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Meriton, George
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An exact account of the trial between Sr. William Pritchard, Kt ...plaintiff, and Thomas Papillon, esq; defendant: in an action upon the case at the sessions of nisi prius holden for the Court of King's bench at the Guild-hall in the city of London, on Thursday the 6th of November, 1684 ... Before Sir George Jefferies, kt. and baronet ... To which is added, the matters of fact relating to election of sheriffs, as it was printed in the year 1682
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Lambe, Robert
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An exact and full relation of the great victory obtained against the rebels at Dungons-Hill in Ireland, August 8, 1647: By the forces under the command of Colonel Michael Jones
Jones, Michael
London. Printed for Edward Husband, printer to the Honorable Houseof Commons. Aug. 19, 1647. 16 p.

An exact and lively mapp or representation of booths and all the varieties of showes and humours upon the ice on the River Thames by London, during the memorable frost in the 35 yeare of the reigne of his sacred Maty. King Charles the 2d A.D. M.DC.LXXXIII, with an alphabetical explanation of the most remarkable figures
Warter, William
1683. 1 art print.

An exact and most impartial accompt of the indictment, arraignment, trial, and judgment (according to law) of twenty nine regicides, the murtherers of His Late Sacred Majesty of most glorious memory: begun at Hicks-Hall on Tuesday, the 9th of October, 1660. And continued (at the Sessions-House in the Old-Bayley) untill Friday, the nineteenth of the same moneth. Together with a summary of the dark, and horrid decrees of those caballists, preparatory to that hellish fact. Exposed to view for the reader's satisfaction, and information of posterity
Nottingham, Heneage Finch
London. printedfor Andrew Crook and Edward Powel. 1660.

An exact and particular description of the ... illumination, prospect of ... London, and fire-works ... to be represented in a prologue and an epilogue to the opera Julius Caesar in Aegypt, on the stage of Hambro', ... 1727 ... celebrating ... George, Lewis, King of Great Britain's ... birthday
Lediard, Thomas ; George
Hambro'. printed by Stromer. (1727). 10 p., 2 plates.

An exact and true account of the number ... and the years of foundation, of all the publick schools in England with: The universities in the Christian world
London. 1687. 1 sheet.

An exact and true relation of a bloody fight, performed against the Earl of Newcastle and his forces before Todcaster [sic] and Selby in Yorkshire, in his march towards London, by the Lo: Fairfax ... with the numbers of souldiers that were slain
Foulis, Henry
London. Printed for John Frank. 1642. 7p.

An exact and true relation of the dangerous and bloody fight, between his Majesties Army, and the Parliaments Forces, near Kyneton in theCounty of Warwick, the 23 of this instant October
Holles, Denzil Holles ; Pym, John
London. John Field, for Edward Husbands and John Franck. 1642.

An exact book of entries, of the most select judicial writs used in the common-law
Moyle, Robert ; Gent, J. H
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An exact calculation of the expected waste for a bin-packing algorithm using items that are exponentially distributed
Goessens, Walter
Antwerpen. Universiteit Antwerpen. 1992.

An exact catalogue of all printed books and papers of various subjects, written upon sundry occasions by William Prynne, a bencher of the Honourable Society of Lincolns-Inne, before, during, since his imrisonments
St. Peter Port, Guernsey. The Toucan Press. 1978.

An exact chronological vindication and historical demonstration: of our British, Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, English kings supream ecclesiastical jurisdiction over all prelates, persons, causes, within their kingdomes and dominions
Prynne, William ; Prynne, William
London. Printed for the author by T. Ratcliffe. 1665-1668. 3 v.

An exact collection of all remonstrances, declarations, votes, orders, ordinances, proclamations, petitions, messages, answers: and other remarkable passages betweene the Kings Most Excellent Majesty, and his High Court of Parliament beginning at His Majesties return from Scotland, being in December 1641, and continued untill March the 21, 1643
London. Printed forE. Husbands. 1643. 1 p. l., (6), 955 (i.e. 959), (20)p.

An exact collection of the debates of the House of Commons, held at Westminster, October 21, 1680: Prologued the tenth and dissolved the eighteenth of January following. With the debates of the House of Commons at Oxford, assembled March 21, 1680. Also a just and modest vindication of the proceedings of the said Parliaments
Jones, William
London. Printed for R. Baldwin. 1689. 464 p.

An exact copy of the last will ... of Sir Thomas Gresham, Kt: to which are added, and abridgment of an act of ... 1581, for the better performing the ... will ... also some accounts concerning Gresham-College
Gresham, Thomas
London. 1724. 72 p.

An exact copy of the petition of the Protestants in France to their sovereign Lewis XIV. For redress of the present oppressions
London. [s.n.]. 1680.

