Back to bedlam
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Back to before
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Back to Birdland
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Back to Birmingham: Richard Arrington Jr., and his times
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Back to black 1900 to 1999: 100 years of black music
Universal Music Operations. 2001. 10 compact discs (in box).

Back to Blaengarw
Radcliffe, Grafton
Barry. Valley and Vale. 1994. 88p.

Back to Bogalusa
Brown, Clarence Gatemouth
Verve Music Group. 2001. 1 compact disc.

Back to Bogalusa (5497852)
Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth'
Blue Thumb. July 2001. Compact disc.

Back to Bokhara
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London. Cape. 1959. 156p.

Back to books: 200 library activities to encourage reading
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Back to Breizh
Stivell, Alan
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Back to Broadway
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Back To Brooklyn
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Back to Burma: for the love of John
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Back to business with keyboarding
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Back to business with Pitman 2000 Shorthand
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Back to business with Pitman New Era Shorthand
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Back to Cape Horn
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Back to dance
Mumbai. Tips Industries. 2001. 1 cassette.

Back to Desi
Birmingham. Roma Music Bank. 1996. 1 cassette.

Back to Durban - 50 years on!: the "Lady in white" memorial visit of March '92 (with a marginal potted history of the city)
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Back to earth
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Back to earth
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Back to Earth
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Loma Linda. Back to Eden Books. 1981.

Back to Eden
Kloss, Jethro
Santa Barbara Calif. Woodbridge Press. 1982.

Back to enchantment: Thumbelina
1 videocassette (27 min.).

Back to England
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London. Right Book Club. 1942.

Back to Europe: Central and Eastern Europe and the European Union
Henderson, Karen
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Back to freedom and dignity
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Back to Freud's texts: making silent documents speak
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Back to front
Bruna, Dick
London. Methuen Children's. 1986, c1985. (25)p.

Back to front
O'Sullivan, Gilbert ; O'Sullivan, Gilbert
Mam. 1 disc.

Back to front
Richie, Lionel
Motown. 1992. 1 cassette.

Back to front
Ritchie, Lionel
London. Polygram. 1992. 1 videocassette.

Back to front with side shows
Claid, Emilyn
London. Video Place. 1994. 1 videocassette.

Back to fundamentals
Keane, John
London. Flowers East. 2003. 1 vol.

Back to G.B.S: or, A midsummer nightmare
Barling, E. M
London. Ad-visers. 1931.

Back to Godhead
Los Angeles, Calif. Bhaktivedanta Book Trust.

Back to godhead: the magazine of the Hare Krishna Movement
Philadelphia. Hare Krishna. 1981.

Back to (God's) basics
John, J
Word. 1995. (160)p.

Back to good teaching: diversity within tradition
Halliday, John
London. Cassell. 1996. 165p.

Back to gridlock?: governance in the Clinton years
Sundquist, James L
Washington. Brookings Instution. 1995. x, 115p.

Back to health: help for back problems : practical advice and exercises from the Back School
Meadows-Smith, Ruth
Orpington. The Author. [1998?]. 1 videocassette.

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Pyong, Ch'on Sang ; Kim, Young-Moo ; Anthony
Ithaca. Cornell University. 1995.

Back to his home village
Hanoi. Foreign Languges Publishing House. 1981. 88p.

Back to home and duty: women in Britain between the wars, 1918-1939 : inaugural professorial lecture
Beddoe, Deidre
[Pontypridd]. Polytechnic of Wales. [1994?].

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Back to Jesus
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Liverpool. Print Origination(NW)Ltd. 1992.

Back to life: poems from behind the Iron Curtain
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Aberdeen. Health Economics Research Unit, Univ. of Aberdeen. 1985. 26 p.

Back to life
Chamkila, Amar Singh
Coventry. Apna Punjab Records. 1998. 1 compact disc.

Back to life and work: rehabilitation of the tuberculous
Cullen, C.K
London. National Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis. 1946. 16p.

Back to Lochaber: a search for historic events, travels,tales and customs
Macdonald, Stuart
Edinburgh. Pentland Press. 1994. 299 p., 1 col. plate.

Back to Lourdes
Birmingham. Central Independent Television. 1 videocassette (30 mins).

Back to love
Kandi, Hed
GMG. 2005. 2 compact discs.

Back to love 03.04
Hed Kandi. 2004. 2 compact discs.

"Back to mainstream": factors influencing the successful reintegration of children from a speech and language unit
Lefever, Jill
Birmingham. University of Birmingham. 1991.

Back to Malachi
Conley, Robert. J
New York, NY. Leisure Books. 1997. 205p.

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Bromley. Impact. 1990. 221p., (8)p. of plates.

Back to Mandalay
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Back to Mandalay
Thomas, Lowell
Muller. 1952. 255p.,ill.,22cm.

Back to Mars
Dannatt, Clare
London. Mammoth. 1995. 62p.

Back to me
Edwards, Kathleen
Zoe. 2005. 1 compact disc.

Back to me
McCann, Susan
Dublin. K-Tel. 1984. 1 cassette.

