A statement of the accounts of the Rugby Union
Hefford, G
Rugby. Crossley and Billington. [ca 1868].

A statement of the accounts of the United States of America, during the administration of the Superintendant of Finance: commencing with his appointment, on the 20th day of February, 1781, and ending with his resignation, on the 1st day of November, 1784
Aitken, Robert ; Morris, Robert
Philadelphia. Printed by Robert Aitken, at Pope's Head, in Market Street. M.DCC.LXXXV. [1785]. x, [208]p. : fol.

A statement of the boundary marks of the parish ... to be used in perambulating the parish on Ascension Day
(London. Printed by Evans. 1891). 8 p.

A Statement of the case in favour of the proposed ammendment to article 41.3.2 of the constitution =: Statement of the case against the proposed amendment to article 41.3.2 of the constitution
Dublin. The Commission. 1995. 7,7p.

A statement of the case of Mr. Edward Massey: most respectfully offered to the notice of every Member of Parliament
Massey, Edward
Prescot. printed by A.T. Ducker. 1820.

A statement of the Christian faith
[United Kingdom?]. [s.n.]. [19--]. 13 p.

A statement of the Christian faith
[s.l.]. Presbyterian Church of England. 1956.

A Statement of the circumstances attending the release of Mr. A. E. Moseley from custody, and when in full contempt of the General and Supreme Court of the Colony of the Bahamas
London. Spottiswoode. [1892]. 38p.

A Statement of the claim of the subscribers to the Birmingham & Liverpool rail road to an Act of Parliament: in reply to the opposition of the canal companies
Parkes, Joseph
London. printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy. 1825. 93p.

A statement of the claims of Charles T. Jackson, M.D., to the discovery of the applicability of sulphuric ether to the prevention of pain in surgical operations
Gay, M
Printed by D. Clapp. 1847.

A statement of the claims of Charles T. Jackson... to the discovery of the applicability of sulphuric ether to the prevention of pain in surgical operations
Gay, Martin
Boston. D. Clapp. 1847. 44p.

A statement of the claims of Charles T. Jackson... to the discovery of the applicability of sulphuric ether to the prevention of pain in surgical operations
Gay, Martin
New York. Readex Microprint. 1975. 1 microop.aque.

A statement of the condition and circumstances of the Cathedral Church of Hereford
Merewether, John
London. Simpkin,Marshall& Co. 1842.

A statement of the Cosmic Mandala: a celebration
Decio, Colin
[s.l.]. The composer. 1987.

A statement of the cruelties, abuses, and frauds which are practised in mad-houses
Rogers, John Wilson
London. printed for the author by E. Justins, and sold by Wilson. 1816.

A statement of the early symptoms which lead to the disease termed water in the brain: with observations on the necessity of a watchful attention to them, and on the fatal consequences of their neglect
Yeats, G. D
London. W. Phillips. 1823. xxiii, 164 p.

A statement of the efforts made by the inhabitants of Saint Luke, Chelsea, to give efficiency to an act of Parliament (1 & 2 Geo. 4, cap. 67) lately obtained for their benefit
Kruse, Peter
(London). Wright. 1822. viii, 128 p.

A statement of the faith of world-wide Methodism
Tillett, Wilbur F
Nashville, Tenn. M.E. Church, South. [1906?]. 71p.

A Statement of the German-Danish question: with reference to the propositions for its adjustment lately made by Great Britain
Leipzig. F. A. Brockhaus. 1863. iv, 66p.

A statement of the grounds on which the Company of Bakers: found their present application to Parliament for an act giving an increase ... to their present allowance for the making and baking of bread
(London. The Company. 1804?). 3 p.

A Statement of the mode of proceeding, and of going to trial in the Royal Court of Jersey: in all cases criminal, civil and mixed
Hemery, James ; Dumaresq, John
Jersey. Jersey Press. 1789.

A Statement of the mode of proceeding and of going to trial in the Royal Court of Jersey, in all cases, criminal, civil and mixed: prepared in consequence of an order from the Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Council
Hemery, James ; Dumaresq, John
Jersey. Jersey Press. 1789.

A statement of the number of persons male and female committed to Newgate during the last seven years ... shewing their crimes, sentences & c
(London. 1809). 1 sheet.

