Blows a fuse
Bostic, Earl
Charly. 1985. 1 cassette.

Blow Satchmo blow
Armstrong, Louis
Newsound 2000. 1999. 1 compact disc.

"Blows" in pigs
Lamont, Hubert Gibson
1929. 1 v.

Blows the wind to-day: eight part chorus a cappella
Harrison, Julius ; Stevenson, Robert Louis
London. Hawkes. c1915. 1 score (11p.).

Blow that horn
Armstrong, Louis
Pickwick International. 4 sides.

Blow the fire
Ofoegbu, Leslie Jean
Enugu. Tana Press. 1986.

Blow the house down
Blackburn, John
London. Cape. 1970. 190p.

Blow the house down
Walker, Junior
Motown. 1 cassette.

Blow the man down
Vipont, Charles ; Hepple, Norman
Oxford. O.U.P. 1953.

Blow the man down
Vipont, Charles
London. Heinemann Educational Books. 1972.

Blow the whole joint up: breaks & beats for supacharged freaks
Debutante. 1998. 1 compact disc.

Blow the wind southerly
Clements, John
London. Oxford University Press. c.1960. 1 score (7p.).

Blow the wind southerly: songs
Ferrier, Kathleen ; Quilter, Roger ; Spurr, Phyllis ; Newmark, John
Decca. 1 compact disc.

Blow the wind southerly
Foster, Lynn
London. Hale. 1969. 192p.

Blow the wind southerly: S.A.T.B. unaccompanied
Jacobson, Maurice ; Whittaker, William Gillies
London. Curwen. c1958. 1 score.

Blow the wind southerly
Sherwood, Thomas
St Albans. The author. 1988.

Blow the wind southerly: folk songs & pipe tunes from the North Countrie
Whittaker, William Gillies
Viking. 1 disc.

Blow the wind southerly: from "North Countrie ballads, songsand pipe-tunes
Whittaker, William Gillies
Aylesbury. Robertson. c.1921.

Blow the wind southerly (for equal voices S.S. and semichorus)
London. Curwen. c1953.

Blow thru your mind
Morris, Byron ; Unity
Soul Jazz Records. 2001. 1 compact disc.

Blow thw wind southerly: British songs
Ferrier, Kathleen
Decca. 1992. 1 compact disc.

Blow up
Antonioni, Michaelangelo
London. MGM/UA (video label), Warner Home Video (distributor). 1994. 1 videocassette.

Blow-up: a film by Michelangelo Antonioni
Antonioni, Michelangelo ; Guerra, Tonino
London. Lorrimer. 1984, c1971. 115p.

Blow Up
Galliano, Richard
France. Disques Drefus. 1997.

Hancock, Herbie
Turner Entertainment Co. 1996. 1 compact disc.

Huddy, Delia
Longman. Jun 81. sC8.48. Ill. n.e.

Blow up
Capitol. 1991. 1 compact disc.

Blow up!: a JTQ collection
Taylor, James
Music Collection. 1998. 1 compact disc.

The Blow up
Roir. 1999. 2 compact discs.

Blow up a storm
Kanin, Garson
London. Heinemann. 1961.

Blow up a storm
Watkins, Allan
(London). Muller. 1974. (7),175p.

Blow-up at Three Springs
Wolford, Colby
Bath. Chivers. 1991. (272)p.,(large print).

Blow up the trumpet in Sion: for S.S.S.A.A.T.T.T.B.B. and organ
Purcell, Henry ; Lewis, Anthony ; Fortune, Nigel
London. Novello. 1959.

Blow up your video
New York. Amsco Publications. 1988.

Blow up your video
[s.l.]. Atlantic. 1 cassette.

Blow waving
Carlow, Joe
Cedar Grove, N.J. Barber's Press. 1964. 33p.

'Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! Rage! Blow!: the storm in 'King Lear'
Chakravorty, Jagannath

Blow you, Jack - we were right!: BOAC shop stewards explain the strike and reply to the report of the Jack Court of Inquiry
London. Joint Shop Stewards Committee, BOAC, London Airport. 1959. 14p.

Blow your headphones
Wherry, Jake ; Teeba, Ollie
London. Ninja Tune. 1997. 1 compact disc.

Blow your horn: Brixton cat
London. Trojan Records. 1995. 1 compact disc.

Blow your house down
Barker, Pat
London. Virago. 1984. 170p.

