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Appendix addendorum, confirmandorum & emendandorum ad nucleum historiae ecclesiasticae: in qua sub finem adduntur tres epistolae, quarum prima est autoris ejusdem ad D. Samuelem Gardinerum ...: secunda D. Gardineri responsoria: tertia authoris responsoria est ad epistolam D. Gardineri
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Appendix C project management practices in ICL

Appendix editionis Lipsiensis Arnobii Afri: continens varias cum priorum interpretum tum aliorum virorum doctorum emendationes et explicationes in hac editione omissas ... Quibus Suarum Adnotationum supplementa
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Appendixes referr'd to in the report from the Committee appointed by order of the House of Commons to examine Christopher Layer, and others, &c. Containing, A. Foreign correspondence. AA. Papers relating to Captain Halstead. B. Papers relating to Christopher Layer. BB. Papers relating to an intended invasion. C. Papers relating to John Plunket. D. Papers relating to the Bishop of Rochester. E. Papers relating to George Kelly. F. Papers relating to Dennis Kelly. G. Papers relating to John Semple. H. Papersrelating to the Duke of Norfolk, and others. I. Papers relating to Scotland. K. Papers relating to Ireland
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[Edinburgh] . 1897. 74p.

Appendix [to] Gynecological and obstetrical monographs
Polak, John Osborn
New York . D. Appleton. 1925. xii, 224p.

Appendix I: The Doctrine of the Church of England concerning the substantial Presence, and Adoration, of Our B. Saviour in the Eucharist asserted : With a Vindication of Two Discourses on that subject, Publish'd at Oxford, from the Exceptions of a Sacramentary Answer, Printed at London [followed by]. Appendix II : Animadversions upon the Reply to the two Discourses concerning the Adoration of our B. Saviour in the Holy Eucharist
p.p. 143-188, [1], 191-217, [1] [Collation: V-Z4, 2A-2F4].

Appendix I: a book of church accounts relating to certain 'balks' in the common fields of Rampton, Cambridgeshire: Appendix II: the parish registers of Rampton, Cambridgeshire, A.D. 1599-1812
Evelyn-White, Charles Harold
[s.l. s.n. 19--?]. clxvii p.

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Appendix II to the fifth edition Oxoid manual: 1982/1986
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Appendix II work
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Appendix Lexici Graeci suppletorii et dialectici
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Die appendix Probi
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Appendix to Advances in malting barley harvest 1992
Zeist . [European Brewery Convention]. 1993. 209p.

Appendix to Advances in malting barley harvest 1993
Zeist . [European Brewery Convention]. 1994. 191p.

Appendix to Advances in malting barley harvest 1994
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Appendix to a list of monumental brasses in the British Isles
Stephenson, Mill
London. Privately printed by Headley Brothers. 1938. 719-849 p.

Appendix to a scheme for the more effectual suppression of the East African sea transit slave trade: By means of introducing a much-needed and universal system of self-registration, &c., for all legal trading vessels
Challice, John Armstrong
[London]. J. Wingfield. 1871. 17p.

Appendix to Batty's descriptive catalogue of the copper coinage of Great Britain, Ireland, British Isles, and Colonies: being the continuation of the Victorian Regal Series bronze issue,1860-1887
Lawrence, Frederick George
London. Bernard Quaritch. 1898.

Appendix to "British basidiomycetae": additions and corrections
Rea, Carleton
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Appendix to catalogue of the Tryon of Bulwick collection (1953): summary list of Tryon (Bulwick) additional mss. catalogued as T.B. 896 to 1308
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Appendix to Church hymn book, Fotheringhay
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Appendix to Clinical neuro-psychiatry: reflections on neuro-psychiatric practice and thought
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Appendix to First report of commissioners: Mines
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London. House of Commons. 1819. 401p.

Appendix to Hossfeld's Japanese grammar: comprising a graduated series of exercises ... , extracts from leading authors, exercises in the native characters, and two vocabularies
Weintz, H. J
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