A statement of the number of short stage coaches, omnibuses and flys, standing inand passing through the City ... and the number of journeys respectively performed by them daily: together with the return of empty cabriolets passing up and down between the west end of Cheapside and the Bank ... on the 28th, 29th and 30thJanuary, 1834
(London). 1834. 1 sheet.

A statement of the number of short stage coaches standing in the streets of the city of London, and the daily number of journies performed by them
(London. The Corporation). 1825. (4) p.

A statement of the origin and present condition of the Magee College
Londonderry. Printed by James Macpherson, at the Standard Steam Book Printing House. 1871. 7p.

A statement of the origin, present condition, and requirement of the Magee College (University College), Londonderry
Londonderry. 1890. (8) p.

A statement of the Penal Laws, which aggrieve the Catholics of Ireland: With commentaries : In two parts
Scully, Denys
Dublin. H. Fitzpatrick. 1812. xviii,xii,[13]-148p.

A statement of the penal laws which aggrieve the Catholics of Ireland: with commentaries
Scully, Denys
Dublin. Fitzpatrick. 1812. xxvi, 370 p.

A statement of the poll of electors of the southern division of Warwickshire, taken on the 17th and 18th of December 1832 at the election oftwo knights to serve in parliament for the the said division
Stratford. W. Barnacle. [18--].

A statement of the principles of unitarian christianity
Hopgood, James
[S.l. s.n. n.d.]. 11p.

A statement of the problem with special reference to recurrent education
Emmerij, Louis ; Kallen, D ; Antonsen, K
Paris). Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. (1971). 47 p.

A statement of the produce and expenditure of the City's estate, for the year ending the31st ... December 1828
Barnett, Daniel
London. Barnett. 1830. 48 p.

A statement of the question between Unitarians and Orthodox Presbyterians in Ireland, respecting trust property
London. Blackburn and Pardon, printers. 1844. 14 p.

A statement of the question concerning the number of scholars to be annually elected from Westminster School to Christ Church, Oxford, and Trinity College, Cambridge
Oxford. printed by W. Baxter. 1827. 39 p.

A statement of the receipts and expenditure of the charities under the administration ofthe Governors of Christ's hospital, London, for the year ended the 31st December, 1864
(London. 1865). 7 p.

A statement of the rise and progress of the Unitarian Christian Congregation, and a list of the donations towards the liquidation of the debt on the meeting house, Moor Lane, Bolton
Liverpool. printed by F. B. Wright. 1824. 12 p. : 8vo.

A statement of the services and expenses of the Marquis of the Worcesterfor his king (Charles I) and country
Worcester, Edward Somerset
(London. printed by Strangeways. 1864?). 15 p.

A statement of the various proceedings and transactions: between the ... Clockmakers' Company of ... London and His Majestys' Government, in relation to the importation of foreign clocks and watches
London. The Company. 1832. vi, 73 p.

A statement of the various proceedings and transactions ... between the ... Clockmakers'Company ... and His Majesty's government, in relation to the importation of foreign clocks and watches into these realms, subsequent to the 5th of March, 1832
London. The Company. 1841. (131) p.

A statement of the various proceedings and transactions that have taken place between the Court of Assistants of the Clockmakers' Company of the City oföndon, and His Majesty's Government, in relation to the importation of foreign clocks and watches into these realms
London. B. McMillan. 1832.

A statement of truths, in reply to the Incumbent of St. Mark's "Statement of facts"
Crawford, Prince
Liverpool. Perry & Co. 1838.

A statement on behalf of UK Local Government to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
Stewart, John ; Hams, Tony ; Reiter, Nick
Luton. Local Government Management Board. 1992.

A statement on family law reform
Birch, Peter
(Dublin). 1974. v, 31 p.

A statement on resale price maintenance: being a trade practice which prevents shopkeepers from reducing certain prices to the public
London. HMSO. 1951.

A statement on research and related activities in the humanities
London. The Council. 1991. (4)p.

A statement on social policy
[Blackrock]. Council for Social Welfare. 1972.

A statement on some aspects of penal policy: traffic courts, preventive detention, periodic detention
Hanan, J. R
[New Zealand]. [s.n.]. 1966. 6p.

A statement on students with special needs: the right to education after 16
London. CSIE. (198-?). 4p.

A statement on the current political situation: December 1986
Belfast. Northern Consensus Group. 1986. 3p.

