The Authentic backpackers guide to Edinburgh
[Edinburgh]. Going Forth. [2000].

The authentic Baroque
Pro Arte. 1 compact disc.

Authentic biographical anecdotes of Joseph Gerrald, a delegate to the British Convention in Scotland from the London Corresponding Society, and who is now on his passage to New Holland for having acted in that capacity, according to the sentence of the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh, March the 14th, 1794
London. Daniel Isaac Eaton. 1795. v, [2], 8-30p.

The authentic biography of Colonel Beck
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Flint, Tommy
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Authentic blues, rockabilly, rock 'n' roll
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Authentic bongo rhythms
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Authentic bongo rhythms
Evans, Bob
Miami. Warner Brothers. [199-?]. 1 score.

Authentic Brazilian bossa nova guitar
Marshall, Jack
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Authentic British Isles: folk songs and country dances etc that make up the British heritage
Munich. Sonoton Recorded Music Library. compact disc (f1).

The authentic cadence: centennial essays on Gerard Manley Hopkins
Mortimer, Anthony Robert
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Authentic canary guide book
Flowers, Marion Luther ; Flowers, Flora
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Authentic childhood: exploring Reggio Emilia in the classroom
Fraser, Susan ; Gestwicki, Carol
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Authentic China: Authentic imperial court music, music & dances from Tang dynasty
Sonoton. 1 compact disc.

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Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn
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Stott, John R. W ; Dudley-Smith, Timothy
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Authentic copies of a declaration of the rights of Englishmen: a bill for a reform in Parliament : and a letter to Lieut. Col. Sharman, byHis Grace the Duke of Richmond : to which is subjoined, extracts from the speech of the Right Hon. William Pitt, on a reform of Parliament
Cartwright, John ; Pitt, William ; Richmond, Charles Lennox
London. printed for James Ridgeway. 1794.

Authentic copies of the letters and other papers delivered, at their execution, by the nine rebels who suffer'd death on Wednesday, July 30, 1746, on Kennington Common
London. Sold by the publishers and pamphlet-sellers in London and Westminster. [1746]. 24p.

Authentic copy of a petition, praying for a reform in Parliament presented to the House of Commons on Monday, 6th May 1793...associated for the purpose of obtaining parliamentary reform
London. The Society, The Friends of the People. 1793. 12p.

Authentic costumes & characters of the Wild West
Reedstrom, Ernest Lisle ; Reedstrom, Ernest Lisle
New York. Sterling. 1992. 160p.

The authentic counselor
Pietrofesa, J. J ; Leonard, G. E ; van Hoose, W
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Authentic country line dance
K-Tel. 1995. 1 videocassette ([60]mins).

Authentic craftsmanship in interior design: techniques, methods, materials
Reed, J. Ronald ; Culp, Stephanie
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The authentic death of Hendry Jones: previously entitled 'Guns up'
Neider, Charles
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Thornton, Peter
London. Weidenfeld and Nicolson. 1993. 408p.

Authentic decor: the domestic interior 1620-1920
Thornton, Peter
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Authentic derivations of place-names in County Dublin traced and explained with the aid of real evidence
MacNamara, M. A
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Authentic designs from the American Arts and Crafts movement
Grafton, Carol Belanger
New York. Dover. 1988. 121p.

Authentic detail, of an affair of honour between William Todd Jones, Esq. and Sir Richard Musgrave
Jones, William Todd
Dublin. [s.n.]. 1802. 9p.

Authentic details of the Valdenses, in Piemont [i.e. Piedmont] and other countries: with abridged translations of "L'histoire des Vaudois" par Bresse, and La rentree glorieuse, d'Henri Arnaud, with the ancient Valdensian catechism : to which are subjoined original letters, written during a residence among the Vaudois of Piemont [i.e.Piedmont] and Wirtemberg in 1825 : illustrated by etchings
Bracebridge, Charles Holte ; Brez, Jacques ; Arnaund, Henri
London. J. Hatchard and Son. 1827. 464p.

Authentic development in Africa
Walker, Brian W
New York, N.Y. Foreign Policy Association. c1985. 70 p.

Authentic Dud
Moore, Dudley ; McGurk, Pete ; Karan, Chris
Harkit Records. 2001. 1 compact disc.

