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May, Billy
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Mayerl, Billy ; Carpenter, Gary
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Mayerl, Billy
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Billy Mayerl Society
Thames Ditton. Billy Mayerl Society.

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Billy McNeill Testimonial Game, Celtic-Liverpool, Celtic Park, Glasgow,Monday, 12th August, 1974, at 8.00 p.m: official souvenir programme
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Hashim, Michael
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Bolan, Marc
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Ellis, George ; Sala
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Taylor, Billy
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King-Smith, Dick ; Thompson, Sophie
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Viz ; Barnes, Tony
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Guy, Rosa ; Binch, Caroline
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Guy, Rosa ; Binch, Caroline
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Copland, Aaron ; Copland, Aaron ; Copland, Aaron
Decca [TV 341695. 1 sound disc.

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Copland, Aaron ; Copland, Aaron ; Ormandy, Eugene
London. RCA. 1971. 1 cassette.

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Copland, Aaron
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Copland, Aaron
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Dolphin, Johnny ; Caravan of Dreams Theater
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Fackler, Elizabeth
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Dowland, Colin
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Dowland, Colin ; Firmin, Peter
Edinburgh. Barrington Stoke. c2003. 59p.

Billy Two Hats
Kotcheff, Ted
BBC1. 1997. 1 videocassette (95mins).

Billy Two-Toe's rainbow
Atkinson, Hugh
London. Sphere. 1985.

Billy 'Uke' Scott tutor album for the ukelele and ukelele banjo
Scott, Billy
London. Bosworth. 1953.

Billy-up-the-tree and other stories
Blyton, Enid
World International Publishing. 1988. 61p.