, Richard
Belfast. Sinn Fein. 1997. 6p.

An equality scheme for the Northern Ireland Office
Belfast. Northern Ireland Office. 2001. 80p.

An equal love
Collister, Christine
Topic Records. 2001. 1 compact disc.

An equal moral standard for men and women: report of papers read at a special meeting for women held in connection with the Social Section at the International Congress of Women, Convocation Hall, Church House June 30, 1899
London. T. Fisher Unwin. 1900.

An equal music
Seth, Vikram ; Bates, Alan
London. Orion. 1999. 4 cassettes (6 hrs., 50 mins).

An equal music
Seth, Vikram
New York. Vintage Books. 2000. 380p.

An equal music, Vikram Seth: music from the bestselling novel
Seth, Vikram
London. Decca. 2000. 2 compact discs.

An Equal opportunities guide for parents
Glasgow. Equal Opportunities Commission Scotland. {1999?}.

An equal opportunities guide to language
London. NATFHE. 1993. [7]p.