Blow your little tin whistle: a biography of Richard Clarke Sommerville
Pittas, Peggy A ; Sommerville, Richard Clarke
Lanham, Md. . University Press of America. c1992. xv,241p.

Blow your own horn
Alpert, Herb
A & M Records. 1 disc.

Blow your own horn: how to market yourself and your career
Davidson, Jeffrey P
New York, N.Y. American Management Association. c1987. p. cm.

Blow your own trumpet
Winchester. The Guidance Council. 2002.

Blow your whistle
DJ Duke
FFRR. 1993. 1 compact disc.

Blowzabella: traditional dance music
Hitchin. Plant Life. 1982. 1 disc.

The Blowzabella wall of sound
Huntingdon. Osmosys Records. 1996. 1 compact disc.

Bloxham: report on the survey and plan
Robinson, M. W
Oxford. [s.n.]. 1968.

Bloxwich yesterdays
Walsall. Metropolitan Borough Council. 1982.

Bloxworth Blue
Corlett, William
London. MacRae. 1984. 147p.

BLP & ethnic minorities in Birmingham: a discussion document on Labour Party politics & a multi-ethnic society inmodern Birmingham
Khalsi, Prem Singh ; Burnett, Alton ; Spilsbury, David
Birmingham. D.E. Spilsury. 1983.

BLP guide to party booking
Dunstable. ABC Travel Guides Ltd.

BLP guide to party booking
East Grinstead. British Leisure Publications.

BL PLC: minutes of evidence, Wednesday 24 July 1985
London. H.M.S.O. 1985. 16p.

The BLRA statistical handbook: a compilation of drinks industry statistics
London. Brewing Publications Ltd.

BL research and development newsletter
London. British Library.

B. L. T
Trower, Robin

BL - tomorrow's economic miracle?: a Sewell's economic study
Bhaskar, Krish
Bath. Ronald Sewell and Associates Limited. 1980. 79p.

B.L.T. truce
Trower, Robin
Bury St Edmunds. Beat Goes On Records. 1998. compact disc (f1).

Blume, Judy
London. Heinemann. 1980. 126p.

Gallagher, Ellen
New York. Gagosian Gallery. c2001. 1 v.

The Blubber lovers
Attenborough, David
London. BBC. 1992. 1 videocassette (30 min.).

Blubeard: an account of Comorre the Cursed and Gilles de Rais : with summaries of various tales and traditions
Vizetelly, Ernest Alfred ; Rais, Gilles de
London. Chatto. 1902. xii,418p.

Bluberries for Sal: book and tape
McCloskey, Robert
London. Puffin Books. 1976.

Blu blowin'
Blu, Peggi
Capitol. 1987. 1 disc.

Blu blu blu
Abrams, Muhal Richard
New York. Black Saint. 1991. 1 compact disc.

Blu blue-jeans: il blu popolare
Milan. Electa. c1989.

Blucher and the Uprising of Prussia against Napoleon 1806-1815
Henderson, Ernest F
London. G.P.Putnam's Sons. 1911. 348p.

Bluchers Briefe: vervollsta˜ndige Sammlung des Generals E. von Colomb
Blucher von Wahlstaat, Gebhard Leberecht ; Unger, Wolfgang von
Stuttgart. Cotta. 1913.

The blud Danube: waltzes Op. 314
Strauss, Johann
London. Donajowski.

Bludenz: s'Sta˜dtle fu˜r Dich und mich
Bludenz. Verkehrsamt der Stadt Bludenz. 1987. 1 map.

The bludgeon
Ryan, Jim
London. Hale. 1973. 192p.

Bryant-Mole, Karen
Oxford. Heinemann Library. 1996. 24p.

MCA. 1995. 1 compact disc.

Crispell, Marilyn
Black Saint. 2002. 1 compact disc.

Gayle, Crystal
Hallmark. 1998. 1 cassette.

Jarman, Derek ; Turner, Simon Fisher
Mute Records. 1993. 1 compact disc.

Blue: 101 haiku, senryu and tanka
Jenkins, Nigel
Aberystwyth. Planet. 2002. 133 p.

Johnson, Jef Lee
The Coconut Grove Recording Co. 1995. 1 cassette.

Liu, Wen Juan
Hong Kong. Rock in Records. 1992. sound cassette (f1).

WEA. nd. sound cassette.

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London. Collins Educational. 1985.

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[New York]. Da Capo Press. 2000, c1997. x, 262 p.

Blue: the history of a color
Pastoureau, Michel
Princeton, N.J. . Princeton University Press. c2001. 216 p.