A statement on the difficulties experienced by contractors working with Government departments
Hall, John ; Mather, Graham ; Ivens, Michael
London. Aims of Industry. 1986.

A statement on the present state of change in mathematics at secondary level: a report prepared by the Joint Mathematical Council of the United Kingdom under the editorship of Dr. Bryan Thwaites
Thwaites, Bryan
London. The Council. 1970.

A statement on the review of craft training in the hotel and catering industry
[London]. [Hotel and Catering Industry Training Board]. 1985?. 12p.

A statement on the steel strike: from Britain's iron and steelworkers to the general public
London. Iron and Steel Trades Confederation. [1980]. 4p.

A statement on the Teachers' Oath Law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Cambridge, Mass. [s.n.]. 1936. 7p.

A statement on the white paper on educational reconstruction
London. Council for Educational Advance. [1942?]. 8p.

A statement ot the views of the Chinese government on the report of the Commission of enquiry of the League of nations: By His Excellency Dr. V. K. Wellington Koo
Koo, Wellington Vi Kyuin
Geneva. Chinese delegation to the League of nations. 1932. 46 p., 1 l.

A statement relating to facts which have been misunderstood, and to questions which have been raised, in connexion with the consecration, trial, and excommunication of the Right Rev. Dr. Colenso
Gray, Robert
London. Rivingtons. 1867. 92p.

A statement relative to the legality of burial fees in the parish of St. Martin-in-the-fields
Simpson, Henry
London. (The Parish. 1838). 24 p.

A Statement upon questions relating to the salaries emoluments and the general conditions and terms of service of planters on rubber estates and other plantations in British Malaya
Kuala Lumpur. The Incorporated Society of Planters. [1934]. 24p.

A state murder exposed: the truth about the killing of Joy Gardner : proceedings of the Workers Inquiry, November 4-5, 1995
Rotherham. International Worker Books. 1996. iii,150p.

A state of affairs
Swannell, Graham
London. Faber. 1985. 87p.

A state of change
Gilliatt, Penelope
London. Secker & Warburg. 1967. 221p.

A State of collapse: the UK economy under the Tories
London. LRD Publications. 1987. 44p.

A state of consciousness
Austin, Fred
London. F. Austin. [1983?].

A state of corruption
Geddes, Paul
London. Bodley Head. 1985. (256)p.

A state of crisis: the changing face of British politics : a reader
Anderson, James ; Cochrane, Allan
London. Hodder and Stoughton in association with the Open University. 1989. vi,311p.

A State of decay
[UK]. Channel Four. 1989. 1 videocassette (45 min.).

A state of deference: Ragusa/Dubrovnik in the medieval centuries
Stuard, Susan Mosher
Philadelphia. University of Pennsylvania Press. c1992. viii, 269 p.

A state of denial: Texas justice and the death penalty
Houston, Texas. Texas defender service. 1999. vii,157.

A state of Denmark
Raymond, Derek
London. Serpent'sTail. 1994. 269p.

A state of Denmark, or a warning to the incurious: a novel
Cook, Robin
London. Hutchinson. 1970. 269p.

A state of depression
McRae, Margaret
Basingstoke. Macmillan. 1986. xi,258p.

A state of disrepair: report of a survey of council housing in Colchester
Walker, Alan
Colchester. Colchester Poverty Action Group. 1976. 40p.

A state of disunion: Arthur Griffith, Michael Collins, James Craig, Eamon de Valera
Younger, Calton
London. Fontana. 1972. 349,(4)p.

A State of disunion
[U.K.]. BBC. [197-?]. 1 sound cassette.

A State of emergency: a review of the Northern Ireland Special Powers Act
Belfast. Northern Ireland Society of Labour Lawyers. 1969. 7p.

A state of emergency
Trans-Global International. 1989. 1 videocassette.

A state of England
Hartley, Anthony
London. Hutchinson. 1963. 255p.,22cm.

A state of facts, in answer to an advertisement inserted in the London papers by ... Thomas Skinner ... published at the request ... of ... friends to ... Richard Jacques ... late partner with the said Thomas Skinner
Jaques, Richard ; Skinner, Thomas
London. (The Author). 1791. 8 p.

A state of facts in defence of His Majesty's right to certain fee-farm rents in ... Norfolk
Webb, Philip Carteret
London. 1758. 2 v.

