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A perfect carry on
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A perfect love
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A perfectly normal day
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(London). E. Oliver. 1677. 8 p.

A perfect narrative of the Battell of Knocknones, within the county of Cork and province of Munster, on Saturday, the thirteenth of November, betwixt the parliaments forces under the command of the Lord Inchiquin, Lord President of Munster; and the forcesof the Irish rebells under the Lord Taaff
Bostock, Robert
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A perfect narrative of the proceedings of the army under the command of Col. Michael Iones commander in chiefe of the forces in the province of Leymster in their last advance from Dublin [16-27 September 1648]; with the taking of the strong castles and forts of Ballysonan, Allan, Black-hall, Raville, and Grange, in the said province: sent in a letter to some persons of quality at Westminster
I., T
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A perfect narrative of the whole proceedings of the High Court of Justice in the tryal of the King in Westminster Hall on Saturday the 20 and Monday the 22 of this instant January: with the several speeches of the King, Lord President, and Solicitor General : published by authority to prevent false and impertinent relations
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A perfite platforme of a hoppe garden: and necessarie instructions for the making and mayntenaunce thereof : with notes and rules for reformation of all abuses commonly practiced therein
Scot, Reginald
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Scot, Reginald
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A Performance
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