A speech delivered in the House of Commons, on the 25th March, 1830: on a motion "That a Select Committee be appointed to inquire into the expediency of making a revision of the taxes, so that the means of paying the sums voted by the House, and all other charges for the public service, may be provided with as little injury as practicable to the industry and improvement of the country"
Sydenham, Charles Edward Poulett Thomson
Manchester. Printed at the Times Office. 1832. 27p.

A speech delivered in the House of Lords: on the new plan of national education in Ireland
Phillpotts, Henry
London. Murray. 1832. 35 p.

A speech delivered in the House of Lords, March 22nd, 1832, on the new plan of national educationin Ireland
Phillpotts, Henry
London. John Murray. 1832.

A speech delivered in the House of Peers, Thursday, June 10. 1824, on occasion of the third reading of the Irish Tithe Composition Amendment Bill
Jebb, John
London. printed for T. Cadell. 1824.

A speech, delivered on the 19th of February, 1789: in the House of Lords of Ireland, upon the address to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales
Mountmorres of Castlemorres, Hervey Redmond Morres
London. Jeffery. 1790. 31 p.

A speech delivered, to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty: In the name of the sheriffs of London and Middlesex
Martin, Richard
Oxford. Printed for W. Webb; and reprinted for A. Vinson. 1643. (6) p.

A speech delivered to the ... Mayor and Common Council ... of Liverpool ... 9th ... April, 1759
Clegg, Joseph
(Liverpool. 1759). 17 p.

A speech development system employing visual feedback
Wilson, S
[S.l. The Author]. 1988.

A Speech for the Bill against Occasional Conformity
Pakington, John
[London?]. [s.n.]. [1703?]. 4 p.

A speech for the liberty of unlicensed printing
Milton, John
London. [ca. 1835].

A speech for the liberty of unlicensed printing to the Parliament of England
Milton, John
London. J. Cleave. 1834.

A speech guide for teachers and clinicians of hearing impaired children
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Bangor. Jarvis & Foster. 1895. 14p.

A speech, intended to have been delivered in the House of Commons, in support of the petition from the general congress at Philadelphia
Lee, Arthur ; Lee, Arthur
London. printed for J. Almon. 1775. [4],67p.

A speech, intended to have been delivered in the Imperial Parliament, on bringing in a bill for the benefit of the Roman Catholics of Ireland: Together with a copy of said bill; containing many new and interesting particulars on that important subject
Dublin. printed by John Milliken. 1804. 64p.

A speech, intended to have been spoken at a certain county meeting, if the sheriff had complied with the requisition of certain persons, who stiled themselves the aggregate body
Dublin. printed for W. Wilson. 1784. 34p.

A speech, intended to have been spoken at a general meeting of the inhabitants of the borough of Leeds, to take into consideration the propriety of presenting a petition to Parliament, in support of the constitution of this kingdom as by law established,convened by the mayor, and held ... at the Parish Church, on Friday, the xxiid. of January, 1813
Jervis, Thomas
Leeds. printed by Edward Baines, for Johnson and Ridgway, London; and Robinson and Son, and Heaton, Leeds. [1813]. [4], 40p.

A speech intended to have been spoken on the bill for altering the charters of the colony of Massachusett's bay
Shipley, Jonathan
London. printed for t. Cadell. 1774. vii,36p.

A speech in the House of Commons, 25th April, 1838, on the Bill to amend the law of copyright
Talfourd, Thomas Noon
London. 1838.

A speech in the House of Lords, August 1, 1833: on a bill for the removal of certain disabilities from His Majesty's subjects of the Jewish persuasion, with additional remarks on some of the objections urged against that measure : also a petition to the House of Lords ... relative to Church reform
Whately, Richard
London. B. Fellowes. 1833. 56p.

A speech in the House of Lords, August 1,1833, on a bill for the removal of certain disabilities from His Majesty's subjects of the Jewish persuasion: with additional remarks on some of the objections urged against that measure
Whately, Richard
London. B. Fellowes. 1848.

A speech in the lower house of convocation on Monday 23 January 1775
Ibbetson, James
London. Printed for B. White. 1775. 10 p.

