The case of William Hay, printer
Handover, Phyllis Margaret

Case of William Hay, printer and bookseller
Wedderburn, M

The case of William Hendrick Grimsteed with respect to a complaint made against him to the: House of Commons by Henry Heron ... a member of the said House
(London. 1719). 1 sheet.

The case of William Jackson, Richard Fowler, and Charles Portales, three of the Assistants of the York-Buildings Company
Jackson, William ; Fowler, Richard ; Portales, Charles
(London. 1735?). 3 p.

The case of William Miller: a prisoner for forty-seven years (in the Queen's bench prison) ... althoughnot ... tainted by any crime
Buck, William Henry ; Miller, William
(Southwark. The author. 1861). 16 p.

The case of William Milward esquire and Robert his brother
(London?. 1661?). 1 sheet.

The case of William Morley, merchant, one of the late directors of the South-Sea Company
Morley, William
(London. 1721?). 1 sheet.

The case of William Rose, apothecary, upon a writ of error to reverse a judgment given against him in the Queen's bench, at the suit of the Colledge of Physicians
(London. 1704). 1 sheet.

The case of William Smith
Wentworth, Patricia
London. Coronet. 1981.

The case of William Tillard, one of the late directors of the South-Sea-Company
Tillard, William
(London. 1721?). 1 sheet.

Case of William Todd Jones, Esq. a prisoner in the county gaol of Cork, upon a charge of high-treason: In three letters, written to and received by the Rt. Hon. William Wickham, Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant
Jones, William Todd
Dublin. Printed for W. Todd Jones. 1803. 19, (1)p.

The case of William Tyndale
Dale, Roger
Milton Keynes. Open University. 1977. 1 sound cassette.

The case of William Whitaker, the pauper lunatic
Roberts, Samuel
Sheffield. William Ford, printer. [1844]. 4p.

Case of W. v. Switzerland(92/1991/344/417): judgment
Strasbourg. Council of Europe. 1993.

Case of W v. the United Kingdom (4/1986/102/150): article 50 : judgment
Strasbourg. Council of Europe. 1988. i, i, 6, 6p.

Case of W v. the United Kingdom (4/1986/102/150): judgment
Strasbourg. Council of Europe. 1987. iv, 36p.

Case of Wynne v. the United Kingdom(26/1993/421/500): judgment
Strasbourg. Council of Europe. 1994.

Case of X: (application no. 7215/75)
Strasbourg. Council of Europe. 1980. ii, 66 p.

Case of X. v. France (81/1991/333/406): judgment
Strasbourg. Council of Europe. 1992.

Case of X v. the United Kingdom: judgment
Strasbourg. Council of Europe. 1981. 24 p.

Case of Young, James and Webster: judgement
Strasbourg. Councilof Europe. 1981. 28 p.

Case of Y. v. the United Kingdom (91/1991/343/416): judgment
Strasbourg. Council of Europe. 1992.

Case of Zanghi v. Italy(3/1990/194/254): judgment
Strasbourg. Council of Europe. 1993.

Case of Zumtobel v. Austria (28/1992/373/447): judgment
Strasbourg. Council of Europe. 1993.

Case on behalf of Auberon Thomas Herbert, on his claim to be summoned to the House of Lords as Baron Lucas of Crudwell: (Together with copies of documents supporting his claim)
Herbert, Auberon Thomas
(London). printed by Barber. (1907). 4 v.

Case on behalf of ... Charles Botolph Joseph, Lord Mowbray, Lord Segrave, and Baron and Lord Stourton ... coheir to the earldom of Norfolk: (before the committee for privileges)
Stourton, Charles Botolph Joseph
(Guildford. printed by Billing). 1901. 15 p.

Case on behalf of Henry Ferrers Ferrers claiming to be a co-heir to the barony ofFerrers: together with pedigree and documents relating to preliminary proceedings
Ferrers, Henry Ferrers ; Ferrers barony
(London. 1914). 6, 13, 30 p.

Case on behalf of His Highness the Nizam in the matter of the Berar provinces
London. Yates and Alexander. [1874]. 30p.

Case on behalf of Margaret Haig, viscountess Rhondda, of Llanwern, in the countyof Monmouth, in support of her petition to receive a writ of summons to Parliament
Mackworth, Margaret Haig Thomas
(London). printed by Barber. (1921). 4 p.

The case on behalf of M. Etienne Stanislaus Don Levi and of the official correspondence of theFrench government with reference to his claims to the English government
Don Levi, Etienne Stanislaus ; Donlevy, family
Dublin. McKernan. 1870. 20 p.

Case on behalf of the parish of Saint Andrew, by the Wardrobe, London
(London. 1780). 3 p.

Case on behalf of Vernon Henry St. John claiming to be Viscount Bolingbroke and Viscount St. John, Baron St. John of Lydiard Tregoze and baron of Battersea in the peerage of Great Britain
St. John, Vernon Henry
London. Spottiswoode. (1900). 9 p.

