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The book of oaths: And the several forms thereof, both ancient and modern faithfully collected out of sundry authentick books of records, not heretofore extant. Very useful for all persons whatsoever, especially those that undertake any office of magistracy or publique imployment. Whereunto is added a perfect table
Garnet, Richard ; Twyford, Henry ; Basset, Thomas ; Griffin, Bennet ; Harper, Charles ; Sawbridge, Thomas ; Keble, Samuel ; Collins, Gabriel ; Place, John ; Wotton, Matthew
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The book of oaths, and the severall forms thereof, both antient and modern: Faithfully collected out of sundryauthentike books and records, not heretofore extant, compiled in one volume. Very useful for all persons whatsoever, especially those that undertake any office of magistracie or publ(i)que imployment in the common-wealth
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Dunlop, John Charles ; Dunlop, Alison Hay ; Hole, William ; Mitchell, Sidney
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Lemmon, David
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Reader, Mary
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London. Presbyterian Church of England. 1964.

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The BOOK of Oriental literature
Shah, The Sirdor Iqbal Ali
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Delamotte, Freeman Gage
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The book of ornamental alphabets, ancient and medieval: from the eighth century, with numerals : including Gothic, Church text, large and small, German arabesque, initials for illumination, monograms, crosses, etc., for the use of architectural and engineering draughtsmen, masons, decorative painters, lithographers, engravers, carvers, etc
Delamotte, Freeman Gage
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Delamotte, F
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The book of ornamental alphabets, ancient and modern, from the eighth to the nineteenth century, with numerals: including Gothic, church text (large and small), German arabesque, initials for illumination, monograms and crosses, &c. and with an analysis of the Roman andOld English alphabets (large and small)
Delamotte, Freeman Gage
London. E. and F.N. Spon. 1859. 50 leaves.

[Book of ornamental details, furnishings, &c.]
Edinburgh. John Taylor &Son. [1913-1918].

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Hensel, John J
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[Book of ornaments]
[London]. [ca. 1850].

The book of Orpington
Cox, Dorothy
Buckingham. Barracuda. 1983. 132p.

The Book of our heritage: the Jewish year and its days of significance
KITOV, Eliyahu
Jerusalem. Feldeim. 1978. 384p.

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New York . Workman Pub. c1996. xxx, 513 p.

The book of outdoor knots
Owen, Peter
NewYork. Lyons & Burford. 1993. p. cm.

The Book of Oxford
[Oxford]. Printed for the 104th annual meeting of the British Medical Association. 1936. xvii, 243 p., [29] leaves of plates.

The book of Oz Cooper: an appreciation of Oswald Bruce Cooper : with characteristic examples of his art in lettering, type designing and such of his writings as reveal the Cooperian typographic gospel
Chicago. Society of Typographic Arts. 1949. 183p.

The book of pain relief
Chaitow, Leon
London. Thorsons. 1993. 208p.

The book of Pall Mall
Scott, J. M
London. Heinemann. 1965. 174p.,ill.,23cm.

The book of palmistry: how to discover success, love & happiness
Fenton, Sasha ; Wright, Malcolm
London. Carlton. 1996. 160p.

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Gettings, Fred
London(etc.). Hamlyn. 1974. 2-143p.

The book of paperbacks: a visual history of the paperback
Schreuders, Piet
London. Virgin. 1981. xi,259p.

The book of paper cutting: a complete guide to all the techniques - with more than 100 project ideas
Rich, Chris
New York. Sterling Publishing Co. 1993. 128p.

The book of paper quilling: techniques and projects for paperfiligree
Johnson, Malinda
New York. Sterling Pub. Co. 1994. 144p.

The book of paper quilling: techniques & projects for paper filigree
Johnston, Malinda
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Book of papers: 1976 International Technical Conference October 13-15, Queen Elizabeth Hotel Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Research Triangle Park, N.C. AATCC. 1976.

Book of papers: 1977 National Technical Conference, October 19-21, Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga
Research Triangle Park, N.C. The Association. 1977. 295p.