A speech, in which the question of a war with France is stated and examined
Lover of his country
Birmingham. printed by Thomas Pearson. 1793. 24p.

A speech made before the Lords in the Upper House by Francis Rous, Esquire, March the 16th 1640: against Dr.Cossens, Dr. Maynwaring, and Dr. Beale, upon the complaint of Mr. Peter Smart
Rous, Francis ; Cossens ; Maynwaring ; Beale ; Smart, Peter
London. printed for John Wright Junior. 1641.

A speech made before the Lords in the Upper House of Parliament
Mervyn, Audley
[London?]. reprinted for B: VV: Gent. 1716.

A speech made by Alderman Garroway at a Common-hall on Tuesday the 17. of January, upon occasion of a speech delivered there the Friday before
Garway, Henry
[London?]. 1642 [i.e.1643].

A speech made by Alderman Garroway, at a Common-Hall, on Tuesday the 17. of January. Upon occasion ofa speech delivered there the Friday before, by M. Pym, at the reading of His Majesties answer to the late petition. With a letter from a Scholler in Oxfordshire, to his Vncle a merchant in Broad-Street, upon occasion of a book intituled, Amoderate and most proper reply to a declaration, printed and published under His Majesties name, Decemb. 8. intended against an Ordinance of Parliament for assessing, &c. ...Also a true and briefe relation of the great victory obtained bySir Ralph Hopton, neere Bodmin, in the county of Cornwall, Jan. 19. 1642
Garroway, Henry ; Pym, John
[London]. [s.n.]. 1643.

A speech made by Alderman Garroway, at a Common-hall ... the 17 of January: with a Letter from a scholler in Oxfordshire ... also a True and briefe relation of the ... victory obtained by Sir Ralph Hopton, neere Bodmin ... Jan. 19
Garway, Henry
(London?). 1643. 22 p.

A speech made by Captaine Audley Mervin in the Vpper House of Parliament in Ireland, March 4. 1640. Together vvith certain articles (of high treason) against Sir Richard Bolton Lord Chancellor, Iohn Lord Bishop of Derrie, Sir Gerard Lowther, Lord Chiefe Justice of the Common-Pleas and Sir George Ratcliffe Knight. Unto which is added an humbleand just Remonstrance of the Parliament
Mervyn, Audley
[London?]. Printed for Hvgh Perry. 1641.

A speech made by Master Bagshawe in Parliament concerning the triall of the twelve Bishops on Munday the seventeenth of January, Anno, 1641. as also, the articles, now in agitation, objected against them
Bagshaw, Edward
London. printed for T. T. 1642.

A speech made by Master Smith, in the lower House of Parliament, on Wednesday the 29th of December, 1641
Smith, Philip
London. Printed for Tho. Bankes. 1641. 5p.

A speech made by Master Waller Esquire, in the Honourable House of Commons, concerning episcopacie whether it should be committed or rejected
Waller, Edmund
[London]. [s.n.]. 1641.

A speech made by the Right Honourable John, Earle of Bristoll, in the High Court of Parliament, May 20.1642. concerning an accommodation
Digby, John
London. printed for Richard Marriot. 1642.

A Speech made by the Right Hon. William Craig: at the Ulster Vanguard First Anniversary Rally, Ulster Hall,Belfast, Monday, 12th February, 1973
Craig, William
Belfast. Ulster Vanguard. 1973. 7p.

A speech made in the castle of Dublin, before His Grace Charles Duke of Shrewsbury, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
French, Matthew
Dublin. Printed by A. Rhames. 1713. 8 p.

A speech made in the House of Commons in England
Heathcote, George
Dublin. 1769. 19 p.

A speech made in the House of Commons, upon the late Ministry's forcing a new charter upon the town of Bewdly, in the county of Worcester, without a surrender of the old
[London]. printed by A. Baldwin. 1710.

A speech made in the House of Peeres by the Right Honorable the Earle of Monmouth, on Thursday, the thirteenth of January, 1641, upon the occasion of the present destractions, and of His Majesties removall from White-hall
Monmouth, Henry Carey
[London]. [s.n.]. 1641. 8p.

