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Yelverton, Henry
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A short essay on the Christian religion, descriptive of the advantages which have accrued to society by the establishment of it, as contrasted with the manners and customs of mankind before that happy period. To which are added a few occasional remarks onphilosophers in general, as also on some of the objections started against the Chkistian [sic] religion by the fashionable writers of the present age. The whole proposed as a preservative against the pernicious doctrines which have overwhelmed France with misery and desolation
Eyre, Francis ; Coghlan, J. P ; Booker ; Keating ; Lewis, W ; Debrett, J ; Robinson, George
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Patentee of the coal manufactory, Millbank
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A short essay on the corn trade, and the corn laws: Containing a general relation of the presentmethod of carrying on the corn trade, and the purport of the laws relating thereto in this kingdom
Smith, Charles
Edinburgh. 1758. 59 p.

A short essay on the publick judgments of the Romans
Robinson, Christopher
Dublin. [s.n.]. 1739. 16p.

A short essay upon trade in general but more enlarged on... the woollen manufactures of Great Britain and Ireland
Lover of his country
London. for J. Huggonson. 1741.

A shorte summe of the whole catechisme
Craig, John ; Law, Thomas Graves
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A shorte treatiseof politike pouuer, and of the true obedience which subiectes owe to kynges and other ciuile gouernours: with an exhortacion to all true naturall Englishe men
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Pilgrim, Worth Wendell
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A short examination of the laws lately made for the amendment and preservation of the publick highways and turnpike-roads: clearly shewing that the various restraints and penalties laid upon the farmers, respecting their carriages
London. printed for B. White. 1767. [2],41p.

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Luther, Martin
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Dickson, David
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Necker, Jacques
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Hamilton, Robert Hamilton ; Hamilton, J.V
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A short family history of the later Gordons of Beldorney, and of Beldornie, Kildrummie, and Wardhouse: y Douglas Wimberley
Wimberley, Douglas

A short festival Te Deum: in the key of A ; together with an antiphon : ecomposed ... in celebration of the sixtieth year of Her Majesty's reign, 1897
Martin, George C ; Martin, George C
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A short film about killing
Kieslowski, Krzysztof ; Liehm, Antonin J ; Holland, Agnieska
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