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A project for an equitable and lasting peace. Designed in the year 1643. When the affairs stood in ballance before the second coming of the Scots into this Kingdom, from a desire to have kept them out then. With a disquisition how the said project may now be reduced to fit the present conjuncture of affairs, in a letter sent to diversprudent persons of all sorts. For preventing the Scots bringing an army into England a third time, or making themselves umpires of our affairs. By a cordiall agreement of the King, Parliament, City, Army, and of all the people of this Kingdome among our selves
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Hull. The Institute of Nursing Studies, University of Hull. 1994.

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Bachelor, Nicola

A project to investigate the cultural information needs of Somali refugees in relation to the public library system and to look at what can be done to meet these needs
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