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Are colliers exempt from cancer?
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Are colour pictures used to illustrate texts in EFL course books any more effective at promoting recall and retention thanpictures in black and white?
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A recommended policy for the potential use of the Internet in contributing to the strategic development of South Yorkshire Police
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A reconfiguration of the NIHE's IT department as a strategic business unit
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Alchin, Edmond W
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Smith, Charles Alexander
1938. 55 leaves.

A reconsideration of some of the more important rules governing equitable apportionments between tenant forlife and remainderman
Smith, Charles Alexander

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Sugiura, Y
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McClure, Theron Reading
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A reconstruction of the economic methodology of Adam Smith: his value theory re-interpreted
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Milne, Christian Hoyer Millar
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Are consumers more loyal to manufacturer branded products or supermarket own branded products?
Somal, Mandip
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Are contemporary visual artists exchanging aesthetic values and meaningful content for shock tactics and sensation to gain instant acclaim and public attention
Cronin, Catherine Anne
London. LCP. 2001.

Are controls necessary?
Castle, Barbara
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A reconviction study of HMP Grendon therapeutic community
Marshall, Peter
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[South Shields. Northern Press Ltd. 1923]. 23p.

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