Annual report - London Boroughs Association
London. London Boroughs Association.

Annual report - London Boroughs Grants Committee
London. London Boroughs Grants Committee.

Annual report - London Brook Advisory Centre
London. Brook Advisory Centres.

Annual report - London Building Trade Committee
London. C.J. Parker.

Annual report - London Business School
London. School of Business Studies.

Annual report - London Cab Drivers' Trade Union
London. London Cab Drivers' Trade Union.

Annual report - London City Mission
London. The Mission.

Annual report - London County Council
London. London County Council.

Annual report - London County Council. Education Committee
London. London County Council.

Annual report - London County Council Staff Association
London. London County Council Staff Association.

Annual report - Londonderry Development Commission
Londonderry. The Commission.

Annual report - London Diocesan Board for Social Responsibility
London. London Diocesan Board for Social Responsibility.

Annual report - London Docklands Development Corporation
London. London Docklands Development Corporation.

Annual report - London Electricity Consultative Council
London. London Electricity Consultative Council.

Annual report - London Fish Trade Association
London. Eccles.

Annual report - London Gardens Society
London. London Gardens Society.

Annual report - London & Overseas Freighters plc
London. London & Overseas Freighters plc.

Annual report - London Playing Fields Society
London. The Society.

Annual report - London Reform Union
London. London Reform Union.

Annual report - London Regional Advisory Council for Juvenile Employment
London. H.M.S.O.

Annual report - London Research Centre. London Accident Analysis Unit
London. London Research Centre.

Annual report - London School of Economics and Political Science
London. London School of Economics and Political Science.

Annual report - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
London. The School.

Annual report - London Shellac Research Bureau
London. Indian Lac Cess Committee.

Annual report - London Society for the Protection of Young Females
London. The Society.

Annual report - London Society of Compositors
London. London Society of Compositors.

Annual report - London Stock Exchange
London. International Stock Exchange of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Annual report - London Tourist Board
London. London Tourist Board.

Annual report - London Tourist Board and Convention Bureau
London. London Tourist Board and Convention Bureau.

Annual report - London Transport
London. London Transport.

Annual report - London Transport. Passengers Committee
London. London Transport. Passengers Committee.

Annual report - London Visitor and Convention Bureau
London. London Visitor and Convention Bureau.

Annual report - London Voluntary Service Council
London. London Voluntary Service Council.

Annual report - London Waste Regulation Authority
London. LWRA.

Annual report - London Wildlife Trust
London. London Wildlife Trust.

Annual report - Long Ashton Research Station
Long Ashton. The Research Station.

Annual report - Lonmin plc
London. Lonmin.

Annual report & look ahead
Kendal (National Park Office, Murley Moss, Oxenhome Rd, Kendal Cumbria LA9 7RL). Lake District National Park. 1996-. v.

Annual report - L'Oreal S.A
Paris. L'Oreal.

Annual report - Lothian and Borders Police
[s.l.]. Lothian and Borders Police.

Annual report - Loto Canada Incorporated
Ottawa. Loto Canada.

Annual report - Loughborough Council of Social Service
Loughborough. Loughborough Council of Social Service.

Annual report - Loughborough Students' Union
Loughborough. Loughborough Students Union.

Annual report - Loughborough University
Loughborough. Loughborough University.

Annual report - Loughborough University of Technology
Loughborough. Loughborough University of Technology.

Annual report - Loughborough University of Technology. Centre for Research in Social Policy
Loughborough. The Centre.

Annual report - Loughborough University of Technology. Department of Information and Library Studies
Loughborough. The Department.

Annual report - Lower Falls Handicapped Association
Belfast. The Association.

Annual report - Lowe's Companies inc
North Carolina. Lowe's Companies inc.

Annual report - Lowndes Queensway plc
Orpington. Lowndes Queensway.

Annual report - LTV Corporation
Dallas. LTV Corporation.

Annual report - Lucas
Birmingham. Lucas Industries.

Annual report - Lusaka Stock Exchange Limited
Lusaka. Lusaka Stock Exchange.

Annual report - Lux-Development
Luxembourg. Lux-Development.

Annual report - LVMH Moe˜t Hennessy Louis Vuitton S.A
Paris. LVMH.

Annual report - Macaulay Institute for Soil Research
Aberdeen. The Institute.

Annual report - Macdonalds Corporation
London. Macdonalds.

Annual report - Machine Tool Industry Research Association
Macclesfield. The Association.

Annual report - Macquarie Goodman Management Ltd
Sydney. Macquarie Goodman Management Ltd.

Annual report made to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Secretary of State for Scotland, Secretary of State for Wales
London. H.M.S.O. 1981.

Annual report - Madrid Stock Exchange
Madrid. Madrid Stock Exchange.

Annual report - Magistrates' Association
London. Magistrates' Association. 1995.

Annual report - Maidenhead and District Trades Council
Maidenhead. Maidenhead and District Trades Council.

Annual report - Mai plc
London. Mai plc.

Annual report - Malta Stock Exchange
Malta. Malta Stock Exchange.

Annual report - Malvern Public Library
Malvern. M.T. Stevens.