Authentic education: Heidegger on the interdependency of the self and the truth as disclosedness
McEvilly, Agnes
[Guildford]. [University of Surrey]. 1995.

The authentic English editions of Beethoven
Tyson, Alan
London. Faber. 1963. 152p.

Authentic English for reading
Abbs, Brian ; Cook, Vivian ; Underwood, Mary
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Authentic English Hindi dictionary
DeCosta, Joseph ; Shukla, Rama Shankar
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Authentic ethnicities: the interaction of ideology, gender power, and class in the Italian-American experience
Boscia-Mule, Patricia
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Authentic everyday dress of the renaissance: all 154 plates from the "Trachtenbuch"
Weiditz, Christoph
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Authentic excello R & B
London. Ace Records. 1993. 1 compact disc.

Authentic fiction part 1 1996/1999
Rovira, Xavier
Barcelona. Actar. 2002.

The authentic first classics for pianoforte
Bradley, Dorothy
London. Ricordi. 1937.

The authentic first course for pianoforte
Bradley, Dorothy
London. Ricordi. 1937.

The authentic first Mozart: graded piano pieces with interpretative notes
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus ; Bradley, Dorothy
London. Ricordi. c1936. 1 score (16p.).

Authentic folk designs from India in full color
Prakash, K
New York. Dover. c1995. 30p.

Authentic folk music and dances of the world
Everest. 7 discs.

The authentic food finder: a guide to finding and buying traditional, organic and fine foods direct from the maker and grower
London. Write Angle. 1998. 216 p.

Authentic France: authentic folk ensembles from Paris, Auvergne, Bretagne
Sonoton. 1 compact disc.

Authentic French fashions of the twenties: 413 costume designs from: L'art et la mode
Olian, JoAnne
New York. Dover. 1990. vi,138p.

Authentic French for GCSE
Creighton, John
Oxford. Basil Blackwell. c1988. 127p.

Authentic French provincial furniture from Provence, Normandy and Brittany
Algoud, Henri ; Le Clerc, Leon ; Baneat, Paul
New York. Dover Publications. c1993. 124p.

The authentic George Gershwin
Gershwin, George ; Gibbons, Jack
London. ASV. 1994. 1 cassette.

The authentic Gilbert and Sullivan Songbook: 92 unabridged selections from all 14 operas reproduced from early vocal scores
Sullivan, Arthur ; Gilbert, W. S ; Binney, Malcolm ; Lavender, Peter
New York. Dover Publications. 1977.

The authentic Gilbert & Sullivan songbook: 92 unabridged selections from all 14 operas reproduced from early vocal scores
Sullivan, Arthur ; Gilbert, W. S ; Binney, Malcolm ; Lavender, Peter ; Spero, James
New York. Dover. 1977.

Authentic gospel: sermons by George Dawson
Dawson, George
London. Kegan Paul, Trench & Co. 1881. xii, 334 p.

Authentic Greece: Greek folk tunes and moods played on the traditional instruments by authentic musicians
Sonoton. 1 disc.

Authentic Greek folk songs and dances
Olympic. 1 disc.

The authentic guide to Russian and Soviet cameras: made in USSR : 200 Soviet cameras
Princelle, Jean Loup ; Ouvrier, Valia
St. Helier, Jersey. Hove Foto Books. 1995. 189p.

The authentic guitar style of Suzanne Vega
Vega, Suzanne ; Phillips, Mark
PortChester, N.Y. Cherry Lane Music. 1988.

Authentic happiness: using the new positive psychology to realize your potential for lasting fulfillment
Seligman, Martin E. P
New York. Free Press. 2002. xiv, 321 p.

Authentic history of the "Great box" of sealed writings left by Joanna Southcott
Robertson, Mary S
Ashford. Clock Tower Press. 1925. 8p.

The authentic history of the United States Steel Corporation
Cotter, Arundel
New York. Moody. 1916.

Authentic Indian cookery
Jetha, Shelina
Tadworth. Right Way. c1994. 125p.

Authentic Indian television to teach English
Sylvester, Silvayya P
1990. 1 v. (142 leaves).

Authentic Indonesia-Bali-Java: Wayan Udayana presents various Gamelan ensembles
Udayana, Wayan
Sonoton. 1 disc.

