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London. printed by G. Dawson, for Iohn Sweeting. 1657.

A proclamation of ... Tho. L. Fairfax, L. Gen. requiring all persons who have engaged for the King in the first or latter warres now in London, to depart the city, and ten miles distant therefrom, within twenty foure houres: With a petition of the officers and souldiers, together with the wel-affected inhabitants in theisle of Weight, Portsmouth, and Hurst
Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax
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A proclamation of vvarre from the Lord of Hosts. Or Englands warning by Israels ruine : shewing the miseries like to ensue vpon vs by reason of sinne and securitie. Deliuered in a sermon at Pauls Crosse Iuly the 23. 1626
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