A new method ... for ... preservation of the navigation on the River Thames: and to repair the water-breach in to Havering and Dagenham levels in Essex
Colepepyr, Robert
(1710?). 4 p.

A new method for simulating populations
Pownall, Carol E
Leeds. School of Geography, University of Leeds. 1976. 89p.

A new method for staining nerve fibers and nerve endings in mounted paraffin sections
Bodian, David
(Philadelphia). 1936. Pp. 89-97.

A new method for the analysis of metal and metalloidal compounds
Clark, Steven
Leicester. Leicester Polytechnic. 1988.

A new method for the estimation of the specific gravity of tissues
Lazarus-Barlow, Walter Sydney
[S.l. s.n. 1895]. p. 280-281.

A new method for the quantitative estimation of uric acid
Haycraft, John Berry
[London]. [s.n.]. [1886]. p. [695]-698.

A new method for the solution of cubic equations
Nogrady, Henry A
Ann Arbor (Mrch). Edwards. 1936.

A new method for valuing of annuities upon lives, and leaseholds, or leasehold estates; also, church and college leases considered. Shewing at sight as follows: I. How many years, months, &c. purchase an annuity upon life, for any age, from 30 to 73 yearsis worth, when money yields 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 per cent. interest. II. How much a year 100l. is worth upon a life for any of the abovesaid ages. III. How many years an annuitant must live to receive the value of the money sunk. IV. Th evalue of the buyersand sellers chances. V. The present value of any annuity upon life, from 1000l. a year, to one pound a year, for any age from 30 to 73 years, when money is worth 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 per cent. ... By Richard Hayes
Hayes, Richard ; Templeton, Humphrey
Dublin. Printed by H. TempletonNo. 15, Mary-Street. M,DCC,LXXXIX. [1789]. vii, [1], 176 p.

A new method in the theory of superconductivity
Bogolyubov, N. N ; Tolmachev, V. V ; Shirkov, D. V
New York. Consultants Bureau. 1959. iii,121p.

A new method in the theory of super conductivity
Bogolyubov, N. N ; Tolmachov, V. V ; Shirkov, D. V
Dubna. [Joint Institute for Nuclear Research]. 1958.

A new method of age determination in mammals with special reference to the elephant seal (Mirounga Leonina, Linn)
Laws, Richard Maitland
H.M.S.O. 1953. 11p.,ill.,31cm.

A new method of analysing dielectric measurements
Scaife, B. K. P
Leatherhead. British Electrical and Allied Industries Research Association. 1962.

A new method of assisting the invention in drawing original compositions of landscape
Cozens, Alexander ; Lavezzari, Paola
Treviso. Canova. 1981.

A new method of blood transfusion
Wright, Almroth
[S.l. s.n. 1891]. 1 sheet.

A new method of chemistry
Boerhaave, H
J. Osborne and T. Longman. 1727.

A new method of chemistry; including the theory and practice of that art: laid down on mechanical principles, and accommodated to the uses of life. The whole making a clear and rational system of chemical philosophy
Boerhaave, Herman
London. printed for J. Osborn and T. Longman. 1727.

A new method of demonstrating from reason and philosophy the four fundamental points of religion
Gordon, John
London. Printed for A. Millar. 1756. xvi, 319 p.

A new method of determining the radiation constant
Shakespear, Gilbert Arden
[London. Harrison and Sons. 1912]. p.[180]-196.

A new method of diagnosis and treatment of fistulous tracts, tuberculous sinuses and abcess cavities
Beck, Emil G
[United States?. s.n. 1908]. 15 p., [8] leaves of plates.

A new method of education three-year-old children
Brockbank, William
[United Kingdom?. s.n. 1962]. p.85-88.

A new method of estimating stream-flow: based upon a new evaporation formula
Folse, Julius Audrey
Washington. Carnegie Institution of Washington. 1929. xi, 237 p.

A new method of etching
Levy, M
p. 104.

