Annual report - International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
Washington. International Centre forSettlement of Investment Disputes.

Annual report - International Cocoa Organization
London. International Cocoa Organization.

Annual report - International Commercial Bank of China
Taipei. International Commercial Bank of China.

Annual report - International Committee of the Red Cross
Geneva. International Committee of the Red Cross.

Annual report - International Development Research Centre
Ottawa. The Centre.

Annual report - Internationale Nederlanden Bank N.V
Amsterdam. Internationale Nederlanden Bank.

Annual report - Internationale Nederlanden Groep NV
Amsterdam. ING Groep.

Annual report - International Finance Corporation
(Washington). International Finance Corp. v.

Annual report - International Foundation for Science
Stockholm. IFS.

Annual report - International Fund for Agricultural Development
Rome. International Fund for Agricultural Development.

Annual report - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Laxenburg. IIASA.

Annual report - International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
Enschede. ITC.

Annual report - International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement
Wageningen. The Institute.

Annual report - International Institute of Social History
Amsterdam. The Institute.

Annual report - International Livestock Centre for Africa
Addis Ababa. ILCA.

Annual report - International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center
Mexico, D.F. CIMMYT.

Annual report - International Monetary Fund
Washington, D.C. International Monetary Fund.

Annual report - International Pacific Halibut Commission
Seattle. International Pacific Halibut Commission.

Annual report - International Plant Genetic Resources Institute
Rome. IPGRI.

Annual report - International Potato Center
Lima. C.I.P.

Annual report - International Power
London. International Power.

Annual report - International Rubber Research and Development Board
Brickendonbury. International Rubber Research and Development Board.

Annual report - International Rural Development Centre, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet
Uppsala. The University.

Annual report - International Securities Market Association
Zurich. International Securities Market Association.

Annual report - International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering. Canadian Section
Ottawa. National Research Councilof Canada.

Annual report - International Stock Exchange, London
London. International Stock Exchange.

Annual report - International Sugar Organization
London. The Organization. v.

Annual report - International Thomson Organisation Ltd
London. International Thomson Organisation.

Annual report - International Tin Research Council
London. International Tin Research Institute.

Annual report - International Tin Research Institute
Uxbridge. The Institute.

Annual report - International Union of Local Authorities
The Hague. IULA.

Annual report - International Water Management Institute
Colombo. IWMI.

Annual report - Intervention Board for Agricultural Produce
London. HMSO.

Annual report - Intrum Justitia BV
Amsterdam. Intrum Justitia BV.

Annual report - Inveresk plc
Dunfermline. Inveresk plc.

Annual report - Invest in Britain Bureau
London. Invest in Britain Bureau.

Annual report - Investing for Health
Belfast. DHSSPS.

Annual report - Investment Canada
(Ottawa). Minister of Supply and Services Canada.

Annual report - Investment Ombudsman
London. Office of the Investment Ombudsman.

Annual report - Investor Relations Society
London. Investor Relations Society.

Annual report - Investors Compensation Scheme
London. ICS.

Annual report - Involvement & Participation Association
London. Involvement & Participation Association.

Annual report - Iontaobhas Taighde Bradan na h-Eireann
Dublin. Iontaobhas Taighde Bradan na h-Eireann Incorportha.

Annual report - Ireland. Competition Authority
Dublin. Stationery Office.

Annual report - Irish Congress of Trade Unions
Dublin. Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

Annual report - Irish Congress of Trade Unions. Northern Ireland Committee
Belfast. Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

Annual report - Irish Council for Overseas Students
Dublin. ICOS.

Annual report - Irish Dairy Board
Dublin. Irish Dairy Board.

Annual report - Irish Export Board
Dublin. the Board.

Annual report - Irish Family Planning Association
Dublin. Irish Family Planning Association Ltd.

Annual report - Irish Horseracing Authority
Dublin. Irish Horseracing Authority.

Annual report - Irish Hotels Federation
Dublin. Irish Hotels Federation.

Annual report - Irish Medical Organisation
Dublin. Irish Medical Organisation.

Annual report - Irish National Petroleum Corporation Limited
Dublin. Irish National Petroleum Corporation Limited.

Annual report - Irish Quality Association
Dublin. Irish Quality Association.

Annual report - Irish Rural Link
Indreabhan, Co. na Gaillimhe. Irish Rural Link.

Annual report - Irish Sea Fisheries Board
Dublin. The Board.

Annual report - Irish Social Services Inspectorate
Dublin. Irish Social Services Inspectorate.

Annual report - Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Dublin. The Society.

Annual report - Irish Stock Exchange
[Dublin]. Irish Stock Exchange.

Annual report - Irish Trades' Union Congress
Dublin. Irish Trades' Union Congress.

Annual report - Irish Wildbird Conservancy
Monkstown, Co. Dublin. Irish Wildbird Conservancy.

Annual report - Iron and Steel Trades Confederation and the British Iron, Steel, and Kindred Trades Association
London. Iron and Steel Trades Confederation and the British Iron, Steel, and Kindred Trades Association.

Annual report - Islamic Development Bank
Jeddah. Islamic Development Bank.