A State of Facts, or: Observations on Dr. Heysham's Bills of Mortality, in Carlisle, for the year 1782
Hodgson, John
Carlisle. Printed by Francis Jollie. 1783. 16 p.

A state of facts relating to the repairs done at the Comptroller's House
Seaman, Dutton ; Dance, George
(London?. 1756?). 3 p.

A state of fear
Du Plessis, Menan
London. Pandora. 1987, c1983. 190p.

A state of fear: memories of Argentina's nightmare
Graham-Yooll, Andrew
London. Eland. 1986. 168p.

A state of glory for spirits of just men upon dissolution, demonstrated: A sermon preached in Pauls Church Aug. 30, 1657, before the Lord Mayor and aldermen of the city of London
Goodwin, Thomas
London. Dawlman. 1657. 71 p.

A state of grace
Fenner, Robert
New World. 1996. 1 cassette.

A state of inaction: the state and stock exchange reform in the Federal Republic of Germany
Moran, Michael
Manchester. Dept. of Government. Victoria University of Manchester. 1987.

A state of independence
Phillips, Caryl
London. Faber. 1986. 158p.

A state of insecurity: the political economy of violence in refugee-populated areas of Kenya
Crisp, Jeff
Geneva. UNHCR. 1999.

A state of intolerance?
London. BBC. 1995. 1 videocassette.

Astate of intrigue: the epic of Bamana Segu according to Tayiru Banbera
Banbera, Tayiru ; Conrad, David C
Oxford. Published for the British Academy by Oxford University Press. 1990. (368)p.

A state of justice
Paulin, Tom ; Sweeney, John L
London. Faber and Faber. [1977]. 47p.

A state of mind
Lane, Jane
London. Muller. 1964.

A state of mind: the Scots in Nova Scotia : R. A. Maclean
MacLean, R. A
Hansford, Nova Scotia. Lancelot Press. 1992. 100p.

A state of mind
[U.K.]. ARTE and BBC. 2004. 1 videocassette (90 min.).

A state of minds: toward a human capital future for Canadians
Courchene, Thomas J
Montreal. IRPP. c2001. xiv, 323 p.

A state of our own
Aluko, T. M
London. Macmillan. 1986. 220p.

A state of peace
Elliott, Janice
London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1971. 319p.

A state of siege: politics and policing of the coalfields : miners strike 1984
Coulter, Jim ; Miller, Susan ; Walker, Martin
London. Canary Press. 1984. xii,241p.

A state of siege
Frame, Janet
Australia. Angus & Robertson. (199-).

A State of siege: policing the coalfields in the first six weeks of the miners' strike
Miller, Susan ; Walker, Martin
London. Published by the authors. 1984.

A state of symmetry
Clingman, Paul
Brookvale, NSW. Migdal. 2000. 380p.

A state of the allegations and evidence produced, and opinions of merchants & other persons given, to the Committee of Council: extracted from their report of the 31st of May, 1784, on His Majesty's order of reference of the eight of March last, made upon the representation of the West-India planters and merchants, purporting to shew the distressed state of His Majesty's sugar colonies
[s.l.]. [s.n.]. 1806. 154,xxxip.

A state of the art in wind engineering: Davenport sixtieth birth anniversary volume
Davenport, A. G
New Delhi . New Age International Publishers Ltd. c1994. 417p.

A state-of-the-art report on electronic publishing
Hayden, Virginia
Bradford. MCB University Press. 1983.

A state-of-the-art review of continuous monitoring and surveillance techniques in relation to reactor pressure circuit integrity
Nichols, R. W
Luxembourg. Commission of the European Communities. 1991.

A state-of-the art survey of methods being used for the evaluation of coatings for super alloys and refractory metals
James, W. A
Paris. Agard. 1965.

A state-of-the-art survey on automatic indexing
Liebesny, Felix
Paris. Unesco. 1974. 42 p.

A state of the case and a narrative of facts, relating to the late commotions, & rising of the weavers, in the County of Gloucester; as it regards a petition now presented to the Hon. House of Commons by the Body of Clothiers, and others, concerned in theclothing manufactory of Stroud-Water, and Parts adjacent
Stroud. William Collins. 1885. 33p.

A state of the case between the South-Sea Company, and the proprietors of the redeemable debts
(London. 1721?). 7 p.