A speech made to the French king at Versailles the 23d of March, 1707
Noailles, Louis Antoine de, cardinal
(London). 1707. 1 sheet.

A speech made to the House of Commons concerning episcopacy
Falkland, Lucius Cary
London. Printedfor Thomas Walkely. 1641. 16p.

A speech of Edmund Burke, Esq: At the guildhall, in Bristol, previous to the late election in that city, upon certain points relative to his parliamentary conduct
Burke, Edmund ; Craigie, William A ; Eyre, Francis
London. Printed for J. Dodsley. 1780. [4],68p. : 8vo.

A speech of Edmund Burke, Esq. at the Guildhall, in Bristol, previous to the election in that city: upon certain points relative to his parliamentary conduct
Burke, Edmund
Dublin. Printed by R. Marchbank, for Messrs. J. Sheppard, W. Colles, C. Jenkin, T. Walker, W. Wilson ... (and 3 others). 1780. (2), 80 p.

A speech of Edmund Burke, Esq. at the Guildhall, in Bristol, previous to the late election in that city, upon certain points relative to his Parliamentary conduct
Burke, Edmund
London. printed for J. Dodsley. 1780. [4],68p.

A speech of George Cubitt, Esq., M.P. for West Surrey, delivered in the House of Commons on Tuesday, July 2, 1872, on the debate on Mr. Miall's motion for a Royal Commission to inquire into the revenues of the Church of England: with notes and appendices
Cubitt, George ; Miall, Edward
London. Printed for the Church Defence Institution. 1873. 44 p.

A speech of Mr. John Bright, M.P. to the Rochdale Workmen's Club, January 2, 1877: revised by the speaker
Bright, John
Manchester. John Heywood (Printer). 1877. 16p.

A speech of Mr. John Milton for the liberty of unlicenc'd printing, to the parliament of England
Milton, John
(London:). printed at the Doves Press. 1907. 74 p.

A speech of Mr. John White, Counsellor at Law, made in the Commons House of Parliament concerning episcopacy
White, John
London. printed for Thomas Nicholes. 1641.

A speech of the honorable Denzell Hollis, (second son to the Right Honorable John Earle of Clare deceased) and brother to the now Earle of Clare. At the dellvery [sic] of the Protestation to the Lords of the upper House of Parliament, 4.May 1641. Wherein is set forth the reasons that moved the House of Commons to make the said Protestation. [T]o gether with a short narration of the severall grievances of the Kingdome
Holles, Denzil Holles
London. Printed by B.A. and T.F. for Iohn Hammond. 1641.

A speech of the Honourable NathanaelFiennes: in answer to the third speech of the Lord George Digby. Concerning bishops and the city of Londons petition
Fiennes, Nathaniel
(London). 1641. 28 p.

A speech of the honourable Nathaniel Fiennes, (second son to the Right Honourable the Lord Say) in answer to the third speech of the Lord George Digby concerning Bishops and the City of Londons petition, both which were made the 9th of Feb. 1640. in the honourable House of Commons: in which is plainly cleared the severall objections, that are made against the Londoners petition, and also the great and transcendent evills of Episcopal government are demonstrated and plainly laid open
Fiennes, Nathaniel
[s.l.]. [s.n.]. 1641.

A speech of the Right Honovrable The Earle of Louden, Lord Chancellour of Scotland: to a grand committee of both Houses of Parliament, upon the 12 of September, 1645
Loudoun, John Campbell
London. Printed by E.P. for Hugh Perrey. 1645.

A speech of Thomas Mercer ... before his death: being executed ... May 1645
Mercer, Thomas
London. Printed by Cole. 1645. 6 p.

A speech on the character of the Right Hon. William Pitt: delivered in Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge, Dec. 17, 1806, being commemoration day
Tomline, William Edward Pretyman
London. printed by Mercier and co. 1807.

A speech on the characters and deaths, of the Rev. John William Reid, and John Sargint, esq. delivered from the chair of the Historical Society, of the University of Dublin, on Wednesday the twelfth of December, 1798
Jebb, John
Dublin. printed for William Jones. 1799. [4],35p.

A speech on the death of King George the fifth broadcast from London by the prime Minister on Tuesday January 21st 1936
London. Hodder & Stoughton. 1936. 28p.

