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The blues
Ford, Charles

The Blues
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America. 1 disc.

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Blues (2) (EDMCD130)
Blodwyn Pig
3mv. Sep 2002. Compact disc.

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The Blues: the Soul of a Man
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Crayton, Pee Wee
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Crayton, Pee Wee
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Blue sage
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Blue sage country
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Mayall, John
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Blues and
White, Josh
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Fame, Georgie
Go Jazz. 1992. 1 cassette.

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Brown, Charles
Muse. 1992. 1 compact disc.

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Morton, Jelly Roll
Jazz Anthology. 1 compact disc.

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Blake, Eubie
Biograph. 1 disc.

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Moving Visions Dance Company. 1990. 1 videocassette.

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Leeds. Blues and Rhythm.

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Mingus, Charles
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Fat Boy. 1993. 4 compact discs.

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Interstyle Records. 1995. 1 cassette.

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Charles, Ray
Carlton Home Entertainment. 1995. 1 cassette.

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Washington, Albert
ACE. 1999. 1 compact disc.

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White, Josh
Musidisc. 1 disc.

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Hammons, David
Bern. Kunsthalle. 1997. (27)p.

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Impulse. 1 compact disc.

The blues and the abstract truth
Nelson, Oliver ; Nelson, Oliver
Impulse. 1 disc.

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Elstree. Carlton Home Entertainment. 1995. 1 cassette (60 min).

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[U.K.]. ITV. 1994. 1 videocassette (30 min.).

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Bell, Izzy Miller
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Italy. Recording Arts. 1993. 3.

The Blues anthology
Netherlands. Sounds Fine music. 19983. 2.

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Pegasus. 1999. 1 cassette.

Blues anthology: Memphis blues
Echo music. 1 disc.

Blues anthology: more from Chicago
Echo Music. 1 disc.

Blues anthology: more Memphis blues
Echo Music. 1 disc.

Blues anthology: real Chicago blues
Echo Music. 1 disc.

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Line. 1988. 1 compact disc.

Blue Sapphire
Stevenson, D.E ; Neville, Hilary
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The blue sapphire
Stevenson, D. E
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Ace. 1 cassette.

The blues as a literary theme
Bluestein, Gene
Indianapolis. Bobbs-Merrill. 1975?.

Blues at midnight
Memphis Slim
Catfish Records. 2000. 1 compact disc.

Blues at Montreaux
Curtis, King ; Dupree, Champion Jack
Atlantic Recording Co. 1973. sound cassette.

Blues at Montreux
Curtis, King ; Champion Jack Dupree
Atlantic. 1 cassette.

The blues at Newport: Recorded live at the Newport Folk Festival 1959-1964
Santa Monica. Vanguard. 1989. 1 compact disc (72 mins. 21 sec.).

Blues at sunrise: the essential Ivory Joe Hunter
Hunter, Ivory Joe
London. Indigo Records. 2002. 2 compact discs.

Blues at sunrise: Albert King live at Montreux
King, Albert
Stax. 1 disc.

Blues at sunrise
Vaughan, Stevie Ray ; Double Trouble
Sony music. 2000. 1 compact disc.

Blues at sunset
King, Albert
Stax. 1993. 1 compact disc.

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Austin, Larry
Denton, Tex. Larry Austin Music. c1996. 1 score (33p.).

Blue Sax: 20 Instrumental Sax Mood Classics
Hallmark. 1996. 1 compact disc.

Blue saxophone
Rae, James
London. Universal Edition. 1993. 1 score.

Blue saxophones
Edwards, Teddy
Hollywood. Polygram. 1992. 1 compact disc.

Blues bag
De Franco, Buddy ; Blakey, Art
Atlantis. 1 cassette.

The blues bag
Traum, Happy
New York . Oak. 1995. 1 score.

The blues bag: expanding your repertoire and technique
Traum, Happy
Woodstock, NY. Homespun Tapes. 1992. 1 videocassette (60min.).