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An impartial history of the rise, progress and extinction of the late rebellion in Britain, in the year 1745 and 1746.Giving an account of every battle, skirmish and siege, from the time of the pretender's coming out of France, until he landed in France again ... with plans of the battles of Preston-pans, Clifton, Falkirk, and Culloden
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Story, George Warter
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An impartial inquiry into the benefits and damages arising to the nation from the present very great use of low-priced spirituous liquors: with proper estimates thereupon, and some considerations humbly offered for preventing the introduction of foreign spirits not paying the duties
Tucker, Josiah
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An impartial report of all the proceedings in Parliament on the late important subject of a regency: and an appendix containing copies of Mr Pitt's letter to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales with the Prince's answer...and many other particulars
London. J. Bew. 1789. 620,48p.

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An impartial report of the proceedings in the cause of The King versus Henry Hunt, Joseph Johnson, John Knight, James Moorhouse, Joseph Healey, John Thacker Saxton, Robert James, Samuel Bamford, George Swift, and Robert Wilde for a conspiracy...March, 1820
Manchester. Joseph Pratt. 1820. 180p.

An impartial sketch of the debate in the House of Commons of Ireland, on a motion made on Friday, August 12, 1785, by the Rt. Hon. Thomas Orde ...for leave to bring in a bill for effectuating the intercourse and commerce between Great Britain and Ireland
Woodfall, William
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An impartial sketch of the debate in the House of Commons of Ireland, on a motion made on Friday, August 12, 1785, by the Rt. Hon. Thomas Orde, secretary to the Rt. Hon. Charles Manners, Duke of Rutland, Lord Lieutenant, for leave to bring in a bill for effectuating the intercourse and commerce between Great Britain and Ireland, on permanent and equitable principles, for the mutual benefit of both countries. Together with an impartial sketch of the principal speeches on the subject of the bill that were delivered in the House on Monday, August 15, 1785. With a copy of the bill presented to the House of Commons of Ireland, the eleven Irish propositions, of the twenty resolutions of the British Parliament, the address to the King, and His Majesty's answer
Woodfall, William ; White, Luke
Dublin. Printed for Luke White, no. 86, Dame-street. [1785]. [2], ii, 200, 24 p. : 8vo.

An impartial sketch of the life of Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense, Rights of man, &c. &c: to which is added, his letters to Mr. Henry Dundas, to Lord Onslow, to the Marquis of Landsdowne, to the authors of the Republican, to the Abbe Syeyes, and to the people of France, with thoughts on the peace
London. Printed for and sold by T. Browne. 1792. 48p., [1] l of plates.

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Grady, Thomas ; Dornin, Bernard
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An imp called Peregrine
Spang, Gu˜nter ; Klemke, Werner ; Stewart, Rachel
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An impeachment of high treason against Oliver Cromwel: (i.e. Cromwell) and his son in law, Henry Ireton ... in which are also some hints of cautions to the Lord Fairfax, for absolutely breaking his solemn engagement with his soldiers, etc. ... in which is also the authors late proposition sent to Mr. (Cornelius) Holland, June 26, 1649
Lilburne, John
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An important Australian printing works: Sands and MacDougle
p. 1.

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London. Sold by J. Matthews, London, M. Luckman, Coventry and by all booksellers in town and country.

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An important collection of French paperweights
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An important collection of medical books of the 15th to the 20th century, mainly illustrating the history of neurology and psychiatry: the property of the late James Hardman....which will be sold by auction by Sotheby Parke Bernet 6 Co.... 15-17 June 1981
Hardman, James
London. Sotheby's. 1981.

An important collection of silver toys & miniatures: which will be sold ... on ... October 11, 1972
(London. The Firm. 1972). 37 p., 24 plates.

An important collection of some of the rarer works of Charles Lamb together with some 'Lambiana': [being the 932nd Caxton Head catalogue]
London. James Tregaskis and Son. 1927. [2],20,[1]p.,1 leaf of plate.

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Constable, John
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An important family
Eden, Dorothy
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An important improvement in the supply of London wholesale meat markets: by the ... abolition of Smithfieldlive stock trade
Munday, Stephen
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An important industry: tag and label making
p. 1.

An important matter of principle: the decline of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Seawright, David
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An important message to you from the labour movement about the Daily Herald
London. Labour Party. [1954?]. 1 sheet, folded.

An important name in the chronicles of 'The Golden Age' of French typography is given to this distinguished type face: Estienne
Jones, George W
p. 6.

An important nautical collection including pictures and prints, books, arms and armour, nautical worksof art, ships fittings and fixtures, scientific instruments and model and model ships: which will be sold by auction on Friday 5th October, 1979
London. Sotheby's. 1979. 88p.

An important nautical collection including pictures and prints, books, arms and armour, nauticalworks of art, ships' fittings and fixtures, scientific instruments and model ships: which will be sold by auction on ... 5th October, 1979
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An important nautical collection... which will be sold by auction on Friday, 5th October, 1979... by Sotheby's Belgravia
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An important question: do I love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity?
Birmingham. Thomas Groom. [ca. 1848].

An important question for Sunday scholars
[London]. Printed by Knight. [ca.1846].

An important question to one who hopes for salvation
London. Published for the Baptist Tract Society by Houlston and Stoneman. [184-?]. 2 p.

An important sale of Bordeaux of the 1975 vintage: ... which will be sold at Christie'sGreat Rooms on Friday, November 28, 1980
London. Christie's. [1980].

An important sale of wine: Chateau Haut-Brion and other vintage wines of exceptional quality, from the private cellar of the late Clarence Dillon.... which will be sold at auction by Christie, Manson & Woods... on Thursday, December 6, 1979
Dillon, Clarence
London. Christie, Manson & Woods. 1979.

An important sale of wines and spirits... for sale by auction Tuesday, February 27, 1979
London. The firm. 1979.

An important scientific prediction
McCoy, Neal Henry
Northampton, Mass. Smith College. 1983. 14p.

An important Scottish anatomical publication rediscovered
Rock, Joe
[S.l.]. [s.n.]. 2000.

An important secret come to light; or, The States General's reasons for refusing to guaranty the E[lectorat]e of H[anove]r, and to act offensively against France in the Netherlands, as lately proposed by the Ministers of G.B
London. Printed for J. Cooper. 1742.

An important suite of 20th century Egyptian furniture which are included... in Christie's sale of fine antiquities and tribal art, Saturday, December 13, 1980
New York. Christie Manson & Woods International. [1980].

An important Venetian map of Cyprus in the map-room of the British Museum, London
Cyprus. Zavallis Press. 1971. 27p.

An important word to parents and godparents about the baptism of your child
London. Church Information Office. [ca. 1970].

An imported wife
Ash, Rosalie
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An impossible dream
Darcy, Emma
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