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Noor Jehan
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Goossens, Leon
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Quality Television. 1992. 2 cassettes.

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Stylus. 1 disc.

The Rare groove mix: 70 smash hits of the 70's
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Lewis, Jerry Lee
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O'Hara, Scott
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Rare mackerel three a groat or four for sixpence
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Milburn, Amos
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Rare neolithic implements from East Yorkshire etc
Sheppard, Thomas
Hull. Sold at the Museum, and at A. Brown & Sons. 1910. 16 p., [1] leaf of plates (front.).

Rare 'n' rockin'
Cochran, Eddie
Music Club. 1 compact disc.

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London. Walker's Galleries. 1914.

The rare old city of Chester: famous throughout the world for its Roman remains, remarkable walls, unique rows, anchint cathedral, mediaeval houses, beautiful river and other attractions for visitors : the sole official guide
Cheltenham. Burrows. [s.d.].

Rare on air
Carrboro, NC. Mammoth Records. 1995. 1 compact disc.