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Begin: Ann Pennock: White-hall: printed upon the ice: (8 lines of verse surmounted by ornamental panel including the ten commandments)
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Begin: As the Times is the only organ of public opinion that seeks to destroy the independence of the City police: (Extract from the Times of 15th March 1839, reprinted as an attack on the Government's proposal to amalgamate the City and Metropolitan police forces)
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Begin: At a meeting of the Master and wardens of the several livery companies of London, holden at the Mansion house this 21st dayof April 1863: (Resolution to oppose the amalgamation of the City and Metropolitan police forces)
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Begin: For a considerable time after the alderman who hath been since chamberlain (i.e. Benjamin Hopkins) was elected, the watchmenused to knock violently against his door every hour during the night
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Begin: Gulielmus IV Rex: The piers, abutments and columns of this bridge
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Begin: My Lord, we the Commons of London ... being deeply sensible, that many of the ... grievances ... we ... groan under
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Begin: nothing is more becoming truly loyal subjects than to fall in with and pursue the wise and happy suggestions of the prince that governs 'em
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Begin: The ancient church of S. Alphage, London wall
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Begin: The inhabitants of Grub Street and its vicinity
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Begin: The mathematical master's place in Christ's hospital, being now vacant
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Begin: The members of a respectable society present their compliments: being unanimous in opinion that ... Mr. Kelly is justly entituled to the mark of favour he has ... sought for
(London?. 1768). 1 sheet.

Begin. Advertisement. To all gentlemen: booksellers and others; at the house with stone-steps and sash-windows, in Hanover-Court, in Grape-Street, vulgarly call'd Grub-street, liveth an author
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Begin. By the advice of several gentlemen, freemen and liverymen of the city of London, we ... lay before you the following statement: The masters and journeymen, manufacturers and mechanics of the ... towns ... having associated for the purpose of petitioning Parliament to ... render more effectual the act of the 5th of Elizabeth cop. 4 (the statute of apprentices)
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Begin King Henry the sixth by charter of this date granted (inter alia) to the Mayor and commonalty and citizens of the city of London as follows
(London?. 17--?). 1 sheet.

Begin Know all men by these presents, that I: (Form for a broker's bond)
(London. 17--). 1 sheet.

Begin Know all men by these presents, that we: (Form for a brokers' bond)
(London. 17--). 1 sheet.

Begin London. We the Commissioners ... appointed for putting in execution within the city ... an act ... intitul'd "An act for thespeedy and effectual recruiting Her Majesties land-fores ... for 1709"
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Begin My friends and countrymen, an old Whig begs to address you at this crisis
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