A new method of evaluating effective thermal conductivities and wall heat transfer coefficients in a packed bed
Otake, T ; Tone, S
Harwell. Atomic Energy Research Establishment. 1969.

A new method of instruction for children from five to ten years old: including moral dialogues, The children's island a tale, thoughts and maxims, models of composition in writing for children ten or twelve years old, and a new method of teaching children to draw
Genlis, Stephanie Felicite
London. T.N.Longman and O.Rees. 1800. xvi,305p.

A new method of landscape
Cozens, Alexander
Paddington Press. 1977.

A new method of learning to read, write and speak a language in six months: adapted to the German
Ollendorff, H. G
London. Whittaker. 1851-1855. 2 v.

A new method of learning with facility the Latin tongue: containing the rules of genders, declensions, preterites, syntax, quantity, and Latin accents ... : with a treatise on Latin poetry
Lancelot, Claude ; Wingrave, Francis ; Nourse, John ; Arnauld, Antoine ; Nicole, Pierre ; Nugent, Thomas
London. printed for F. Wingrave, successor to Mr. Nourse. 1797. 407,[3]p.

A new method of learning with facility the Latin tongue ... With a treatise on Latin poetry
Lancelot, Claude ; Arnauld, Antoine ; Nicole, Pierre ; Nugent, Thomas
London. printed for F. Wingrave. 1791.

A new method of low-dose heparin prophylaxis
Black, John
Birmingham. University of Birmingham. 1978.

A new method of photo-zincography without transfers
Pope, A
p. 95-96.

A new method of preserving old bookbindings, or of rebinding old books
London. 1905.

A new method of radioactive materials management
Wells, Greg

A new method of stabilising the doubly-fed A.C. slip-ring machine
Nasaruddin, Hoesni bin
Salford. University of Salford. 1973.

A new method of studying history: recommening more easy and complete instructions for improvements in that science than any hetherto extant: with the whole apparatus necessary to form a perfect historian
Rawlinson, Richard
London. Printed for W. Burton; sold by J. Batley, C. Rivington, W. Meadows, L. Gilliver, J. Ashford, J. Wilcox. 1728.

A new method of termination for heavy-duty synthetic rope fibres
Vaseghi, Rahim
Poole. Bournemouth University. 2004. 241 leaves.

A new method of toning photographs: a comprehensive guide to the use of "Manotone"
Wakefield, George Leslie
Fountain P. 1953. 1v.,22cm.

A new method of treating sterility, by the removal of obstructions of the Fallopian tubes
Smith, W. Tyler
London. Savill & Edwards. 1849. 16p.

A new method of treating tinea tonsurans: read in the section of medicine at the annual meeting of the British Medical Association in Cardiff
Harrison, Alfred James
London. British Medical Association. 1885. 4 p.

A new method of yarn jointing
McFarlane, I. D ; Maddever, D. C ; Roberts, C. D
Christchurch. Wronz. 1986.

A new methodological and theoretical approach in the examination of moral reasoning
Aravani, Georgia E

A new methodology for requirements elicitation
Al-Zaid, Asad Saud

A new method predicting energy saving from on/off photoelectric controls
Littlefair, P. J
Garston. Building Research Establishment. 1984.

A new metoposaurid amphibian from the upper triassic Maleri formation of central India
Chowdhury, T. Roy
London. Royal Society. 1965.

A new micro-balance and its use
Petterson, Hans
Go˜teborg. 1914. (iii) 91 p.

A new military dictionary: or, The field of war. Containing a particular and circumstantial account of the most remarkable battles, sieges, bombardments, and expeditions, whether by sea or land... Including anecdotes of the lives, military and naval transactions of the most celebrated admirals, generals, captains, &c... To which is added, an essay on fortification: and a table,explaining the military and naval terms of art
London. printed for J. Cooke. 1760.

A new millenium of learning for engineering
London. EEF. 1997. 9p.

A new mimesis: Shakespeare and the representation of reality
Nuttall, A. D
London. Methuen. 1983. viii,209p.