Case on the denial of civil rights in Northern Ireland placed before The World Paliament of Peoples for Peace, organised by the World Peace Council, Sofia, 1980
Stewart, Edwina
Belfast. Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association. 1980. 22p.

Case on the forfeiture of Sir William Kennedy in Ireland: With reasons against the bill (brought in on the petition of Sir WilliamDudley, &c) for the sale of the interest of the crown therein
Kennedy, William ; Dudley, William
(London?. 1728?). 3 p.

The case on the merits of the election and return for the borough of Newtown in the Isle of Wight
(c1730). 3 p.

CASE on trial
Spurr, Kathy ; Layzell, P
Chichester. Wiley. 1990. (250)p.

Case Ostiensi del tardo impero
Becatti, Giovanni
Roma. Libreria dello stato. [1948?]. 56 p.

London. Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion.

Case pending
Shannon, Dell
London. Gollancz. 1976. (5),181p.

Case pending
Shannon, Dell
Chivers. 1990. (280)p.(large print).

The case plainly stated and proved, of the papal laws established over Ireland: in a speech delivered to the electors of the University of Dublin on 8th January, 1840
M'Ghee, Robert J
Dublin. pub. for the author by S.J. Machen. 1840. 75 p.

Case, planche, recit: comment lire une bande dessinee
Peeters, Benoit
[Tournai, Belgique]. Casterman. c1991. 119 p.

Case, planche, recit: lire une bande dessinee
Peeters, Benoit
[Tournai, Belgique]. Casterman. c1998.

The CASE pocket book of computer communications
Watford (P.O. Box 254, Caxton Way, Watford Business Park, Watford, Herts WD1 8XH). CASE. 1988. iv,68p.

Case Preparation
London. Blackstone. 1998. 29cm.

Case presentations and MCQs for the MRCGP
Chuh, Antonio A. T
Edinburgh. Churchill Livingstone. 2000. 245p.

Case presentations for MRCS and AFRCS
Hornick, Philip ; Lumley, John ; Grace, P. A
Oxford . Butterworth-Heinemann. <1997- >. v. <1 >.

Case presentations in accident and emergency medicine
Morris, Francis ; Moore, Fionna
Oxford. Butterworth-Heinemann. 1993. 220p.

Case presentations in anaesthesia and intensive care
Power, Kenneth J
Butterworth Heinemann. 1992. 127p.

Case presentations in arterial disease
Bouchier-Hayes, David
Oxford. Butterworth-Heinemann. 1991. 208p.

Case presentations in chemical pathology
Crook, Martin
Oxford. Butterworth-Heinemann. 1993. 157p.

Case presentations in clinicalgeriatric medicine
Rai, G. S ; Murphy, P. J ; Wright, G
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Case presentations in endocrinology and diabetes
Baylis, P. H ; Kendall-Taylor, P ; Gill, Geoffrey V
London. Butterworths. 1988. xii, 162p.

Case presentations in gastrointestinal disease
Rees, W. D. W
London. Butterworths. 1985. ix,201p.

Case presentations in general surgery
Taylor, T. Vincent ; Armstrong, C. P ; Carroll, R. N. P
London. Butterworths. 1987. ix,205p.

Case presentations in heart disease
Mackintosh, Alan
London. Butterworths. 1985. 174p.

Case presentations in heart disease
Mackintosh, Alan
Oxford. Butterworth-Heinemann. 1992. 196p.

Case presentations in lipid disorders
Crook, Martin
Oxford. Butterworth-Heinemann. 1995. x, 132p.

Case presentations in medical ophthalmology
Kanski, Jack J ; James, Teifi E
Oxford. Butterworth-Heinemann. 1991. ix, 116p.

Case presentations in neurology
Venables, G. S ; Cartlidge, N. E. F ; Bates, D
London. Butterworths. 1988. 244p.

Case presentations in neurology
Venables, G. S
Kent. Butterworth-Heinemann. 1991. 256p.

Case presentations in obstetrics and gynaecology
Wagstaff, T. Ian
Butterworth-Heinemann. 1991. xii,227p.

Case presentations in otolaryngology
MacKenzie, Kenneth ; Dempster, John
Oxford. Butterworth-Heinemann. 1992. 175p.

Case presentations in paediatric anaesthesia and intensive care
Morton, N. S ; Doyle, E. I
Oxford. Butterworth Heinemann. 1994. vi,132p.

Case presentations in paediatrics
Joss, Vanda ; Rose, Stephen J
London. Butterworths. 1983. v,264p.

Case presentations in paediatrics
Joss, Vanda ; Rose, Stephen J
Oxford. Butterworth-Heinemann. 1993. 269p.

Case presentations in psychiatry
Bhugra, Dinesh ; Potts, Steve
Oxford. Butterworth-Heinemann. 1993. vii, 226p.

