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Jefferys, T ; Whitworth, Robert ; Brindley, James
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A plan of the streets, roads, &c. between Black Fryers Bridge, London Bridge, Westminster Bridge, Lambeth, Newington Butts, & St. Margaret'sHill, as they now are; together with the new intended streets, roads, & communications, in strong black lines, as proposed in the year 1768, but the dotted lines shew these now intended in ye year 1769
[s.l.]. [s.n.]. 1769.

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A plan showing the line of the proposed Rochdale canal between the Calder Navigation near Sowerby Bridge wharf in the county of York, and His Grac the Duke of Bridgewater's canal near Manchester in the county palatine of Lancaster, with its different branches accurately surv'd under the direction of John Rennie engineer & F.R.S.E
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