A new mind for a new age
Walker, Alan
London. Epworth Press. 1960. 135 p.

A new ministry for women
Richardson, Jo
London. Labour Party. 1991.

A new miocene rodent from East Africa
MacInnes, Donald Gordon
British Museum(Natural History). 1957. 36p.,ill.,32cm.

A New miscellany: Containing, I. The judgment of Tiresias. II. The Queen of May (etc.)
London. Printed for A. Moore. 1730. 3 p. l., 48 p.

A new miscellany for the year 1737: containing I. The vision of the golden rump, ... II. A dissertation upon kicking, ... IX. Fog's journal, July 16
[London]. [s.n.]. 1737. [2],18,6,29,[1]p.

A New Missionary Era
Flanagan, Padraig
Maryknoll. Orbis Books. 1979. ix, 180p.

A new model armoury
Anderson, Jessie

A new model army: towards a European defence community
MacDonald, C. A
London. Fabian Society. 1991. 37p.

A new model army
Yardley, Michael ; Sewell, Dennis
London. W H Allen. 1989. vi,216p.

A new model English grammar translation and composition: [for class VI]
Khan, Kalimdad
Dhaka. Diganta Prokashani. 1988.

A new model for electron ranges in solid materials
Bateman, J. E
Chilton. Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. 2000.

A new model for Europe: essays on the European revolutions of 1989 and 1990 ; with, The Anglo-American Center 1924-1990, a new European model for language teaching and an oasis for international friendship, and, A dream of Poland, a surrealistic vision 1981
Allwood, Martin
Mullsjo˜. Persona Press. 1992.

A new model for health and disease
Vithoulkas, George
Mill Valley, Ca. Health and Habitat. c1991. 205p.

A new model for the development of information systems
Moubarak, Shwan

A new model of teaching and training
Squires, Geoffrey
Hull. Geofrey Squires. 1994. 1 v (loose-leaf in binder).

A new model of the gold standard
Dowd, Kevin ; Sampson, Anthony
Salford. Salford University, Department of Economics. 1992.

A new model of the process of business concentration with special reference to public policy towards small firms
Marris, Robin ; Hindley, Brian
London. Acton Society Trust. [1980?].

A new model of the solar system
Elton, Sam
London. Vision Press. 1967. 216p.,23cm.

A new model of the universe
Ouspensky, P D
(s.l.). Paul. 1960.

A new model of the universe: principles of the psychological method in its application to problems of science, religion, and art
Uspenskii, P. D
Mineola, N.Y. Dover Publications. 1997. xxi, 554 p.

A new model of world trade, by L. Samuelson
Samuelson, L
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. 1973.

A new mode of ventilating hospitals, ships, prisons, &c. &c. Being an efficient method of destroying contagion, and of preventing the spreading of infectious diseases
Hawthorne, George ; Weir, J. H
Belfast. [s.n.]. 1830. 84p.

A new modification of the cajal silver impregnation technique
Gooding, H ; Stewart, D
[S.l. s.n. 1937?]. 1 sheet ([2]p.).

A new modification of Woodburytype
Schnauss, H
p. 143.

A new Monotype script: Temple
p. 27.

A new morality for a new age
[U.K.]. [s.n.]. [1951?]. [3]p.

A new morning
Epic. 2002. 1 compact disc.

A new Moscow in construction
Chechulin, D
Moscow. Foreign Languages Publishing House. 1939. 31p.

A new most excellent dancing master: the journal of Joseph Lowe's visits to Balmoral and Windsor (1852-1860) to teach dance to the family of Queen Victoria
Lowe, Joseph ; Thomas, Allan
Stuyvesant, N.Y. Pendragon Press. 1992. x,135 p.

A new multiaxial fatigue testing facility
Fernando, U. S

A new musical grammar
Tansur, W
London. 1746.

