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C, S
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Ascham, Antony
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Bentley, John
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(London?. 1710?). 1 sheet.

A reply to a question, put by a noble lord, What is the Oratory?: and of what importance, service, use, or necessity, it may be, to the views, interests, and exigencies, of the public, of bodies, and of particular persons
Philosophus ; Henley, John
[London?]. [s.n.]. [ca.1730?]. 1 sheet.

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Hall, Robert
London. Published by Holdsworth. 1822.

A reply to a sheet of paper intituled the magistracy and government of England vindicated: or a justification of the English method of proceedings against criminals, by way of answer to the defence of the late Lord Russel's innocence, &c
Hawles, John ; Harrison, Israel ; Tonson, Jacob
London. Printed for Israel Harrison at Lincolns-Inn Fore-gate, and Jacob Tonson at the Judges-Head in Chancery-Lane near Fleet-Street. 1689. 36p.

A reply to a statement which appeared in the Newry Telegraph of 6th October 1821 under the signatures ofthe Roman Catholic priest and curate of the parishes of Ballymore and Mullabrack: to which is prefixed a full and accurate report of the trial
McConnell, Patrick
Dublin. Goodwin. 1821. 28 p.

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Grascome, Samuel
London. (s.n.). 1691. 32 p.

A reply to Bullock
London. The Committee. 1977?. 31p.

A reply to C----- A-------: (i. e. David Stansfield) author of the Candid remarks on Mr. Hanway'sCandid historical account of the Foundling Hospital, with relation to the probable advantages of this institution
Hanway, Jonas
London. G. Woodfall. 1760. 23 p.

A Reply to Comrade Clifford: why we believe the adoption of his thesis would be disastrous and would destroy the Movement
[Ireland]. ICG. [1965?]. [30?]p.

A reply to DES documents: Provision for hearing impaired children in special schools
[s.l.]. the Institute. 1985.

A reply to Dr. Denney
Peake, Arthur S ; Denney, James
[S.l. s.n. 1904]. p. 47-66.

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Huddesford, William
Oxford. 1756.

A reply to Dr. Priestley's remarks on the fourth volume of the commentaries on the laws of England
Blackstone, William ; Priestley, Joseph
London. printed for C. Bathurst. 1769.

A reply to James Barter's Reflections on my late book, intitled, A true testimony for God, and for His sacred law. Being a plain, honest, denfence of the First Commandment of God. Against all the Trinitarians under Heaven
Elwall, Edward ; Elwall, Edward ; Barter, James
Wolverhampton. printed for the author. [1725].

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Langley, Batty ; James, John
London. The Author. 1737. iv, 54 p., plates.

A reply to 'Letters to Joseph Sturge, Esq. by William Alers Hankey, Esq.'
Sturge, Joseph ; Harvey, Thomas ; Sligo, Howe Peter Browne
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London. Communists for Europe. [1975]. 12p.

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Mackie, P. Jeffrey
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Grinfield, Edward William
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Carson, Alexander ; Ritchie, J ; Ritchie, J
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Cooper, Thomas ; Burke, Edmund
Manchester. M. Faulkner and Co. 1792. 88p.

A reply to Mr. Coffey's observations on a report on the pipe-water works, &c. with some observations on the report of the engineer of the 23d October, and the outline of a plan of general reform in the pipe-water works of the city of Dublin
Lynch, James ; Faulkner, George ; Coffey, Andrew
Dublin. G. Faulkner, printer to the Hon. City of Dublin. 1799. 26p. : 8vo.

A reply to Mr. Edlin's two cases of gout, said to have terminated in death in consequence of the external use of ice and cold water: to which is added an instance of the fatal effects of encouraged gout : with observations, caution, &c
Kinglake, Robert ; Edlin, A
Taunton. Printed and sold by J. Poole. 1804. xii, 61 p.

A reply to Mr. E.W. Forster's pamphlet on "The basics of therapeutics,"
Manson, Richard Taylor
Darlington. Printed at the "Times" Office. 1885. 12 p.

A reply to Mr. Heathcote's letter, from an honest man: In which the arguments are proved to be delusive; and the facts untrue
Heathcote, George
London. Morgan. (1762). 39 p.

A reply to Mr. Henry Cook, scripture reader's reputation of Arian and Socinian principles; or, his review of the Rev.W. H. Dogherty's plain words for plain men: in six letters
Burns, J ; Cooke, Henry ; Doherty, William Hugh
Belfast (34, High Street). Printed by J. Smyth. 1836. v, 23p.

A reply to Mr. Law's Earnest and Serious Answer: (As it is Called) to Dr. Trapp's Discourse of theFolly, Sin, and Danger of Being Righteous Over-much
Trapp, Joseph
London. Printed for L. Gilliver, at Homer's Head, against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street. 1741. (Price One Shilling and Six-Pence). 1 p.l., 127p.

A reply to Mr. Silverstein
Rothwell, Kenneth S
(Salisbury, Md. Salisbury State College). 1974. p.p. 91-2.

A reply to Peking: Soviet government statement
London. Soviet Booklets. 1963. 35p.