Case presentations in renal medicine
Coward, R. A ; Short, C. D ; Mallick, Netar
London. Butterworths. 1983. xiv, 172p.

Case presentations in respiratory medicine
Elliott, John A
London. Butterworths. 1989. (256)p.

Case presentations in urology
Abrams, Paul
Oxford. Butterworth-Heinemann. 1993. 188p.

Case problems and readings: a supplement for investments and portfolio management
Smith, KeithV
New York . McGraw-Hill. c1990. xii,352p.

Case problems in air transporation
Ruppenthal, Karl Maxwell
Vancouver. Centre for Transportation Studies, University of British Columbia. c1978. 247 p.

Case problems in business management
Murty, V. S
Asia. 1962.

Case problems in community pharmacy management
Goldstein, Arnold S
Philadelphia. Lea and Febiger. 1970.

Case problems in finance
Butters, J. Keith ; Fruhan, William E ; Piper, Thomas R
Homewood (Ill.) . Irwin. 1972. 696 s.

Case problems in finance
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Case problems in finance
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Case problems in finance
Vandell, Robert F
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Hunt, Pearson
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Case problems in transportation management
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CASE [asterisk] products reference diagrams
Redwood City, Calif. Oracle Corporation. c1992. 1 v.

The Case Put Concerning the Succession of His Royal Highness the Duke of York
L'Estrange, Roger
London. Printed by M. Clark, for Henry Brome at the Gun i[n] St. Pauls Church-Yard. 1679. [i], 38 p.

Case reasoning for clinical dental hygiene
Wootton, Dorothy J ; Hamidiani, Kerin S
Philadelphia. Lea & Febiger. 1986. ix,201p.

Case recording in probation and after-care
National Association of Probation Officers. 1968. 46p.,24cm.

Case records: good practice group : a good practice statement
Mackay, Angus V. P
(Edinburgh). Scottish Office. 1995. iv, 52p.

Case 'relating to certain aspects of the laws on the use of languages in education in Belgium' = Affaire 'relative a certains aspects du regime linguistique de l'enseignement en Belgique'
Strasbourg. European Court of Human Rights. 1967.

Case "relating to certain aspects of the laws on the use of languages in education in Belgium" (preliminary objection): 1.-Decision of 3rd May 1966; 2.-Judgment of 9th February 1967
Strasbourg. Council of Europe. Registry of the Court. 1967.

The case relating to the bill for preventing multiplicity of vexatious suits, and for ascertaining a certain ancient customary tyth in the county of Derby
[London]. [s.n.]. [1701]. 1 sheet.

The case re-opened
Prescot, Julian
London. Barker. 1965.

Case reports: the Yorkshire Ripper enquiry: part 1
Ellis, Stanley
1994, vol.1, no.2, p.p.197-206.

Case reports
Kingston upon Thames. Croner. 1998.

Case reports
London. ASA.

Case reports - Advertising Standards Authority
London. Advertising Standards Authority.

The case reports and autopsy records of Ambroise Pare
Pare, Ambroise ; Malgaigne, J. P ; Hamby, W. B
Springfield, Ill. Charles C. Thomas. 1960.

Case research: the case writing process
Leenders, Michiel R ; Erskine, James A
London, Canada. Research and Publications Division. School of Business Administration. University of Western Ontorio. 1978.

Case respecting the maintenance of the London-clergy
Moore, John
London. Rivington. 1802. 54 p.

Case respecting the maintenance of the London clergy further considered
Moore, John
London. Nichols. 1818. 32 p.

Case responsibility in multidisciplinary teams
©vretveit, John
Uxbridge. Brunel Institute of Organisation andSocial Studies. [1986]. 6 leaves.

The case return system: evaluation of alternative forms : annex to the final report
Edinburgh. Social Work Services Group. 1975. 15p.

Case review: genitourinary imaging
Tung, Glenn A ; Zagoria, Ronald J ; Mayo-Smith, William W
St. Louis, Mo. Mosby. 2000.

CASE revisited: proceedings of the seminar series on new directions in software development
Wallis, Jon ; Rummer, Bob
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Caserne 1900
Werth, Leon
Paris. Viviane Hamy. 1993. 117.

Cases: 1982 bibliography - new cases, best selling cases
Boston, Mass. Harvard Business School.

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Hardwicke, Phillip Yorke ; Lee, William ; Annaly, John Gore
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London. Trades Union Congress General Council. 1926. [1], 4p.

Cases allegedly involving British Army Undercover SAS Units, 1981-1988
London. Irish Information Partnership. 1988. 3,[1] leaves.

Casesamling for seminarraekken i regnskabsvaesen HD 8. semester 1975
[Koebenhavn]. [Samfundslitteratur]. 1975. 114 s.

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Koebenhavn. Nyt Nordisk Forlag. 1969. 3 bd.

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