A new musical grammar, and a dictionary, or, A general introduction to the whole art of musick. In four books
Tans'ur, William
London. Printed by Robert Brown [etc.]. 1756. xii, 176p.

A new mystery in physick discovered by curing of fevers and agues by quinquina or Jesuites powder
Monginot, Francois de ; Crooke, William
London. for Will. Crook. 1681.

A new mythos: the novel of the artist as heroine, 1877-1977
Stewart, Grace
St. Alban's, Vt. Eden Press. c1979. 200p.

A new name
Hill, Grace Livingston
New York. Grosset & Dunlap. 1970. 303p.

A New Napoleon let[ter]: Sir Stamford Raffles' remarkable interview with ... hitherto unpublished
[London?. s.n. 1904]. 4 sheets.

A new narrative of a fiery apparition seen on several days about Tower-Hill. Or, a just relation of the unjust proceedings of Mr. Sherman, church-warden of All-hollows Barkin, London
Sanders, Jonathan ; Sherman, Edmund
(London. 1681). 4 p.

A New national forest in the Midlands
Derbyshire County Council. 1990. 12p.

A new national forest in the Midlands: a consultation document
Cheltenham. Countryside Commission. 1989. 7p.

A New nationalism for the new Ireland
Fennell, Desmond
Monaghan (Ireland). Comhairle Uladh. [1972]. 21 p.

A new natural history: intended as a present for good boys and girls
Ottley. printed by W. Walker. [ca. 1810].

A new natural history of Anglesey
Jones, W. Eifion
Llangefni. Anglesey Antiquarian Society. 1990. 194p.

A New necessity: first Tyne International 1990
McGonagle, Declan
Newcastle uponTyne. Tyne International. 1990. 136p.

A New necessity: first Tyne international exhibition of contemporary art, held at the National Garden Festival Gateshead, the Laing Art Gallery and elsewhere, May - October 1990 : exhibition guide
[Newcastle upon Tyne?. Tyne and Wear Museums Service?]. 1990.

A new Neolithic culture in the Isle of Man: A Neolithic site at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man
Bruce, J. R ; Megaw, Basil R. S ; Megaw, E. M ; Bersu, Gerhard
Gloucester. Prehistoric Society. 1947.

A new Neolithic pottery typology for Southern Italy based on technological evidence from Casa San Paolo, Gravina di Puglia (Bari)
Whitney, Nancy Aleen
[Philadelphia]. University of Pennsylvania. 1978.

A new net equation
Vickers, Marcia

A new neural network algorithm for classification problems
Todd, Ian K
[s.l. The author]. 2000.

A new NHS Act for 1996?: papers prepared for a discussion meeting held at Cumberland Lodge on 7th and 8th June 1984, together with a summaryof the discussion
Smith, George Teeling
London. Office of Health Economics. 1984. 36 p.

A new nomenclature for the metric system of weights and measures
Rickard, Richard
Birmingham. printed byHall and English. [1868].

A new non-linear design method for active vehicle suspension systems
Harrison, R. F ; Banks, Stephen P
Sheffield. Univ. of Sheffield, Dept. of Automatic Control & Systems Eng. 1998.

A New non-linear GARCH model
Hagerud, Gustaf E
Stockholm. Stockholm School of Economics. 1997.

A new nonsense alphabet
Lear, Edward ; Hyman, Susan
London. Bloomsbury Publishing. 1988.

A new normalization procedure for a document oriented logical model
Robinson, A
Wolverhampton. The Polytechnic, Wolverhampton, School of Computing and Information Technology. 1986.

A new North America: cooperation and enhanced interdependence
Doran, Charles F ; Drischler, Alvin Paul
Westport, Conn. . Praeger. 1996. xviii, 166p.

A new North, a new Ireland, a new Europe: manifesto, Westminster Election April 1992
Belfast. SDLP. 1992.

A new North, Ireland, Europe. Vote Hume
Derry. SDLP. [198-?]. 1 Poster.

A new notation and enumeration system for organic compounds
Dyson, George Malcolm
London . Longmans, Green. (1949). ix, 138 p.