A state of the case of the creditors of Burton's bank: In which is contained, a narrative of the proceedings relative to the demands of the said creditors, against the estate of Francis Harrison, Esq; deceased : Together with a collection of the papers published, both for and against the proposal, lately made by Abraham Creighton, Esq; to the said creditors
Roberts, Robert
Dublin. [s.n.]. 1751. 52p.

A state of the charity for the relief of clergymen, and the widows and children of clergymen within ... London and Westminster
London. printed by R. Gilbert. 1822. 27 p.

A state of the dispute between Sir Robert Clayton ... Sir John Gresham ... Lady Gresham, and Miss Clayton: and John Kenrick ... relative to the purchase of the reversion of the manor and borough of Blechingly, in the county of Surry (sic.)
Kenrick, John ; Clayton, Robert ; Gresham, John
(n.p. J. Kerrick. 1788). vii, 87 p.

A state of the evidence on the trial of William Jolliffe: for a libel and misdemeanor: with Mr. Jolliffe's exculpatory affidavit; and his speech to the court of King's bench
Jolliffe, William
London. 1792. 38 p.

A state of the five and thirty millions mention'd in the report of a committee of the House of Commons
Walpole, Robert ; Maynwaring, Arthur
(London?). (1711). 4 p.

A state of the national debt as it stood December the 24th, 1716: compared withthe debt at Michaelmas, 1725
Pulteney, William ; Gould, Nathaniel
(London. S.J. Loyd. 1857).

A state of the parish of St. James's Clerkenwell: as it stood at and before the time of dividing it and erecting part thereof intothe new parish of St. John's Clerkenwell
(London. 1724?). 1 sheet.

A state of the poll for members of Parliament to represent the town and borough of Northampton: as it was taken there on Thursday the 17th of March, and thence continued, by adjournment from day to day, to Friday the 1st of April, 1768 : with an appendix of the voters offered and rejected for each Party; addressed to the free and independent electors of the town and borough in the interest of the Hon. Thomas Howe
Northampton. printed by Cluer Dicey & Son. (1768). 71p.

A state of the proceedings in the House of Commons, with relation to the impeached lords: and what happened thereupon between the two Houses
London. printed for Edward Jones, and Timothy Goodwin. 1701.

A state of the proceedings of the corporation of the governors of the bounty of Queen Anne, for the augmentation of the maintenanceof the poor clergy
Ecton, John
London. printed for Tho. Woodward. 1721.

A state of the proceedings of the Corporation of the Governors of the Bounty of Queen Anne, for the augmentation of the maintenance of the poor clergy, giving a particular account of their constitution, benefactions, and augmentations, with directions tosuch as desire to become benefactors to so pious and charitable a work. The second edition, with a continuation to Christmas, 1720
Ecton, John ; Hyde, John ; Gunne, Richard ; Owen, Robert ; Dobson, Eliphal
Dublin. Printed for J. Hyde, R. Gunne, R. Owen, and E. Dobson. 1725. [16], 112 p.

A state of the proceedings of the corporation of the governours of the Bounty of Queen Anne, for the augmentation of the maintenance of the poor clergy: from their first establishment in the year 1704, to Christmass 1718. Giving a particular account of their constitution, benefactions, and augmentations, with directions to such as desire tobecome benefactors to so pious and charitable a work
Ecton, John
London. Printed for Tho. Woodward, next door but one to Temple-Barr. MDCCXIX. (1719). xviii, 196 p.

A state of the province of Georgia, attested upon oath in the court of Savannah, ... 1740
Stephens, William
London. W. Meadows. 1742.

A state of the representation of the people of England, on the principles of Mr Pitt in 1785: with an annexed state of additional propositions
Wyvill, Christopher
York. printed by W. Blanchard. 1794. 55p.

A state of the rise and progress of our disputes with Spain, and of the conduct of our Ministers relating thereto
Marchmont, Hugh Hume ; Cooper, Thomas
London. printed for T. Cooper at the Globe, in Pater-Noster Row. MDCCXXIXX [sic. ie. 1739]. [4], 48, 41-56, 65-76p. : 8vo.

A State of Trance 2004
Buuren, Armin Van
Silly Spider Music. 2004. 2 compact disc.

A state of truce: Northern Ireland after twenty-five years of war
Tannam, Etain