A speech on the improvement of the Shannon, being in continuation of the debate in the House of Commons, 12th May, 1835, giving a comparative view of the navigation of the Rideau Canal, in Canada, and the River Shannon, in Ireland: with observatins on the value of a connection by steam packets, with British America
London. J. Bain. 1835. 60p.

A speech on the present state of the law of the country: delivered in theHouse of Commons, on Thursday, February 7th, 1828
Brougham and Vaux, Henry Peter Brougham
London. printed for Knight and Lacey. 1828.

A speech on the propriety of revising the criminal laws: delivered Dec. 10, 1818, before the Corporation of the City of London
Favell, Samuel
London. Printed for R. Hunter, and J. Condor, and Smith and Burton. 1819. vi, 72 p.

A speech on the repeal of such parts of the Test and Corporation Acts as affect conscientious dissenters: intended to have been delivered before the General Body of Dissenting Ministers at the library in Red Cross Street, December 22, 1789
Martin, John
London. Printed for John Stockdale. 1790.

A speech on the subject of the established church and church rates
Tottenham, Edward
Bath. Published (by permission) by W. Pocock ... and by Simpkin and Marshall, London. [1837?]. 24p.

A speech on the treatment of life-sentenced convicts, delivered by Sir Walter Crofton, C.B., at the Manchester Congress of the Social Science Association, October 4th, 1866
Crofton, Walter
London. Victoria Press. 1866.

A Speech spoke by Sir J. K--t [i.e.Sir John Knight], in the House of Commons, against the Bill for Naturalizing Foreigners
Knight, John
[London?]. [s.n.]. [1710?]. 8 p.

A speech spoken by a worthy and learned gentleman, master Thomas Chadlicot, Esquire: in behalfe of the King and Parliament, at Bishops Cannings in Wiltshire before one Master Blithe, a minister of God's word, and Master Lewin, a councellour at Law, and now published for the publique good for the cure of the miserable distempers of this distracted Kingdome, with the Parliaments resolution concerning the Kings most excellent Majesty
Chadlicot, Thomas
London. printed for Thomas Banks. 1642.

A speech spoken in the House of Commons, by the Reverend Father in God, Robert, L. Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. Being brought to the barre to answer for himselfe
Wright, Robert
London. printed by R. B. for Richard Lownds. 1641.

A speech spoken in the House of Commons of Ireland, on Monday, February the fourth, 1793: on the introduction of a petition on behalf of the Roman Catholicks of Ireland, into the House. and on a motion made thereon for liberty to bring in a bill for their further relief ; By Mr. Secretary Hobart
Duigenan, Patrick ; Buckinghamshire, Robert Hobart
Dublin. printed by William M'Kenzie. 1793. 67p.

A speech ... to the assembled inhabitants of the counties of Middlesex and Surry: the citiesof London and Westminster and the borough of Southwark, XXVIII May, MDCCLXXXII
Jones, William
London. Dilly. 1782. 18 p.

A speech to the people; or, A briefe and reall discovery of the unhappy estate of these most distracted times
Jordan, Thomas
London. H.B. 1642. 5 p.

A speech upon moving certain resolutions to petition the House of Commons for a reform in Parliament: delivered in the Common Council ... 26th of May, 1820 ... (and) a speech upon moving an address to the Queen (in connection with the King's investigations of her conduct) ... 14th of June, 1820
Favell, Samuel ; Caroline Amelia Elizabeth
London. Hunter. 1820. 48 p.

A speech upon the consolidated bill
Neville, Grey
(London). 1721. 9 p.

A speech upon the Corporation and Test acts: delivered in ... Common Council ... 9th of May, 1827; with an appendix, containing extracts from Mr. Serjeant Heywood's pamphlet (The right of protestant dissenters to a compleat toleration asserted
Favell, Samuel ; Lofft, Capel ; Heywood, Samuel
London. Holdsworth. 1827. 39 p.

A Speech without doors: in behalf of an insolvent debtor in the Fleet-Prison. With some remarks on the present state of gaolarchy
London. Printed for J. Roberts. (1729). 25 p.

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