Preston, Raphael
Carte Blanche Records. 1995. 1 compact disc.

Rahmani, Geraldine
Toronto. CoachHouse Press. c1981. (170) p.

Rimes, LeAnn
Curb Music/Hit label. 1996. 1 compact disc.

Rypdal, Terje
ECM. 1 compact disc.

Blue: book blocks
Quarto. 2000.

Blue: borrowed and new
Walsall. New Art Gallery Walsall. 2000. 48p.

The Blue
Horsham. Christ's Hospital.

Blue 20
The Record Label. 2002. 1 compact disc.

Blue 45s
EMI. 1998. 1 compact disc.

Blue '60s
EMI. 1995. 1 compact disc.

Blue above the chimneys
Fraser, Christine Marion
London. Collins. 1989. 188p.

Blue above the chimneys
Fraser, Christine Marion
Long Preston. Magna. 1986, c1980. 287p.(largeprint).

Blue above the chimneys
Fraser, Christine Marion
Story Sound. 1990. 6 sound cassettes.

Blue above the trees
Clark, Mavis Thorpe
Sydney . Hodder and Stoughton. 1974. 228p.

Blue above the trees
Clark, Mavis Thorpe
Angus & Robertson. 1968. 198p.,ill.,22cm.

"Blue Abstract"
Scott, William
[Belfast]. Arts Council of Northern Ireland. [19--]. 1 notelet.

The blue adder stone
Hunt, Christine
London. Hamilton. 1978. (4),122p.

Blue adept
Anthony, Piers
London. Granada. 1983, c1981. 383p.

The blue afternoon
Boyd, William ; Harper, Kate
Harmondsworth. PenguinAudiobooks. 1994. 2 cassettes (3hrs).

The blue afternoon
Boyd, William ; King, Lorelei
Sterling Audio Books. 1995. 8 cassettes.

The blue afternoon
Boyd, William
London. Sinclair-Stevenson. 1993. 323p.

Blue again
Cline, Patsy
Bianco Music. 2000. 2 compact discs.

Blue Album: deluxe edition
Milton Keynes. UNI P Universal Music Operations. 2004. 2 compact discs.

The blue album
Lamb, Paul
Indigo Records. 1999. 1 compact disc.

Blue album of twenty pieces for the organ
London. Schott. [1901?]. 1 score (102 p.).

Blue Aloes
Black, Hermina
London (etc.). Hodder and Stoughton. 1979. 191p.

Blue Aloes
Black, Hermina
Long Preston. Magna Print. 1983, c1979. 433p.

Blue Aloes
Black, Hermina
Sevenoaks. Hodder and Stoughton. May 1980. (224)p.

Blue and beautiful: planet earth, our home
Rocha, Ruth ; Roth, Otavio
[S.I.]. United Nations. 1990. (48) p.

Blue and brown
Brown, Clifford
Vogue. 1989. 1 cassette.

The blue and buff: portrait of an English hunt
Minoprio, John
Shrewsbury. Swan Hill. 1992. 144p.

The blue and distant hills
Saxton, Judith
London. Heinemann. 1993. (512)p.

The blue and distant hills
Saxton, Judith
London. Mandarin. 1994. 594p.

The blue and distant hills
Saxton, Judith
Long Preston. Magna Large Print Books. 1994. 895p.

Blue and gold day
Balderson, Margaret
London. Angus & Robertson. 1979.

Blue and moody
Reed, Lula
King. 1987. 1 compact disc.

Blue and red, or, the discontented lobster
Ewing, Juliana Horatia ; Andre, R
London. Christian Knowledge Society. [1883].

Blueand scarlet: an autobiography
Watson, J. N. P
London. Sportsman's Press. 1990. 232p.

Blue and sentimental
Laine, Cleo
UK. BMG. 1994. 1 compact disc.

Blue and sentimental
Quebec, Ike ; Quebec, Ike ; Green, Grant ; Chambers, Paul ; Jones, Philly Joe
Blue Note. 1 disc.

The Blue and the Gray
Allen, Thomas B ; Abell, Sam
Washington, D.C. National Geographic Society. c1992. 320p.

The blue andthe gray
Bunting, Eve ; Bittinger, Ned
New York. Scholastic. c1996. 1 v. (unp.aged).

The Blue and the Gray: the story of the CivilWar as told by participants
Commager, Henry Steele
Indianapolis. Bobbs-Merrill. (1950). 2 v. (1201 p.).