The authentic & interesting history of Miss Moreton, and the faithful cottager
Birmingham. Printed for G.A. Stephens by S. and T. Martin. 1808.

Authentic Israeli folk songs and dances: on flute, guitar, accordians & drums
Legacy International. [n.d.]. 1 compact disc.

Authentic Italy: Descriptive Italian moods based on the musical traditions of the different regions : played on authentic instruments
Sonoton. 1 disc.

Authenticities: philosophical reflections on musical performance
Kivy, Peter
Ithaca. Cornell University Press. 1995. xiv,299p.

Authenticity and early music: a symposium
Kenyon, Nicholas
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Authenticity and empowerment: a theory ofliberation
West, David
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Scho˜nle, Andreas
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Authenticity in art: the scientific detection of forgery
Fleming, Stuart James
London. The Institute of Physics. (1975). 164 p., (6) leaves of plates.

Authenticity in learning, teaching and assessment: perspectives from a course in professional ethics for software engineers
Brown, Guy Jason

Authenticity in music
Leppard, Raymond
London. Faber. 1988. (96)p.

Authenticity in performance: eighteenth-century case studies
Le Huray, Peter
Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1990. xvi, 202p.

Authenticity ofdried durum wheat pasta: the forty-seventh report of the Steering Group on Chemical Aspects of Food Surveillance
London. HMSO. 1995. 58p.

The authenticity of Ephesians
Roon, A. van
Leiden. Brill. 1974.

Authenticity of fish and fish products: the forty-fourth report of the Steering Group on Chemical Aspects of Food Surveillance
London. HMSO. 1994. xii, 20p.

Authenticity of soluble coffee
London. HMSO. 1995. xii, 38p.

The authenticity of the gospel history
Lewis, Charles Bennett
Calcutta. The Baptist Mission Press. 1865. 64 p.

The authenticity of the gospels
Ward, Maisie
New York. Sheed and Ward. 1956. 96p.

The authenticity of the "Memoires" of the Chevalier d'Arvieux
Hossain, Mary
Zaghouan. Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Ottomanes, Morisques, de Documentation et d'Information (Ceromdi). 1993. [30] p.

The authenticity of the Pauline Epistles in the light of stylostatistical analysis
Neumann, Kenneth J
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Ritchie, William
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The authenticity of the traditional literature: discussions in modern Egypt
Juynboll, G H A
Leiden. E.J. Brill. 1969.

The authenticity of the tradition literature: discussions in modern Egypt
Juynboll, G. H. A
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The Authenticity of the works of Plato
Blackley, W. L
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Authenticity problems inJoseph Haydn's early instrumental works: a stylistic investigation
Fruehwald, Scott
New York. Pendragon Press. c1988. viii, 275 p.

Authentic Japan: descriptive authentic Japanese music played on original instruments
Sonoton. 1 compact disc.

Authentic Japanese fabric
Dundee. Active Learning Resources.

The authentic Jesus
Stott, John R. W
Marshall Pickering. 1992. 90p.

Authentick advices: a study of the Northampton Mercury
Milton Keynes. Open University. 1974. Videorecording.

Authentick and ironicall historie of Henry V
London. BBC. 1996. 1 videocassette (60min.).

Authentick memoirs of the Christian Church in China: being a series of facts to evidence the causes of the declension of Christianity in that empire
Mosheim, Johann Lorenz
London. J. and R. Tonson, and S. Draper. 1750. 60p.

Authentick memoirs ... of the most eminent gamesters and sharpers, from the vestoration of King Charles
Lucas, Theophilus
London. Lucas. 1744. (18), 147 p.

Authentick papers, concerning a late remarkable transaction
Knowles, Charles
London. J. Jones. 1746. 50 p.

Authenticleadership: courage in action
Terry, Robert W
San Francisco. Jossey-Bass Publishers. c1993. xxv, 315 p.

Authentic letters from Upper Canada: with an account of Canadian field sports
Magrath, Thomas William ; Radcliff, Thomas ; Lover, Samuel
Dublin. W. Curry, Jun. and Company ... [et al.]. 1833. 2 p. ., [3]-334 p.

The Authentic librettos of the French and German operas: Complete with English and French or German texts and music ofthe principal airs
New York. Crown publishers. (c1939). 5 p. l., 3-504 p.