Annual report - Istanbul stock exchange
Istanbul. Istanbul Menkul Kiymetler Borsasi.

Annual report - Italtel Societa Italiana Telecomunicazioni S.p.A
Milan. Italtel.

Annual report - ITT Corporation
New York. ITT Corporation.

Annual report - ITT Industries Inc
New York. ITT Industries.

Annual report - IUCN, The World Conservation Union
Gland. IUCN.

Annual report - Jakarta Stock Exchange
Jakarta. Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Annual report - Jamaica Stock Exchange
Kingston. Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Annual report January-December 1981
London. HMSO. 1981.

Annual report - Japan Airlines
Tokyo. Japan Airlines.

Annual report - Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Tokyo. JBIC.

Annual report - Japan International Cooperation Agency
Tokyo. The Agency.

Annual report - JET Joint Undertaking
Abingdon. JET Joint Undertaking.

Annual report - Jim Conway Foundation
Stockton-on-Tees. Jim Conway Memorial Foundation.

Annual report - Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Johannesburg. Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Annual report - John Carpenter Club
London. John Carpenter Club.

Annual report - John Innes Centre and Sainsbury Laboratory
Norwich. John Innes Centre.

Annual report - John Rylands University Library of Manchester
Manchester. The Library.

Annual report - Johnson & Johnson
New Brunswick,N.J. Johnson & Johnson.

Annual report - Johnson Society of London
London. Johnson Society of London.

Annual report - Joint Centre for Education in Medicine
London. Joint Centre for Education in Medicine.

Annual report - Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
London. JCWI.

Annual report - Joint ESRC-SERC Committee
Swindon. SERC.

Annual report - Joint Industrial Council for the Glove-Making Industry
[Birmingham]. Joint Industrial Council for the Glove-Making Industry.

Annual report - Joint Research Centre, European Commission
Luxembourg. Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.

Annual report - Joint SERC-SSRC Committee
[s.l.]. Science and Engineering Research Council and Social Science Research Council.

Annual report - Journeymen Cloggers' and Allied Workers' Society
Oldham. Journeymen Cloggers' and Allied Workers' Society.

Annual report, June 1975
Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The Project. 1975. 22p.

Annual report - Justice
London. Justice.

Annual report - Kalamazoo plc
Birmingham. Kalamazoo.

Annual report - Karachi Stock Exchange
Karachi. Karachi Stock Exchange.

Annual report - Kaufhalle Aktiengesellschaft
Cologne. Kaufhalle AG.

Annual report - Keep Trust plc
London. Keep Trust.

Annual report - Kellogg's
Battle Creek, MI. Kellogg's.

Annual report - Kemira Oy
Helsinki. Kemira Oy.

Annual report - Kensington. Borough Council
London. Kensington. Borough Council.

Annual report - Kensington District Nursing Association
London. Kensington District Nursing Association.

Annual report - Kent Arts & Libraries
Maidstone. Kent Arts & Libraries.

Annual report - Kent County Constabulary
Maidstone. The Constabulary.

Annual report - Kentish Town Women's Workshop
London (169 Malden Rd, NW5. The Workshop.

Annual report - Keramik Holding AG Laufen
Laufen. Keramik Holding AG Laufen.

Annual report - Kerr-McGee Corporation
Oklahoma. Kerr-McGee Corporation.

Annual report - Kidderminster Library, Art Gallery and Museum
Kidderminster. [s.n.].

Annual report - Kilburn and West Hampstead District Nursing Association
London. The Association.

Annual report - Killingbeck Hospital
Leeds. Killingbeck Hospital.

Annual report - Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Dallas. Kimberly-Clark.

Annual report - King Edward's Hospital Fund for London
London. King's Fund.

Annual report - Kingston-upon-Thames. London Borough Council
Kingston-upon-Thames. The Council.

Annual report - Kirklees Cultural Services
Huddersfield. Kirklees Cultural Services.

Annual report - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Amstelveen. KLM.

Annual report - KNP BT
Amsterdam. KNP BT.

Annual report - KNP BT JNV Koninklijkel
Zaandam, Netherlands. KNP BT JNV Koninklijkel.

Annual report - Koninklijke Ahold N.V
Zaandam, Netherlands. Koninklijke Ahold N.V.

Annual report - Korean Development Bank
Seoul. Korea Development Bank.

Annual report - Korea Stock Exchange
Seoul. Korea Stock Exchange.

Annual report - Kraft Inc
Cheltenham. Kraft.

Annual report - Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.

Annual report - Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
Kuwait. Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

[Annual report - Kuwait Stock Exchange]
[Kuwait. Kuwait Stock Exchange].

Annual report - Kvaerner
Lysaker. Kvaerner.

Annual report - Kvaerner AS
Oslo. Kvaerner AS.

Annual report - Kwara State Library Service
[s.l.]. Kwara State Library Service.

Annual report - Laboratory of the Government Chemist
London. Department of Trade and Industry.

Annual report - Labour Party (Great Britain)
London. Labour Party.

Annual report - Labour Relations Agency
Belfast. Labour Relations Agency.