A new note on the film: a theory of film criticism derived from Susanne K. Langer's philosophy of art
Curran, Trisha
New York. Arno Press. 1980.

A new Nowell: a cantata for unison voices (with divisions) and piano
Hurd, Michael
London. Novello. 1987.

A new occurrence of Kimberlite in Gauthier township, Ontario
Lee, Hulbert A ; Lawrence, D. E
Ottawa. Department of Energy, Mines and Resources. 1968.

A new Old Bailey: (the facing materials used in the extension to the London Central Criminal Court)
Myers, Lucien
London. Stone Industrial Publications Ltd.(etc.). 1973. p. 12-15.

A new-old theoretical view of north-south trade, employment and wages
Wood, Adrian
Brighton. IDS Publications. 1991. 50p.

A new on-line particle size analyser for fine dusts suspended in gases
Hadi, Radhwan S
Bradford. 1980. 94p.

A new Opera: ... plans for adapting and extending the Opera House
Cruickshank, Dan
[4] p.

A new opera: called Brutus of Alba: or, Augusta's triumph. As it is acted at the theatre, in Dorset-Garden
Purcell, Daniel ; Powell, George ; Verbruggen, John
London. Printed by W. Onley for S. Briscoe ref. 1697. (49) p.

A new opera for Oslo, a small capital
Finborud, Ketil

A new operation for anchylosis of the elbow-joint resulting from fracture, and rigidity the result of unreduced dislocation
Watson, Patrick Heron
Edinburgh. Printed by Oliver and Boyd. 1873. 8 p.

A new operation for extroversion of the bladder: paper read before the Medical society of London, April 12th 1897
Harrison, Reginald
London. John Bale, Sons & Danielsson. 1897. 4p.

[A new opera version of 'King Lear': discussion of Reimann's 'Lear', performed by the English National Opera at the London Coliseum; with Dick Witts]
Theroux, Anne ; Witts, Dick ; Broughton, Simon
[London]. [BBC]. 1989.

A new opportunity for peace
Hartley, Tom
Brussels. Sinn Fein. 1994. 5p.

A New opportunity for peace: Sinn Fein election manifesto, 1st May 1997
Derry. Sinn Fein. 1997. 15p.

A New opportunity for peace; Sinn Fein Election Manifesto 1997; Deis Nua Um Siochana
[Dublin]. Sinn Fein. 1997. 19p.

A new opportunity for the children of London: an appeal to parents, employers and all who are concerned with the welfare and training of boys and girls
London. London Teachers' Association. [1939?]. 2p.

A new optical `electronic nose' sensor using an array of polymer films and the resonant mirror
Rogers, John A ; Goddard, N. J
Manchester. UMIST. 1997.

A new opusculum of dialling references
Aked, Charles Kenneth
[U.K.]. [s.n.]. 1997. vi,186p.

A new orchard, and garden: or, The best way for planting, grafting, and to make any ground good,for a rich orchard; particularly in the north, and generally for the whole kingdom of England ... With The country-houswifes garden for hearbes of common use ... as also the husbandry of bees, with their several uses and annoyances, all being the experience of 48. yeares labour, and now the third time corrected and much enlarged, by
Lawson, William ; Markham, Gervase ; Harvard, Simon
London. Printed by Edward Grifffin for John Harison. 1638. (8), 134 p.

A new orchard & garden: or, the best way for planting , graffing, and to make any ground good for a rich orchard
Lawson, William
London. Cresset Press. 1927.

A new order: an evening at the Cabaret Voltaire
Howard, Michael ; Lewer, Debbie
Manchester. Manchester Metropolitan University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of History of Art and Design. 1996. 1 paperback108p,(1) folded leaf of plates.

A new order at Nissan
Thornton, Emily

A new order for gas in Europe?
Stoppard, Michael
Oxford. Oxford Institutefor Energy Studies. 1996. xiv,118p.bill.