The Authentic librettos of the Italian operas: complete with English and Italian parallel texts and music ofthe principal airs
New York. Crown publishers. 1939. 481p.

The authentic librettos of the Wagner operas ... complete with English and German parallel texts and music of the principal airs
Wagner, Richard
New York. Crown Publishers. (c1938). vi, 470 p.

Authentic Life of Billy the Kid
Garrett, Pat F
Univ.Oklahoma P. 54. M8.

The authentic life of Billy the Kid
Garrett, Patrick Floyd
Norman . University of Oklahoma Press. 1954. 156p.

The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid..a faithful and interesting narrative
Garrett, Pat F
Norman,Ok. University of Oklahoma Press. 1954. 156p.

The authentic life of Billy the Kid the noted desperado
Garrett, Patrick Floyd ; Fulton, Maurice G
New York. Indian Head Books. 1994. xxviii,233p.

Authentic life of His Excellency Louis Kossuth, Governor of Hungary: his progress from his childhood to his overthrow by the combined armies of Austria and Russia, with a full report of his speeches delivered in England, at Southampton, Winchester, London, Manchester, and Birmingham, to which is added, his address to the people of the United States of America
London. Bradbury and Evans. 1851. 144p.

Authentic life of ... Louis Kossuth: with a full report of his speeches delivered in England
Kossuth, Lajos
London. Bradbury and Evans. 1851. 136 p.

Authentic life of Sir William Wallace: with chapter on traditional Wallace compiled from the best authorities
G, L. G. M
Dundee. George Montgomery. 1877. vi, 270p.

Authentic list of the victims of the first Asiatic Cholera visitation in Bilston parish in 1832
Lawley, G. F
[s.l.]. [s.n.]. 1880?.

Authentic lives, profound journeys: encountering modern spiritual autobiographies of M.K. Gandhi, Black Elk, Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day, C.S. Lewis & Nelson Mandela
Leigh, David J
Regina. Campion College, University of Regina. 2001. 28 p.

Authentic Lotus Elan and Plus 2
Robinshaw, Paul ; Ross, Christopher
Croydon. Motor Racing Publications. 1995. 256p.

Authentic Louisiana Cajun party!
New Orleans. Mardi Gras Records. 1992. 1 cassette.

Authentic Malaysia: traditional moods and dances from Malaysia
Sonoton. 1 compact disc.

Authentic management: a Gestalt orientation to organizations and their development
Herman, Stanley M ; Korenich, Michael
Reading, Mass. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. c1977. xii, 236 p.

The authentic map directory of London and suburbs
London. Geographia Ltd. (1925?). 224 p.

The authentic map directory of South Lancashire
Bain, James
London. Geographia. [193-?].

The authentic map directory of south-west Yorkshire: including the whole of the industrial area of the West Riding
Bain, James
London. Geographia. [1938]. 196p.

Authentic map of Birmingham
Sevenoaks. Geographers' Map Co. [n.d.]. 1 map.

The authentic Mark Twain: a literary biography of Samuel L. Clemens
Emerson, Everett
Philadelphia. University of Pennsylvania Press. 1984.

Authentic materials andthe role of fixed support in language teaching: towards a manual for language learners
Little, David ; Singleton, David
Dublin. Trinity College Dublin, Centre for Language and Communication Studies. 1988. 26p.

Authentic materials for a history of the people of Malta: First, second, third, and fourth parts: now first published.-- To be continued
Eton, William
London. T. Cadell and W. Davies. 1802, 1805 and 1807. 2 p. l., viii, 270 p., 1 l.

Authentic memoir of His Grace, the late Most Rev. Dr. Murray, Lord Archbishop of Dublin
Dublin. Published at Battersby's Catholic Book Depository. (1852). 23 p.

Authentic memoirs concerning the Portuguese Inquisition, never before published: with remarks on the infamous character of the British nation, by a late apologist for that horrid tribunal. Also reflections on ancient and modern popery, and the causes of its present alarming progress in this kingdom
London. printed for W.Sandby. 1761. xv,528p.

Authentic memoirs, memorandums, and confessions: Taken from the journal of ... the king of the swindlers
London. Hatton. (1820?). 184 p.