Back to Memphis
Bechet, Sidney ; Price, Sammy
Vogue. 1 cassette.

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SHAW, Bernard
London. Constable. 1931. 271p.

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Shaw, Bernard
New York. Limited Editions Club. 1939.

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Caccamo De Luca, Rita
Stanford, Calif. Stanford University Press. 2000. xxiii, 149 p.

Back To Mine
Richard X
Orpington. PINN Pinnacle Records. 2004. 1 compact disc.

Back to mine
Singh, Talvin ; Singh, Talvin
DMC. 2001. 1 compact disc (68 mins, 33 secs.).

Back to mono (1958-1969)
Spector, Phil
New York. ABKCO. 1991. 4 compact discs.

Back to monopoly: opportunities and constraints for public and corporate networks in post-unification Germany
Sadowski, Bert
Aldershot. Avebury. 1996. 182p.

Back to Montparnasse
Huddleston, Sisley
London. Harrap. 1931.

Back to morality
Slater, Thomas
London. Burns Oates & Washbourne. 1925. viii,180p.

Back to my senses
Beverungen. Glitterhouse Records. 1997. 1 compact disc.

Back to nature
Dann, Sylvia
Lincoln. Jackson's Arm. 1993. (16)p.

Back to nature: Galapagos
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Hong Kong. Steve Lu Publishing. 1995. 96p.

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New York. Oxford University Press. 1969. xxiii, 230p.

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Gould, Peter C

Back to nature for: healthy living
Dewan, A. P
New Delhi. A.C. Specialist Publishers Pvt. Ltd. with Nature Cure and Yoga Health Centre. 1988. 165p.

Back to New Orleans
Terry, Sonny ; Mcghee, Brownie
London. Ace. 1989. 1 compact disc (76mins., 55 sec.).

Back to normal
London. British Heart Foundation. 1983.

Back to normalcy: Swedish political developments 1979-83
Elder, N. C. M
Hull. University of Hull,Department of Politics. 1983.

Back to normality: speech by Deputy Executive President F.W. De Klerk to the Irish-South Africa Trade Association; Dublin, 21 November 1995
De Klerk, F. W
[Dublin]. the author. 1995. 6p.

Back to normal life: Israel lays the hopeful foundations of an era of lasting peace and prosperity throughout the Middle East
[Jerusalem. Division of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 1967]. 32p.

Back to normal - the reemergence of the Baltic tourist travel space: the development of Baltic tourist travel
Lundgren, Jan O. J
Aix-en-Provence. Centre des Hautes Etudes Touristiques. 1993.

Back to nursing
Stryker, Ruth Perin
Saunders. 1966. 312p.,ill.,25cm.

Back to nursing with confidence
Jones, Irene Heywood
London. Heinemann Nursing. 1986. 287p.

Back to Oakland
Tower of Power
Warner Bros. 1974. 1 compact disc.

Back to Paradise
McNeill, Billy ; Cameron, Alex
Mainstream Pub.Co. Nov 88. M8.192. 60ill.

Back to Qawwali
Ali Khan, Nusrat Fateh
Long distance. 1995. 1 compact disc.

Back to realities: a way out of the present chaos in religion
Mellone, Sydney Herbert
London. Constable. 1928. 99p.

Back to reality: a critique of postmodern theory in psychotherapy
Held, Barbara S
New York . Norton. 1995. xii,296p.

Back to reality
Thibon, Gustave
London. Hollis & Carter. 1955. xiv,152p.

Back to reality
Hannover. CMC International Records. 1999. 1 compact disc.

Back to Roots
Zephaniah, Benjamin ; Hazardous Dub Company
Acid Jazz Roots. 1995. 1 compact disc.

Back to scales tonight
Badarou, Wally
Barclay. 1 disc.

Back to school
Haynes, Betsy
London. Lions. 1994. 144p.

Back to school: from a holiday in the slums
Wilson, Des
London. Shelter. (1967). (16)p.

Back to school
[U.K.]. BBC. 1998. 1 sound cassette (30 min.).

Back to school at my age?: a guide for both the returning student and the college administrator
Witherspoon, Del ; Nickell, Eugenie
Lanham, Md. University Press of America. c1991. 189 p.

Back to school from a holiday in the slums
Wilson, Des
Shelter. 1967. 16p.

Back-to-school wear
Derby. Derby Co-operative Society. [196-?].

Back to school with Postman Pat
London. VCI Deluxe Video Services. 2002. 1 videocassette (103 mins.).

Back to Shakespeare
Morse, Herbert
London. Kegan Paul, Trench, Tru˜bner & Co. 1915.

Back to skool
Buffalo Gals
Virgin. 1998. 1 compact disc.

Back to slavery?
Harris, John Hobbis
London. [Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society. 1921]. 8p.

Back to sleep: reducing the risk of cot death
[Edinburgh]. HMSO. [1992]. 1 leaflet ([6]p.).

Back to sociological theory: the construction of social orders
Mouzelis, Nicos P
London. Macmillan. 1991. 214p.

Back to Sorrento
Hoyle, Jill
London. Hale. 1975. 190p.

Back to square 1
Hunt, Julian