An exact delineation ... by Wm. Faithorne, 1658
Faithorne, William ; Newcourt, Richard
London Topographical Society. 1900. 1 map (12 sheets).

Faithorne, William ; Newcourt, Richard ; Margary, Harry
[1981]. 1 map.

AN EXACT DELINEATION OF THE CITIES OF LONDON AND WESTMINSTER AND THE SUBURBS Thereof, together with ye Burrough of SOUTHWARK ... composed by a Scale and Ichnographically described
Jarman, George ; Faithorne, William ; Newcourt, Richard
A.E. Evans & Sons. 1857 May 1. 1 map.

AN EXACT DELINEATION OF THE CITIES OF LONDON AND WESTMINSTER AND THE SUBURBS Thereof, Together wth ye Burrough of SOUTHWARK And All ye Through-fares Highwaies Streets Lanes & Common Allies wthin ye same
Faithorne, William ; Jarman, George ; Stanford, Edward ; Newcourt, Richard
London. Edward Stanford. 1878 May 1. 1 map (12 sheets).

An exact description of a roundhead, and a long-head shag-poll
Taylor, John
(London. 1642). 8 p.

An exact description of Ireland: chorographically surveying all its provinces & counties aftera more accurate, plain, easie, and particular manner than any before done in this kind. Shewing the exact state of that kingdom, and all the principal things that are necessary to be known. And 5 maps relating thereto. With an index of allthe provinces, counties, baronies, cities, towns, forts, castles, rivers, lakes, havens, bays, mountains, promontories, &c. In such a manner as may serve for a geographical dictionary for Ireland ... Done according to the latest surveys, and agreeing with all the new maps
Echard, Laurence
London. Printed for Tho. Salusbury. 1691. 6 p. l., 144 p.

An exact description of the growth, quality and vertues of the leaf tea
Garraway, Thomas
(London?. 18--?). 1 sheet.

An exact diary of the late expedition of His Illustrious Highness the Prince of Orange
Whittle, John ; Dewar, M. W
Lewes. Focus Christian Ministries Trust. 1989.

An exact discoverie of Romish doctrine in the case of conspiracie and rebellion, by pregnant observations: collected (not without direction from our superiours) out of the expresse dogmaticall principles of Popish priests and doctors
Morton, Thomas
London. printed by Felix Kyngston for C. B. and E. W. 1605.

An exact discovery of the mystery of iniquity as it is now practised among the Jesuits
Oates, Titus
Edinburgh. Privately printed. 1886. 40 p.

An exact discovrse of the subtilties, fashishions (sic), pollicies, religion, and ceremonies of the East Indians: as well Chyneses as Iauans, there abyding and dweling. Together with the manner of trading with those people, aswell by vs English, as by the Hollanders, as also what hath happened to the English nation at Bantan in the East Indies, since the 2. of February 1602 vntill the 6. of October 1605. Whereunto is added a briefe description of Iaua Maior
Scott, Edmund
(Amsterdam. Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. 1973). (105) p.

An exact disovery of the mystery of iniquity as it is now practised among the Jesuits
Oates, Titus ; Goldsmid, Edmund
Edinburgh. privately printed. 1886.

An exact draught of frost fair on the river Thames, as it appear'd from White Hall stairs in the year 1740
Foster, G
[s.d.]. 1 art print.

An exact ground-plot of ye city of Worcester as it stood fortifyd 3. Sept. 1651
[S.l. s.n. 1651?]. 1 map.

An exact historie of the late revolutions in Naples: and of their monstrous successes
Giraffi, Alessandro ; Howell, James ; Masaniello
London. Lowndes, (etc.). 1650-1652. 2 v.

An exact historie of the revolutions in Naples; and of their monstrous successes, not to be parallel'd by any antient or modern history
Giraffi, Alessandro ; Lowndes, Richard ; Howell, James
London. printed for R. Lowndes. 1650. [4], 146p.

An exact historie of the revolutions in Naples, and of their monstrous successess, not to be parallel'd by any antient or modern history
Giraffi, Alessandro ; Howell, James
London. Printed by J.G. for John Williams. 1650. 146p.

An exact history of the Battle of Flodden, in verse: written about the time of Queen Elizabeth : in which are related many facts not to be found in the English history : published from a curious ms. in the library of John Askew
Lambe, Robert
Newcastle. Printed by and for S. Hodgson. 1809.

An exact history of the late revolutions in Naples, and of their monstrous successes
Giraffi, Alessandro ; Howell, James
London. for R. Lowndes. 1664.

An exact history of the several changes of government in England, from the horrid murther of King Charles I. to the happy restauration of King Charles II: With the renowned actions of General Monck. Being the second part of Florus anglicus
Dauncey, John ; Davies, John
London. Printed for Simon Miller. 1660. (12), 392 p.

An exact list of all the fairs in England and Wales
London. Baldwin. 1752. 45 p.