Annual report - MAN Aktiengesellschaft
Munich. MAN AG.

Annual report - Manchester and District Advisory Council for Further Education
Manchester. Manchester and District Advisory Council for Further Education.

Annual report - Manchester Business School
Manchester. Manchester Business School.

Annual report - Manchester Metropolitan University. Library
Manchester. Manchester Metropolitan University Library.

Annual report - Manchester Polytechnic Library
Manchester. Manchester Polytechnic.

Annual report - Manchester, Salford and District Building Industries' Federation
Manchester. Manchester, Salford and District Building Industries'Federation.

Annual report - Man Group plc
London. Man Group plc.

Annual report - Manila Stock Exchange
[Manila]. Manila Stock Exchange.

Annual report - Manpower Services Commission
London. Manpower Services Commission.

Annual report - Mansfield and District Trades Union Council
[s.l.]. The Council.

Annual report - Marathon Oil Corporation
Houston. Marathon Oil Corporation.

Annual report - Marine Accident Investigation Branch
London. HMSO.

Annual report - Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
Plymouth. Marine Biological Association.

Annual report - Marine Institute
Dublin. Marine Institute.

Annual report - Maritime Pollution Claims Fund
Ottawa. Minister of Supply & Services Canada.

Annual report - Market Surveillance Panel
[Wellington]. Market Surveillance Panel.

Annual report - Mark IV Industries Inc
Amherst, New York. Mark IV Industries Inc.

Annual report - Marriott International
Washington, D.C. Marriott International.

Annual report - Marsh & McLennan Companies
New York. Marsh & McLennon.

Annual report - Mater Hospital
Belfast. Mater Infirmorum Hospital Health and Social Services Trust.

Annual report - Matra S.A
Paris. Matra.

Annual report - Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd
Osaka. Matsushita Electric.

Annual report - Matsushita Industrial Company Ltd
Osaka. Matsushita.

Annual report - Mattel, Inc
California. Mattel, Inc.

Annual report - Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture
Port Louis . Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture.

Annual report - Mauritius Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Port Louis. Mauritius Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Annual report - Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute
Reduit. Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute.

Annual report - May and Baker Ltd
Dagenham. May and Baker.

Annual report - McGill Sub-Arctic Research Laboratory
Montreal. McGill University.

Annual report - Mecca Leisure Group plc
London. Mecca.

Annual report - Medical Association of South Africa
Alkantrant. Medical Association of South Africa.

Annual report - Medical Officer of Health, Urban District of Rothwell
Leeds. Rothwell Urban District Council.

Annual report - Medical Research Council of Ireland
Dublin. Medical Research Council of Ireland.

Annual report - Medico-Social Research Board
Dublin. Medico-Social Research Board.

Annual report - Medieval Settlement Research Group
London. The Group.

Annual report - Medtronic
Minneapolis. Medtronic.

Annual report - Medway Towns Trades Council
Rochester. Medway Towns Trades Council.

Annual report - Mental After Care Association
London. The Association.

Annual report - Mental Health Foundation
London. Mental Health Foundation.

Annual report - Mental Health Review Tribunal for Northern Ireland
Belfast. The Tribunal.

Annual report - Mental Health Review Tribunals for England and Wales
[London]. Department of Health.

Annual report - Mercantile Marine Service Association
Wallasey. Mercantile Marine Service Association.

Annual report - Merck
Darmstadt. Merck KGaA.

Annual report - Merck & Co
Rahway, New Jersey. Merck.

Annual report - Mercury Asset Management Group
London. Mercury Asset Management.

Annual report - Metallgesellschaft AG
Frankfurt am Main. Metallgesellschaft AG.

Annual report - Metcalfe Smith Trust
Metcalfe Smith Trust
[Leeds]. The Trust.

Annual report - Methanex Corporation
Vancouver. Methanex Corporation.

Annual report - Metro AG
Cologne. Metro AG.

Annual report - Metropolitan Asylums Board
London. Metropolitan Asylums Board.

Annual report - Metropolitan Borough of Solihull
Solihull. Metropolitan Borough.

Annual report - Metropolitan Committee on Materials and Means of Paving the Streets of London
London. The Committe.

Annual report - Metropolitan Police Committee
[London]. Metropolitan Police Committee.

Annual report - Mexborough and District Trades Council
Mexborough. Mexborough and District Trades Council.

Annual report - Michelin
Clermont-Ferrand. Michelin.

Annual report - Microsoft Corporation
Washington. Microsoft Corporation.

Annual report - Middlesbrough Trades and Labour Council
Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough Trades and Labour Council.

Annual report - Middlesbrough Trades Council
Middlesbrough. Middlesbrough Trades Council.

Annual report - Middlesex County Association of Change-Ringers
London. Printed at "The Bell News and Ringers' Record Office".

Annual report - Midland Education Council of the Co-operative Union
[s.l.]. C.E.C.A.

Annual report - Midlands-East Regional Tourism Organisation
[Mullingar]. Midlands-East Regional Tourism Organisation.

Annual report - Midwifery research database, MIRIAD
Oxford. National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit.